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Best High End E-Cig Mods - Best Vape Mods

For smokers looking to switch to vaping, keeping the cost down is priority: getting a slightly lower-quality e-cig isn’t a big deal if the savings in comparison to smoking are maximized. But for converted vapers, the quality of the devices becomes more and more important, and spending a little more to get a high end vape mod seems more and more worthwhile. While cheaper mods will have their little flaws, won’t be made from the highest-quality materials and ultimately may be a little unreliable, high-end mods put quality and dependability above all else. But what are the best high end vape mods on the market?

Top 10 Best High End Vape Mods

We’ve split this list between the best VV/VW mods and mechanical mods, and although it’s hard to define what makes a mod “high-end,” we’ve based the criteria on price, with anything around $70 and up classing as a high end vape mod for our purposes.

So, with that in mind, here are the top 10 best high end ecig mods:

10 – Espion Infinite by Joyetech

Espion Infinite - Best High End E-Cig Mod

Joyetech has been part of the vaping industry since the early days. While they aren’t usually known for more expensive, pristine devices, the Espion Infinite makes this list of the best high end vape mods thanks to its impressive range of features packed into an extremely well-presented device. The Espion has a standard box mod shape, but the large front face has a 0.96 inch TFT color display screen that really makes the device stand out visually, alongside the metallic-style coloring of the mod itself. The fire button is mounted on the side and the adjustment buttons are on the top, giving the mod a very unique look all-round.

The device runs on two high-drain 21700 batteries (included with the kit) or 18650s with the included adapter sleeve. It can put out a massive 230 W of power, and includes a full-featured TC mode with adjustable TCR and support for all major TC coil types. It comes with the 5.5 ml capacity, top-filling ProCore Conquer tank, which comes with a couple of sub ohm coils as standard. The performance from the combination is great, and the mod and tank combination looks awesome to top it all off.

The Espion costs $94.95 with the tank, coils, batteries and some extras.

9 – Lustro 200 W by Asmodus

Lustro 200 W Mod - Best Top End Vape Mods for 2019

The Lustro 200 W TC touchscreen box mod makes this list of the top high end e-cig mods thanks to its capable performance and the integration of touch-screen into a vaping device. While the Ocular C from Joyetech has a touchscreen, it’s bulky and the touchscreen was a little unreliable. The Lustro’s touchscreen is smaller and the device really makes it work, using simple swipe and tap controls that take a little getting used to but work well. The result is a solid, user-friendly box mod that blows a lot of the competition out of the water.

As the name suggests, the mod puts out up to 200 W of power in VW mode, and it runs on two 18650 batteries. It features full support for nickel, titanium and stainless steel temperature control coils, and supports any coils down to 0.1 ohms in resistance. The device has a zinc alloy construction, with a rubberized finish to make it comfortable to hold and use. It also has a USB port for on-board 1A charging and firmware upgrades.

The Lustro costs $79.99.

8 – G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition by Smok

G Priv 2 Luxe Box Mod - Best High End E-Cig Mods

Smok is another well-known brand that usually focuses on more budget-friendly devices, but some of their mods break the mold. The Luxe Edition of the G-Priv 2 takes a spot in our best high-end vape mods thanks to its very visually appealing design and the integration of a quality touchscreen system into a device. The layout of the 2-inch OLED screen is intuitive enough that you can get to grips with it without a manual or any real guidance, and it’s also shock-proof and shatter resistant so you don’t have to worry about the odd accidental knock.

The mod itself is powered by dual 18650 batteries, and it has a maximum power output of 230 W. The TC mode included on the device works with all common TC coil materials, and it allows for precise TCR adjustments so you can tailor the response to suit your preferences. It supports very low resistances too, with coils as low as 0.06 ohms working with the device. It works through a firing bar, so you just squeeze to vape. The mod also comes with the TFV12 Prince tank, so you get everything you need to start vaping when you pick it up.

The device and tank, with two coils included, costs $84.95.

7 – Glas Phantom by Glas Vapor

Phantom Mod by Glas Vapor - Best High End Mech Mods

Glas Vapor has made many of the most popular high end vape mods, and the Phantom sees them continuing their track record in style. In many ways, this device is a step above pretty much anything else on this list in terms of quality: this is a mechanical mod with exquisite design that’s more like a work of art than something you’ll be taking out to vape every day. Glas Vapor only use the highest-quality materials for their mods, from the crystal used for the button to the silver, rhodium, stainless steel and titanium that make up their mods.

The Glas Phantom is a mechanical device that runs on a single 18650 battery. This is a true mech mod, so the output is determined by your remaining battery life and the device has no safety features, settings, ability to read the resistance of your coil, so it’s really for longer-term, experienced vapers. But the high quality materials make it a really hard-hitting device with no noticeable voltage drop, and it’s undoubtedly one of the highest-class mods on the market.

It’s expensive though, priced at $345.

6 – Nemesis by Atmomixani

Nemesis Mechanical Mod - Best High End E-Cig Mods

The Nemesis has long been one of the most popular mechanical mods on the market, and it makes the list of the best high end ecig mods because it picked up almost 5 percent of the total vote in our mechanical mods poll.

The mod comes in three tube sizes – 18350, 18500 and 18650 – each of which can accommodate a kick, and can be bought in stainless steel 99.9 percent copper or naval brass finishes. The Nemesis has silver-plated brass contacts, an adjustable and lockable bottom firing switch, an adjustable airflow control ring, an adjustable center pin and delrin insulators. The device has an undeniably high build quality, and also features an engraved switch and the iconic “angel of death” logo on the tube.

The mod comes with the 18350 tube, two extension tubes, a kick ring and a carrying pouch, currently available for between $144 and $155 depending on your chosen finish.

5 – SnowWolf X Feng High-Class by Sigelei

XFeng High Class - Best High End Box Mod

The original Snow Wolf was a pretty solid device in its own right, but the X Feng High-Class SnowWolf from Sigelei takes things to the next level. The look of the device is rugged, with the zinc and aluminum alloy body giving it a solid, dependable appearance. The 1.3 inch TFT screen sits in the center of the front face, working in full color and with two adjustment buttons underneath to make adjustments to settings. There’s a SnowWolf logo etched onto the opposite side to top off the cool look of the mod, and you can pick it up in gunmetal or white.

The mod runs on two 18650 batteries, and has an impressive 230 W maximum power output. The device has a fully-equipped TC mode, working with all common TC coils and offering adjustable TCR so you can set it up to work the way you want it to. Aside from the expected safety features, the device doesn’t do much else, it just does everything it offers really well and looks awesome while doing it.

You can pick up the mod for $64.95.

4 – REO Grand by REO’s Mods

REOs Mods REO Grand - Best High End Box Mod for 2015

The REO Grand is a mechanical box mod, making this list thanks to its solid build and it’s impressive performance on our best mech mods poll. The device is milled out of a single block of aluminum, producing a box mod that has the sort of sturdy construction you know you can depend on.

The main feature of the mod is that it can hold a 6 ml bottle of juice in its body, working alongside bottom-filling atomizers for a “squonker” vaping experience – kind of like dripping without the constant removing of the top cap and the actual dripping. The mod has an adjustable 510 connection, a magnetic door to cover the single 18650 battery, a heat-resistant plastic push-button for firing and copper, beryllium and gold-plated contacts.

The result is a beast of a mechanical mod, which has a blocky design but makes up for it with hard-hitting performance and plenty of colors to choose from. You can pick up the REO Grand for $155 (depending on the options you choose).

3 – VGOD Elite Mech Mod

VGOD Elite Mech - Best High End Mech Mod

The VGOD Elite Mech Mod is one of the best high end mods on the market in the mech class, striking a good balance between a reasonably affordable price and a high-quality device. It’s a single-battery 18650 mod, with a copper body and a shape that flares out a little towards the top to make it comfortable to hold and use. The exterior of the mod is black aside from the button section at the bottom and the copper detail for the “VGOD” logo and the crest on opposite sides of the device.

The device has a 510 hybrid connection, copper contacts and a carbon fiber switch with a smooth throw. It’s a true mechanical device, so there are no features to speak of and you need to know what you’re doing in order to vape with it safely. However, it does come with a plastic insert tube to protect your battery, and the floating battery adjustment system completely eliminates issues like battery rattle.

You can pick the VGOD Elite up for $89.99.

2 – SX Mini G Class Luxury Golden by YiHi

G Class Luxury Golden - Best High End Box Mods

The G Class Luxury Golden version of the SX Mini from YiHi just misses out on the title of best high end vape mod, but it’s still a step above the vast majority of mods on the market if you’re looking for something classy. The exquisite design of the mod – from the gold details on the body to the ornate patterning on the black sections – immediately hits you, and the huge range of features and settings makes it much more than just a show-piece.

It puts out up to 200 W on two 18650 batteries, and runs on the SX550J-L chipset from YiHi, which also allows for customizable output curves so you can have the power output vary throughout your puff. The device supports temperature control with all common TC coil materials, with adjustable TCR and ramp-up wattage. It also has Bluetooth support, so you can change modes and make adjustments from your phone as well as the device itself. All of these features are undoubtedly impressive, but one look at the 24 k gold plating on the device and the beautiful design all-round tells you why it’s worth more than the average mod.

And it is pretty pricey, at a huge $299.99 for the mod.

1 – Templario Mod by Pedro Miguel

Templario by Pedro Miguel - Best High End Mech Mod

The Templario Mod took around 14.5 percent of the vote in our best mechanical mods poll, and comfortable earns the spot of best high end vape mod for 2015.

The device is pretty much the definition of a high end vape mod. It’s beautifully designed, with a polished, brass body with an enamel shield design – featuring a ruby cross – on one side and a sword engraving on the opposite site. It also comes in a wooden case, and almost every piece of the device is engraved with a unique serial number.

The mod features a hybrid connection, a neodymium magnet for the button – which sits flush to the bottom of the device – and is available in 18350, 18500 and 18650 tube sizes. The mod has a smooth throw, an ultra-low voltage drop and fantastic manufacturing all-round, producing one of the most widely-loved high end vape mods on the market.

However, getting your hands on the device isn’t easy. It sells for between $250 and $300 when it’s available, but the best way to find out when it comes on sale is to like mod-maker Pedro Miguel’s Facebook page for the device.

So there are a lot of fantastic devices on our main list of the best high-end vape mods, but there are plenty more options out there for vapers looking for a top-quality mod. Although the list above is based on the votes from thousands of vapers – so it’s a fairly objective ranking – everyone has their own personal favorites, so we thought we’d share some of our staff’s picks for high-end devices to give you more excellent options to choose from.

9 – BigBox Atlas by InnokinInnokin BigBox Atlas - Best High End Box Mod for 2019

The BigBox Atlas from Innokin is quite a straightforward mod in terms of what it can do but it looks really cool thanks to the honeycomb design and the colorful resin body. It’s a dual 18650 battery mod, so it has a substantial 200 W power output, and it comes with full temperature control functionality too. We have a full review of the BigBox Atlas if you want to find out more. You can pick it up for $69.95.

8 – Aegis Legend Limited Edition by GeekVapeAegis Legend LE - Best High End Vape Mod

The Aegis Legend LE from GeekVape is a mod made for comfort and durability. It has a zinc and aluminum body, but it also uses a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) mold, making it resistant to shock, dust and water. The trigger-style fire switch, full-color OLED display and adjustment buttons are on the front edge, and the back edge is curved so it fits nicely in your hand, with a leather grip along the back edge too. It has full temperature control, puts out up to 200 W and has additional features like an adjustable power curve. It costs $79.95.

7 – Luxotic NC 250W by WismecLuxotic NC250W - Best E-Cig Mod for 2019

The Luxotic NC 250 W from Wismec looks great and performs like a beast despite the bare-bones set of features. The device has a resin body, with a metal alloy plate covering most of the top half to give it some extra visual pop. It’s a fairly basic device technology-wise, with adjustable voltage control being the main feature the device offers. It runs on two 20700 or 18650 batteries, and with the bigger batteries it can put out up to 250 W. It comes with the Guillotine V2 RDA, and the kit costs $74.95.

6 – Arc 240 W by United Society of VapeArc by United Society of Vape - Best E-Cig Mod for 2019

The Arc 240 W is a pretty basic-looking box mod from the United Society of Vape, but it has an impressive range of features and an understated style that’s hard to resist. It runs on two 18650 batteries, and supports vaping at up to 240 W and has a fully-equipped temperature control suite. As well as this, it offers bypass mode (so it works like a mech) and has the option to adjust the power curve for a variation in wattage throughout your draw. You can pick the mod up for $79.95.

5 – SX Mini MX Class SX480J by YiHiYiHi SX Mini - Best High End Box Mods

The SX Mini series of mods from YiHi has been a staple for vapers looking for high-end mods for years now, and the MX Class SX480J is a great option if you want the high-end performance but are on a bit of a budget. The device has a slim-line, curved shape and a joystick-style adjustment control, as well as a TFT display and Bluetooth compatibility. The mod puts out up to 75 W, has a full-featured TC mode and an adjustable output curve. It runs on a single 18650 battery. Compared to the other SX Mini options, it’s quite affordable at $89.99.

4 – Thor DNA 75C by Ultroner x AsmodusThor Box Mod - Best High End Box Mods for 2019

The Thor DNA 75 X by Ultroner and Asmodus is an awesome-looking stabilized wood box mod featuring the 75 W chipset from Evolv. It runs on a single 26650 or 18650 battery, and puts out up to 75 W of power, as well as featuring a fully equipped temperature control suite. It has a full color TFT display screen, and three adjustment buttons, in addition to the fire button, all occupying a gold plate on the front of the mod. You can pick the device up for $169.99.

3 – Jester by VMA Mods (Project Sub Ohm Version)Project Sub Ohm Jester - Best High End Vape Mod for 2019

The Jester is another cool stabilized wood mod that makes use of the DNA chipset series, specifically the DNA 167. This allows vaping at up to 167 W, powered by dual 18650 batteries. It has a full temperature control suite, with all of the regular options and the ability to make further adjustments through Escribe. It’s quite basic in style, but the stabilized wood gives each device a unique look and it has all the features you could want from a mod. The price is pretty high though, at $299.99 for the device.

2 – SX Mini SL Class SX485J by YiHiSX Mini SL Class Vape Mod - Best Vaping Box Mods for 2019

The SL Class SX Mini SX485J from YiHi has a lot of similarities to the MX Class version covered earlier, but boosts the power output and improves the look of the device through some ornate designs on the body (as well as the option of stabilized wood if you’re willing to pay more). The device runs on a 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery, with a 100 W power output for the bigger battery sizes. It has a full temperature control suite and extra features like a customizable power curve. The mod costs $139.95 new.

1 – Boxer Mod Classic DNA 250 C Boxer Mod Classic DNA 250C - Best High End Box Mods

The Boxer Mod Classic DNA 250C might not look particularly impressive, but it earns our pick as the best high end vape mod on the market thanks to its no-nonsense approach combined with a rich selection of features. The chip is downthrottled to 200 W, but it runs on two 20700 batteries and is a squonker style device, with a 7 ml juice bottle built into the body.

It has a full featured TC suite, with the ability to mix and match different TC (or TC and non-TC) coil materials, so you can have a Ti core wrapped with SS, for example. It also acts as a power bank, has a color display screen and upgradeable firmware. The device costs $249.99.


Although we’ve tried to list some of the best high end vape mods on the market – based both on our polls and our own personal picks – there is such a fantastic variety of devices available that we’ve undoubtedly missed many great options, and more are being released each week. However, our list should give you plenty of options, and we’ll be updating this post with a brief buying guide in the coming weeks, so check back soon for more on finding the right high-end device for your needs.