Choosing E-Cigarettes Over Tobacco Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products can cause tremendous health problems. But quitting is hard, even with cessation products like nicotine patches or gum.


Now there is an easier alternative: electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes mimic the experience of smoking without the negative effects of traditional cigarettes. Choosing e-cigarettes offers health, financial and social benefits compared to the hazards of smoking regular cigarettes.


Using tobacco can have severe negative effects on one's health. Smoking tobacco can lead to many serious life threatening conditions. Long term tobacco use reduces the length and quality of the user's life. Smoking tobacco increases the risk of various types of cancer, particularly lung cancer and head or neck cancer. It also greatly increases the incidence of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.


In addition to heart attacks, smoking increases the risk of strokes and a variety of pulmonary problems such as emphysema. These are simply the most common and dangerous negative health effects of smoking. There are a myriad of other health issues that come from long term use of tobacco. Other issues: renal damage, increased susceptibility to influenza and pneumonia, decreased fertility, and impotence. The risk of tobacco-related diseases increases with continued tobacco use. Quitting or switching to a non-tobacco product can help decrease the level of damage done by tobacco.


Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative that addresses many of the problematic issues surrounding cigarettes. Because electronic cigarettes contain nicotine rather than actual tobacco, they are free of the negative health effects that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes.


Also, they are free of the social stigma that comes with traditional cigarettes. Because they are smokeless, electronic cigarettes can be used around others with a decreased concern about secondhand smoke. Due to public health concerns about secondhand smoke, an ever increasing number of companies and venues have banned smoking. With increased public education about the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes led by the anti-smoking movement, smoking cigarettes, and the resulting smell, comes with a social stigma. Using an electronic cigarette allows you to continue normally with your day, rather than wasting time looking for an unrestricted area and dealing with the social stress of being seen as a smoker. Smoking regular cigarettes also comes at a high financial cost.


The price of traditional cigarettes is on the rise as some cities in the U.S. have added taxes that can take the price of a single pack into the double digits. E-cigarettes have a much lower cost over time as cartridges last longer and cost less than traditional cigarette packs. Cartridges also come with different levels of nicotine so the user also gets to determine just how much, if any, nicotine they consume. This can be particularly beneficial to people who enjoy the ritual of smoking but would like to cut down on their nicotine consumption.


Given the health risks and negative social and financial impact associated with smoking regular cigarettes, it's no surprise that electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity. Choosing electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes can be beneficial whether you're looking for an alternative or a way to ultimately quit smoking completely. Switching to e-cigarettes gives you the stress relief of smoking without the financial, social and health costs of tobacco.


Start here for research showing the negative health effects of tobacco and the benefits of choosing e-cigarettes as an alternative:



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