How to Prevent E-Cigarette Liquid from Leaking

Prevent E-Cigarette Liquid Leaking

E-cigarettes have been hailed by many as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, but a persistent problem still dogs users of the vast majority of e-cig brands.


E-cigarettes use a nicotine-infused solution to produce vapor, and this can occasionally leak out of the mouthpiece and give users a hit of bitter-tasting liquid. This is far from pleasant, and if consumed in large quantities it could lead to nicotine poisoning.


Taking a few simple precautions can reduce the amount seeping through or stop the cartridge from leaking altogether.


Things You’ll Need


  • Paper towel
  • Cloth
  • Cotton swab




Don't over-fill the cartridge. This is one of the major causes of leakage, and it’s easily avoided. Most “cartomizer” (a combined cartridge and atomizer) style cartridges only need five to seven drops of e-cigarette liquid. Cartridges of differing sizes and from specific manufacturers can vary, but this is a good general rule to avoid leakage. Wipe any excess liquid away with a cloth or cotton swab before vaping.


Remove the offending cartridge and blow through the side which connects to the battery attachment. Leaking cartridges can be caused by liquid that wasn't vaporized hanging around near the atomizer. Blowing through the opposite side of the cartridge causes this to be pushed out of the mouthpiece, where it can be safely wiped away.


Store your e-cigarette with the mouthpiece elevated. This is a simplistic approach, but it can be very effective. Instead of gravity pulling the liquid towards the mouthpiece, it works to keep it safely inside the cartridge.


Hold the e-cigarette horizontally while you vape. Holding the e-cigarette vertically with the mouthpiece pointing downwards makes seeping liquid much more likely. Make gravity work for you, not against you.


Don’t inhale too hard on the e-cigarette. Tobacco cigarettes produce more smoke when you inhale more sharply, but e-cigarettes don’t work in the same way. Inhale gently to avoid sucking out any unwanted liquid.




If the e-cigarette liquid comes into contact with your skin or your mouth – wash it out immediately. Look out for symptoms of nicotine poisoning such as general pain, diarrhea or vomiting.


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