Glory Glaze by Cheap Thrills Review

By Lee Johnson Posted October 6, 2016

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$32.50 / 60 ml


  • Three sweet and fruity e-juices to choose from.
  • Glory Glaze is a delicious doughnut, glazed sugar and blueberry blend.
  • UK-made and lab certified as diacetyl and acetyl propionyl-free.
  • Available in 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml of nicotine.
  • 30/70 PG/VG blend for great clouds and still a touch of throat hit.
  • Huge 60 ml bottles for £24.99 / $32.50.
  • Great packaging and design.
  • Ideal for longer-term vapers.


  • Only low nicotine levels available – not great for just-switching smokers.
  • 60 ml is the smallest bottle size available.

Bottom Line

Cheap Thrills is all about high-quality e-juice, interesting flavors and reasonable prices. Glory Glaze is a delicious doughnut juice that hits on all the intended components but still remains subtle enough to vape all day. You might have to pick up a big bottle, but they’re definitely worth trying out.

Cheap Thrills E-Liquid Review

Glory Glaze by Cheap Thrills E-Juice Review


Finding a new all-day vape flavor isn’t easy. As the market continues to be overloaded with self-styled premium e-juice mixers all offering seemingly delicious blends of e-juice, navigating the maze of pretentious descriptions and contradictory reviews can be quite a challenge. For a new vape juice company like Cheap Thrills Juice Co., standing out among the crowd can be even more difficult. But they’ve put plenty of time into research and development – conducting over 20 tasting sessions and working with industry experts – and kept their prices reasonably low, and now they’re ready to take the industry by storm.


Offering huge 60 ml bottles for £24.99 (around $32.50) and with interesting flavors like the blueberry, blackberry and orange Sunset Strip, the blueberry and sugar frosting doughnut Glory Glaze and the apple, watermelon and strawberry Rush Rush Yayo!, the name Cheap Thrills seems to be a perfect fit. But is it the brand for you? Will you find your all-day vape flavor? We’ve tested out Glory Glaze for our Cheap Thrills review to find out.


Packaging and Design


Cheap Thrills Review - Packaging and Design


The Cheap Thrills juices are well-presented, with a black outer box bearing the “Cheap Thrills” logo, the name if the juice and the size of the bottle on the front, and all the usual warnings on the back. Inside, your juice comes in a chunky glass bottle with the same black and pink color scheme on the label, which also displays an image related to your flavor – mine has two doughnuts either side of the logo – and has more warnings, the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level and bottle size written on the side. There’s also a batch number and an expiry date to complete the package.


Overall, the design of the bottles is great – they look professional, but have a kind of 80s-esque color scheme and a graffiti-like logo that gives the juice tons of character.


Mixing Options


Cheap Thrills E-Juice PG/VG Ratio


The juices from Cheap Thrills come in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio, which is very much becoming the standard for juice these days. The ratio gives great performance on sub ohm tanks and rebuildables, offering ample vapor production, but still having enough PG to create a bit of a punchy throat hit and carry the flavor to you nicely.


There are only three nicotine levels available for Cheap Thrills e-liquids: 0, 3 and 6 mg/ml. This is absolutely fine for most longer-term vapers and people with higher-quality atomizers, but a higher-nicotine option would have been ideal for newer vapers. However, most people looking for e-juice companies like this will have quit smoking a while ago, so this isn’t too big a criticism.


Glory Glaze by Cheap Thrills Review – Rating 5/5


Cheap Thrills E-Liquid Review - Glory Glaze


Accuracy: Glory Glaze is described as freshly-baked doughnut, frosted in a warm sugar glaze and topped off with touches of blueberry. The juice definitely delivers on its promises. First, you’re hit with a bready, sweetened flavor from the doughnut, which is impressively well-captured and forms the backdrop for the rest of the flavor. The sweetness from the sugary glaze is hard to miss, but is very delicately balanced. It’s enough to keep every puff delicious, but not so much that it overpowers the doughnut. Finally, the hints of blueberry blend in nicely with the sugar glaze, but rise to prominence a little more on the exhale.


Overall: Glory Glaze really is glorious. Every component of the flavor comes through beautifully, and the varying elements are expertly-balanced so that the juice isn’t dominated by a single flavor note. The result is exactly the flavor you’re looking for: a freshly-baked blueberry doughnut draped in a deliciously sweet glaze. Cheap Thrills manages to make the flavor pleasantly sweet without being sickly and blueberry-scented without being dominated by it. Most impressively, it actually gets the doughnut element across in a recognizable fashion, as more than just a generic breadiness to the flavor. It’s an all-day vape for me, and definitely a flavor I’d recommend.

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Packaging & Design5/5


Throat Hit3/5



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  Glory Glaze is an excellent flavor, and despite not testing the other two flavors from Cheap Thrills, the quality of their recreation gives me a lot of hope for the others. With an aesthetically-appealing design, huge bottles, great prices and interesting flavor combinations, Cheap Thrills genuinely has what it takes to make a name for itself in the admittedly-crowded e-juice market. It might not be the best brand for newer vapers, but if you’ve been vaping for a little while and you’re in the market for something sweet, Cheap Thrills is well-worth checking out.

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