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Breazy E-Liquid Subscription
Bottom Line
Breazy isn’t the best subscription service on the market, but it definitely has potential. The flavor selection process could use some refinement, and things like receiving in-house e-liquids leave a bad taste in your mouth. However, most of the juices were excellent and the service is still good, overall.
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Simple, intuitive sign-up process
A fantastic selection of brands in the line-up
Free vape pen with your first order
Great prices – 60 ml of juice for $34.99 or 120 ml for $64.99
Five nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml
Some really excellent flavors
Free shipping for US orders, and international shipping available
Cancel anytime
Not the most personalized service: the curation process could be improved
My box included an own-brand juice, and two from the same mixer
No option for high-VG juices
Useless extras like the silicone wristband; wick or wire would have been better

Breazy is a new entrant into the subscription service game, with a fantastic range of juices on offer and reasonable prices, but it has a little way to go to really compete with the top-tier subscription services.

Firstly, getting in-house juices in the box is pretty much a no-no for me. Similarly, Jimmy the Juice Man is awesome, but I’d have preferred to try two different companies instead of different blends from the same mixer, especially when they have so many on offer. The last complaint in particular really sums up the experience with Breazy: definitely, undeniably enjoyable and great value for money, but it could be so much better. You won’t be disappointed if you sign up, but you could probably do better for your money.

Breazy Vaping Subscription Service Review

Where there were once just a handful of companies offering e-juice subscription services, competition has been heating up for some time now. For vapers, this is great news: there are tons of companies to choose from if you’re looking for some e-juices delivered to your door that have been specifically chosen to suit your tastes. For a company like NY-based Breazy, though, having only gotten involved in the subscription service game this year, the competition makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

The question is, is it worth subscribing to Breazy when there are more well-established services like Zamplebox, Craft Vapery and Zodist vying for your monthly fee? We’ve tried out a subscription box for our Breazy review to find out.

How Breazy Works

Breazy Subscription - How it Works

If you’re familiar with other e-juice subscription services, suffice it to say that Breazy basically follows the standard formula: you choose a subscription level, tell them what juices you like and what your flavor preferences are, and then give them your details and have the boxes shipped out to you each month.

There are two different subscription levels available through Breazy. You can either sign up for the Breazy Box Light, which offers 60 ml of e-liquid (between two and four bottles) for $34.99 per month, or the Breazy Box Deluxe, which increases your total amount of juice to 120 ml (four to eight bottles per month) for $64.99 per month. With both subscriptions, you also get a free Breazy vape pen (which is actually an iTaste EP with Breazy branding).

The flavor selection process is pretty simple: you’re presented with ten options for flavor categories – tobacco, menthol, dessert, custard, cereal, fruit, candy, yogurt, donut and chocolate – as well as best sellers and surprise, and you simply check the boxes below the categories you’d be interested in trying.

You’re then given a choice of nicotine level, with options of 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml, and after you’ve chosen you enter your details for billing and shipping. Shipping is free on US orders, and they also ship worldwide. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Breazy carries juices from a huge range of brands, including Charlie Noble, Teardrip, the Standard, Velvet Cloud, Space Jam, Jimmy the Juice Man, G2 Vapor, Five Pawns, Cuttwood, Cyclops Vapor, CRFT, One Hit Wonder, Suicide Bunny, POET and many more, so there are plenty of great e-liquids that could potentially be included in your box.

The Box: What You Get

Breazy E-Juice Subscription Service Review

The juices come in a standard white box with some limited Breazy branding, and your juices and vape pen sit inside on a bed of shredded brown paper. The presentation is definitely passable – not up there with Craft Vapery or Zamplebox, but it’s hardly the most important aspect and Breazy did a good enough job. The box also included a little Breazy silicone wristband – a nice extra touch, but a bit of wick or wire would have been more useful. Overall, the presentation and the experience were good enough, but nothing exciting.

The Flavors (And Vape Pen) – How Was the Curation?

Breazy Vape Juice Subscription Service - Brands

So how did Breazy do when it came to the curation? Generally speaking, I like sweet and fruity juices, with a penchant for desserts, bakery-style juices (especially with cinnamon) and all things that would be exceptionally fattening if you were consuming it as food.

So, what juices were in the box, and how were they?

  • Cartoons by Merkury: This is a sweet, buttered cinnamon toast e-liquid, with the flavor being right in line with my preferences and well-executed overall. The juice has a pleasingly light cinnamon flavor, with the taste coming through strongly but not being too robust to enjoy, softened by the sweeter, buttery elements of the flavor. The toast element isn’t coming through for me, but it’s a well-executed juice regardless, and a great pick from Breazy. It’s an all-day-vape for me.
  • Strawberry Astronaut by Jimmy the Juice Man: Strawberry Astronaut is a strawberry juice with touches of apricot, another juice well-suited to my tastes. The fruity flavor comes through thick and strong, with the strawberry being excellently captured and realistic, and the overall flavor pulled together beautifully by the apricot. It’s smooth and has the perfect level of sweetness, making it another all-day vape for me. Another awesome pick from Breazy.
  • Caramel Cinnabun by Breazy: This is a pretty delicious sounding e-liquid but it comes from Breazy themselves, which honestly doesn’t seem ideal for a subscription service. The quality is notably lower than the others in the box, too, with the cinnamon being pretty mild and the caramel taking center stage in the juice. It tastes like a standard RY4 with touches of cinnamon. It’s hardly Jimmy the Juice Man, to say the least.
  • Shurb by Jimmy the Juice Man: This is a “vapeable rainbow sherbet” flavor, with raspberry, lime and orange notes making a sweet and fruity e-liquid that’s among many vapers’ favorite juices overall. The flavors all come through excellently, but what really makes the juice enjoyable is how smoothly it goes down, with the flavor being much milder than you’d expect and making what sounds like an overpowering collection of flavors into something you could happily vape all day. In short, Shurb is a brilliant juice, and definitely a good pick from Breazy.
  • iTaste EP: The Breazy kit also comes with an eGo-style e-cigarette in the form of the iTaste EP with Breazy’s branding adorning it. Getting a little e-cig – complete with charger and a top coil clearomizer – in the box is a nice extra, and the 650 mAh battery puts it right in line with most devices in its class. It’s hardly the best e-cig in the world, but it works quite well, regardless. It’s not going to become my go-to-device, but it’s inclusion in the box is definitely appreciated.

Overall, the box from Breazy was pretty enjoyable. It wasn’t perfect – I’m always a little disappointed to receive two juices from the same mixer in a subscription box, and the option from Breazy themselves basically sucked – but most of what I received was good. The only thing I really didn’t enjoy was Breazy’s own juice, with the others actually being very tasty, so really it was a satisfying box.

That said, the selection of flavors could have done with some extra personalization. The selection was good, overall, but it could have been tailored a lot more if there was the option of entering notes, or even just having open fields to write in your flavor preferences –Zamplebox, Craft Vapery and Zodist all do something like this to help them in the curation process. The juices were still really good, but it did feel a little generic and could have done with some extra personalization.

The inclusion of the vape pen is a nice touch, but realistically speaking, you could pick up a device of similar quality or better from pretty much anywhere, and top-coil clearomizers have long since become obsolete.

The result is a subscription service that really isn’t too bad at all, but that’s not especially great either. You can clearly get some excellent juices in your box – especially when you consider the wide range of awesome brands carried by Breazy – but you might also end up lumbered with an in-house blend so crappy you’d even feel bad about giving it away to someone and you’ll be guaranteed a “free” vape pen with your first order that you probably won’t use.