Binary E-Liquid Review

Binary E-Liquid
Bottom Line
The three juices tasted from Binary E-Liquid were all high-quality and hit on their intended flavor notes well. The fruits in particular were well-captured, but the milk in Byte could have used some improvement. That said, there are some great flavors in the selection, and they’re definitely worth trying out.
Throat Hit
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Five unique fruity, cereal-based and candy e-juices
High VG content: ranging from 71 to 75% VG
Five nicotine levels, evenly spaced between 0 and 10 mg/ml
Glass bottles with child-proof caps
Great vapor production
Smooth throat hit
Some excellently captured fruit flavors
Perfect for longer-term vapers
A little pricy: $12/£8.49 for a 15 ml bottle
Some flavors could be made a bit more robust

Are they worth buying?

Binary E-Liquids has a solid selection of juices, with the high VG content providing thick, voluminous clouds and the generally well-executed flavors offering a consistently enjoyable vape. Although some flavors were better than others, on the whole they were all tasty, and the generally subtle nature of the juices means they make great all day vapes. The flavors might be pricy, but they’re definitely worth it if you’re happy to pay a little more for complex, delicately-balanced e-juice.

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Binary Premium E-Juice Review

Premium e-liquid is everywhere these days. Where once most mixers focused on single-note flavors and keeping the price low, the rise of the premium mixer has seen more complex flavors take center-stage in the vaping industry, with prices steadily climbing up alongside the complexity. Binary is one such mixer, putting out high-VG, low-nicotine e-liquids with multi-tonal flavors, and at a fairly hefty price of £8.49 ($12) per 15 ml bottle. The problem is that the spread of premium e-liquid has led to some mixers calling any old e-juice “premium” and jacking up the price accordingly. So is California-based Binary just cashing in on the trend, or are the juices genuinely a step above? Our Binary e-liquid review tests three of the juices to find out.

Packaging and Design

Binary E-Liquid Review - Bottles

The bottles for Binary e-liquid are glass, with child-proof dripper caps and a computer-like green tint to the upper portion of the glass which fades to being clear at the bottom. The labels are transparent and contain all the key information you need about the juices, with the PG/VG ratio and nicotine level clearly stated, and even a brief description of each flavor beside it’s name. Most of the bottle is occupied by a big “B” logo, with “Binary” written above it, and it also contains the standard set of warnings you find on virtually every bottle of e-juice. Overall, the appearance is great and the bottles themselves are high quality too.

Mixing Options

Binary E-Liquid PG VG Ratio

Binary E-Liquids come in a unique set of nicotine strengths, evenly spaced out from 0 to 10 mg/ml, with 2.5 mg/ml, 5 mg/ml and 7.5 mg/ml between them. Since the juice is intended for drippers, sub ohm-ers and longer-term vapers, this selection of nicotine strengths is good, but it doesn’t correspond too closely to the nicotine levels you’ll find with other brands.

For PG/VG ratio, the precise values vary a little, but they’re all between 70 and 75 % VG. For example, Array is a 75 % VG mix, but Virus is 71 % VG, with the others being either 73 or 74 % VG. This seems all precise and carefully-considered, but it’s doubtful that an extra 1 % VG in a mix is really going to have a notable impact on the vape. Overall, though, the juices are high-VG, which most longer-term vapers prefer anyway, and it offers great vapor production and a smooth throat hit.

Binary E-Liquid Flavors

Binary E-Liquid Flavors


Virus – Rating 4.5/5

Accuracy: This is described as a combination of sweet mango and pure guava, offering an exotic and fruity flavor. The juice definitely delivers on its promises, with the mango coming through clearly on the nose and subtle notes of guava backing it up, adding to the soft sweetness and giving the juice a slightly fragrant quality. The mango is easily detectable, but it’s fairly gentle in taste, possibly muted a little by the combination with guava.

Overall: This is a delicious, well-executed flavor on the whole. The combination of exotic fruits works well, and the soft, subtle nature of the flavor means you get the mouth-watering fructose sweetness and some of the characteristic flavors of the fruits without it becoming overpowering. This makes it a great all day vape e-juice, and I’d definitely say it’s one to try from the Binary line-up.

 Pow – Rating 4/5

Accuracy: This is a pomegranate and watermelon juice, with a touch of marshmallow and a secret ingredient to add to the soft fruitiness. The pomegranate is the most prominent component of the flavor, providing a sharp, slightly sour and authentic hit of fruitiness, which is accompanied by some gentler elements from the watermelon. The watermelon does fade into the background a little, though. The touch of marshmallow forms a pleasant overtone to the flavor, but I can’t identify or really pick up the secret ingredient.

Overall: This is another enjoyable juice from the Binary range, with the sharpness from the pomegranate and its well-captured fruitiness really carrying the flavor. Aside from this, the rest of the flavor is very subtle, and definitely goes down smoothly, even if the watermelon and secret ingredient aren’t too noticeable. The marshmallow provides an excellent final touch, providing some additional sweetness and making the flavor a bit more interesting than the standard fruity fare.

Byte – Rating 3.5/5

Accuracy: This is a mixture of Crunch Berries, Froot Loops and milk – a cereal-inspired concoction designed to bring back pleasant memories from your youth. The result is pretty close to the intention, with the flavors of the cereals blending together nicely, and producing a mixture of slightly synthetic-tasting fruity notes with an authentic cereal flavor underpinning the whole thing. Getting milk right in e-juice is a bit of a challenge, but Binary has done a good job here – it manages to get the milk across without it tasting overly sour or off.

Overall: This is a good attempt at a cereal e-juice, and the main limitation to its accuracy – the synthetic nature of the fruity flavors – actually fits in well with the intention. So if you love cereal e-juice, this is a great flavor that you’ll definitely like, but for me the cereal-y elements could have done with dialing up a touch (like they are in Fruition by Seduce Juice) to bring the core taste to the forefront a little more. Additionally, the milk wasn’t executed badly, but it is still a little lacking, and this does detract from the impact a little. The result is a juice I did enjoy, just a little less than the others from Binary.