Innokin Announces Disrupter Box Mod and InnoCell Battery Packs

By Lindsay Fox Posted June 10, 2015

innokin disrupter announcement


Six days after announcing their new temperature control technology, Innokin has revealed the new Disrupter box mod, along with some purpose-built “InnoCell” power cells. Although the information available about the Disrupter and new power cells are limited, they promise an improvement of around 30 percent on battery lifespan in comparison to standard 18650s, and the device and power cells are set for release around the end of July.


The Innokin Disrupter Box Mod


The Disrupter itself is pushed aside a little in the official announcement in favor of talking about the new power cells. However, it appears to be a fairly standard offering, packing up to 50 W of power, firing coils down to 0.2 ohms, coming with a spring-loaded 510 connection and having a similar screen to the MVP3Pro, according to an Innokin representative. The comparison with the MVP3Pro doesn’t look too promising based on the limited info available, though, since that has the same minimum resistance and can put out up to 60 W of power. In terms of appearance, there are no major surprises except for an odd two-color design, but the fire button seems to have been changed a little too.


I’m sure there’s a little more to set it apart that we’ll find out in the coming weeks, but so far the focus seems to be firmly on the power cells.


The InnoCell Battery Pack


Innokin Disrupter innocell announcement


The cutely-named InnoCell LiPo battery pack is like a middle-ground between completely replaceable, cross-compatible batteries and the in-built ones you find on many regulated box mods. Innokin talks a lot about the safety aspect of the new batteries, which have an integrated short-circuit cut-off, low voltage protection and a longer lifespan than ordinary 18650s. According to the press release, the new batteries will last for around 30 percent more charge-discharge cycles than standard offerings.


The cells are initially going to be available in 2000 mAh capacity, with larger capacities to be released in the future. The cells can be charged separately (via micro-USB), but can also be charged while still attached to the mod to open up the option to vape while charging (passthrough vaping).


For now, the Disrupter is the only mod that will work with the cells, and they’re connected with a simple slide-and-click system. When more compatible devices are released in the future, the aim is to have an interchangeable set of Innokin-specific battery cells to use in various mods. These will be released in six colors too, so you can have some control over the appearance of your device.


Prices are yet to be revealed for either the batteries or the mod, but this information will be coming soon, and Innokin claims it’s still aiming to keep things affordable.


Why Would We Want Separate, One-Manufacturer Power Cells?


There has been some fair criticism of the new cells (and mod), though, ordinarily revolving around the inherent pointlessness of the whole idea, given that ordinary batteries with a regulated mod (one with built-in safety features) do exactly the same thing, except you aren’t limited to using devices from one manufacturer. There has been no real answer to this (no surprise there, really), but an Innokin representative commented that “18650's can be dangerous, especially with inexperienced users. Due to different max discharge current limits, short circuiting due to cut battery wraps, and issues with fakes to name a few reasons why, InnoCell will be much safer for the end user.”


There are obviously some fair points in there about the variation in amp limits and the problems with counterfeits, but it’s still pretty easy to see the potential profit-based motivations for the decision. If your battery is an Innokin battery, then you’re pretty much hooked into their products for at least a while, especially if you’re a new vaper without other batteries lying around. Really, how good an idea it is will come down to the price, but it would have obviously been better for existing vapers if the new device just took ordinary 18650s.


Not Innovative Enough?


It’s always nice to see new products coming out from a respected company, but it does feel like this is all a little lacking. Temperature control is all the rage now, but the recent announcement from Innokin that they’ll be stepping into that arena wasn’t about the Disrupter; temperature control will be included on another device in the future, but details about that are limited too.


Overall, while the new Innokin Disrupter mod looks pretty good – if nothing hugely impressive – and the battery packs may have a comforting, safety-conscious appeal for new vapers, the InnoCell and new device could have a tough time catching on with more experienced vapers.