An Introduction to Advanced Rebuildable Atomizers

Just a few months I was in possession of an $80 black chrome Tesla variable voltage/wattage mod with a matching Artemis locking carto tank. This is what was going to help me quit smoking for good. My (minimal) collection was complete, or so I thought. At least I was right about the quit smoking part.


However, new products and devices seem to enter the market on a daily basis. As someone who marketers would classify as an early adopter, I wasn't done. With summer in full swing, I have since purchased three additional mechanical mods. I still have the Tesla and Artemis tank but have moved on the much more technical realm of rebuildable atomizers.


The vaping world can be broken down into several experience levels. Beginners usually start out with a cig-a-like or ego style kit. Those who aren't trying to quit vaping can then move up to an advanced, variable voltage personal vaporizer like a Lavatube or Vamo.


Most will be fine at this stage but for those who have turned e-cigs into a hobby, there is a whole new world in mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers. You may have seen the Vapelyfe quad coil video where Rob is exhaling enormous clouds of vapor from his Igo-L rebuildable dripping atomizer.


Rebuildable atomizers are meant for advanced vapers. As the name suggests, the user must rebuild their wicks on regular basis.


There are several types of advanced rebuildable atomizers but we will break it down into 3 common types: tank or genesis style, dripping, and a third type which I like to call the hybrid.


1. Genesis Rebuildable Atomizer


A genesis style rebuildable atomizer involves a tank, wick, and conductive coil. They are probably the easiest to maintain of the rebuildable type, as wicks can last well over a month. Wicks can also be made from a variety of materials, including oxidized steel mesh, surgical cable, and porcelain.


One of the main benefits of a genesis style vape tank is, depending on the type of wick you use, increased flavor over that of a carto tank or clearomizer. The juice is drawn up from the tank to the exposed area of wick, directly onto the coils. There is no mixed taste of juice and silica that most beginner vape tanks have. Examples included the RSST, Z-Atty, and DID.


Z-Atty Zen Rebuildable Atomizer
Genesis Atomizer: Z-Atty Rebuildable Atomizer


2. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer


Probably the easiest wicks to rebuild but hardest to maintain are those of rebuildable dripping atomizers, or RDAs. These involving simply dripping e-liquid directly onto to an exposed wick where it essentially free-based into massive clouds of vapor.


Dripping atomizers are the type that Rob used in his quad coil video. They tend to attract the “vaping as a hobby” crowd as their wicks are endlessly customizable but require the most tinkering. Juice must be re-added to their wicks every 5-10 puffs or so. Materials used can vary from silica, ekowool and cotton, among others. Obviously, the main benefit of using a dripping atomizer is vapor production. Some of the more common RDAs include the Igo-L, Nimbus and Trident.


Nimbus Rebuildable Atomizer
Dripping Atomizer: Nimbus Rebuildable Atomizer


3. Hybrid Rebuildable Atomizer


The third type of rebuildable atomizer is basically a hybrid vape tank and dripping atomizer. These are typically the most expensive atomizers and attract collectors and vapers with deep wallets. They are usually elaborate in appearance, often resembling mini steel wedding cakes.


Hybrid atomizers combine the best of both genesis and dripping style atomizers. They usually are comprised of several parts and involve a tank, which may or may not be visible, and a soft drip-style wick that remains constantly soaked in juice, as opposed to that of an RDA which dries out every few puffs. Some of the most sought after hybrid rebuildable atomizers include the Kayfun 3.1 and Ithaka.


Kayfun Hybrid Rebuildable Atomizer
Hybrid Atomizer: Kayfun 3.1 Rebuildable Atomizer


So there you have a very basic introduction to the world of advanced rebuildable atomizers. Whether you're looking for more vapor production or just want a more customized vaping experience, try a rebuildable atomizer. But please make sure you know what you're doing and fully understand how ohms, volts and watts work. There are instructional videos on YouTube. It's also recommended to use a multimeter to check for shorts. Look for a tutorial on rebuilding from us soon.


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