Atmomixani Nemesis Review

Along with the Poldiac, Atmomixani’s Nemesis leads the way for mechanical mods utilizing silver-plated contacts. There’s a reason why this mod constantly sells out everywhere it’s stocked.

Bottom Line
The Nemesis by Atmomixani leads the way for Greek-made heavy hitting mechanical mods. With one of the lowest voltage drops around and a design that matches up well with almost any atomizer, the Nemesis is a go-to mod.
Build Quality
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Extra tubes accommodate three battery sizes
Silver plated brass contacts minimize voltage drop
Adjustable center pin and switch eliminate battery rattle
Top cap doubles as an airflow control ring
Kick compatible
Hard to find in stock
Bottom pin can come loose with heavy use
Atmomixani Nemesis

Is it worth buying?

What is there to dislike about the Nemesis? The only thing I can think of is its availability. It's constantly sold out on Atmomixani's website and only a few online retailers have stock for sale. On the bright side, you won't have to drop two or three times its worth in auction to own one. 

After a few weeks of use with multiple atomizers and builds, the Nemesis has quickly become my favorite mod, bar none. Everything from design to build quality and on down the performance is top notch. This is about as close to perfection as it gets in a vape. If you're lucky to find one in stock and can afford it, do not pass on the opportunity to own quite possibly the best mechanical mod ever made.

Atmomixani Nemesis Matte Edition

Greece is arguably the king when it comes to producing highly conductive, hard hitting mechanical vape mods. I've already reviewed the Poldiac and found it to be an exceptional piece of engineering. Everything from the materials used to the threading in the tubes and caps is top notch. And silver plated brass contacts in both the firing pin or spring as well as the positive top post are all the rage in the mod world right now.

Nemesis Mod Back Side

When I first heard of the Atmomixani Nemesis mod, I wasn't too keen on its appearance, specifically the bottom switch. I guess because I had recently moved from variable voltage and wattage APVs to mechanical mods, I was still used to having the firing button on the side of the mod.

However, a couple of my friends had just picked up some basic bottom switch mechs (mechanical mods) and they seemed to fire a lot quicker and harder than my Smoktech Natural mod, with its side-mounted firing button. I wound up upgrading to the Poldiac anyway and even though I loved everything about it, I still had the itch to get something nice with a bottom-mounted button.

The “Nemmy” has gone on to become one of the most highly touted, sought after, and hardest to find mods on the market. It has even surpassed the highly coveted Chi-You, in my opinion, in terms of demand, since Mojo shipped out a great deal of orders to resellers and switched focus to the soon-to-be-released Chi Sleek and Chicano mods.

Nemesis Mod

The Nemesis mod is almost constantly sold out on Atmomixani's website and when the lucky few vape shops get a shipment in, they sell out almost instantly. Somehow, demand for the Nemmy has not diminished even though it has now been almost exactly replicated by Chinese clone artists Hcigar. So I had to jump almost immediately at the chance to purchase one from nearby Ultra Vape in West Covina, as they sold out within a day. (As of writing this Ultra Vape has received another shipment and still has Kalafan and Vaporwall editions of the Nemesis mod in stock.)

Visual Appearance

Because the Nemesis e-cig mod used for this review was purchased from a brick and mortar and not the actual manufacturer, I can't really comment on the packaging. I just know that it arrived safe and without any dings or scratches. Atmomixani does include a little pouch with a spare spring and 18500 battery and kick tubes.

Nemesis Mod Parts

I'm a huge fan of brushed stainless steel and the ultra clean appearance it gives to a mod. It also matches up really well with a wide variety of atomizers, including some of the newer 22mm RBAs like the Patriot and Omega. So while the Nemesis mod is made in a variety of finishes, I chose the matte version and paired it up with an Omega atomizer I picked up at the Electronic Cigarette Convention (Anaheim) a few days later.

At first glance, the Atmomixani Nemesis mod, especially in matte or polished versions, has a fairly simple design. In 18650 mode with no kick, it's essentially just two tubes with a locking ring, a basic bottom switch and a top cap. However the main tube is laser engraved with the angel of death symbol synonymous with the Nemesis mod, as well as serial number and the word “Nemesis”.

The bottom switch is also engraved with the Atmomixani steam train logo and the words “By Atmomixani”. Keep in mind these are laser engravings so they aren't too deep and could be removed through further brushing the steel a bit.

Nemesis Mod Fire Button

What really sets the Nemesis mod apart from the Poldiac from MMVapors is the fact it comes with all three tube sizes to accommodate 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries and even one to fit a “kick” variable wattage chip. Spare tubes must be purchased separately for the Poldiac to function with different battery sizes.

It also has an airflow control option on a swiveling top cap. When lined up with two tiny crater-like indents on the base ring of the top cap, the holes allow for use with 510 connectors like cartomizers that vent air through the connection threads.

If I could described the Nemesis in one word, it would be “clean”. This mod is quite possibly the cleanest looking mod ever made and looks even better when paired up with my Omega atomizer.

Build Quality

Atmomixani offers the Nemesis in both stainless steel and brass. The matte version is obviously made from stainless steel and has immaculate threading. Not only is the threading very fine and buttery when screwing and removing tubes and parts, but it's also pretty deep, holding parts in place and preventing unwanted dislodging.

Overall, the Nemesis mod is just as solid as the Poldiac, if not more so. There is absolutely no rattling of parts and with the pins properly adjusted, no battery rattle as well. The tubes fit together almost perfectly with almost no noticeable gaps.

Also like the Poldiac, both contact points are made from silver-plated brass. Silver has the highest conductivity of any metal so this creates the lowest voltage drop possible. For an even harder hit, the brass version will be slightly more conductive than any of the stainless steel models.


Functionality is what sets the Nemesis apart from any other top vape mod on the market. It can accommodate all three popular mod battery sizes with or without a kick. The fully adjustable top center pin allows for atomizers with various 510 connector lengths. Best of all, the bottom switch can then be screwed in until the derlin insulator touches the battery, thereby eliminating any rattle.

The switch itself may stick a bit at first but as the spring softens over time, fire smoother and more efficiently. Atmomixani has also recently released a pair of magnets to replace the two springs and give the Nemesis cloud-like throw on the switch. There is even a tiny pin that fits between a divot in the switch that locks it in place, preventing unwanted spinning of the button.

Finally, the bottom pin is adjustable to give users a customizable throw. Simply unscrew it a tad and you will require less effort to press the button. However, I find it perfectly comfortable to just have the pin screwed all the way in for maximum conductivity.


I previously said the Poldiac was the hardest hitting mod I'd ever used. With silver-plated contacts, there is no surprise I felt that way. However, I have no problem now replacing the Poldiac with the Nemmy as the hardest mod I've ever vaped.

With a clean dual coil atomizer and proper battery, in my case a 30 amp Sony 18650, the Nemesis mod is cable of producing clouds that look like the result of a quad-coil build. The Nemmy has one of the lowest voltage drops I've seen, at only .13v on a 1.9ohm build and .55 with a .4ohm set of coils.

I haven't tried a quad coil on this thing yet but I'm pretty confident that it would fog up an entire room with just a few puffs. In my opinion, the Atmomixani Nemesis mod hits harder than any other e-cig mod readily available to consumers today.