E Cigarettes – Are They Really Safe To Use?

The Electronic CigaretteIf you have been smoking cigarettes for a long time, you're most likely suffering from the many diseases and side effects that come with smoking and you must be seeking a safer alternative that can help you quit smoking. You have most likely tried to quit smoking many times and failed. We all know that nicotine is an addictive substance which makes us dependent on using it on a regular basis. There are many safer alternatives to cigarettes. One of the latest and most affordable alternatives are E Cigarettes. E cigarettes certainly seem to be the better option because they can offer you an easy way to deal with your addiction to nicotine without exposing you to harmful cigarette smoke and chemicals. The only thing is that e cigarettes are fairly new in the market, therefore, many smokers need more education before they can feel confident to make the switch to e cigarettes. It's important for you to know whether e cigarettes are safe to use before you decide to buy them.


Many studies have been conducted on e cigarettes and the conclusion is that they are less harmful that conventional cigarettes simply because they don't contain the 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes. Further, research shows that e cigarettes don't harm the people around the user. In fact, many health experts firmly believe that these cigarettes are a viable alternative to the traditional cigarettes. However, there is one substance which still poses a threat and that's nicotine. Nicotine is a powerful substance that can lead to anxiety and irritability if taken in large quantities. This goes to tell us that e cigarettes are not completely safe but they are a much safer alternative to cigarettes.


The FDA has made some statements against the use of these cigarettes, and many of these doubts are echoed by the powerful (and vocal) anti-smoking lobby. These statements conclude that the inhalation of pure nicotine could be very harmful to the body and that the subject requires further study. The other issue is regarding standardization and disclosure. Since the production and sale of these products is not regulated there is a chance that some of them will have unsafe ingredients. Further, there are doubts that some companies do not give correct information regarding the amount of nicotine in their cartridges.


As a person who wants to try smoking e cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes
, you do need to remember that they are far safer than actual cigarettes from every angle. As long as you use a brand that is well-known and reliable then there should be no reason for you to worry about the safety of e cigarettes. Further, you ought to limit your intake of nicotine to a reasonable amount.


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