Battle of the Boxes: Zamplebox, VapeBox and Other E-Liquid Subscriptions

By John Madden Posted April 18, 2014

Review of e-liquid subscription services: ZampleBox, VapeBox, Zodist, Craft Vapery, Drip Club


[Note: We’ve now put together a new version of this post, with up-to-date information and prices, a new cost comparison and six different services fully reviewed.]


While browsing /r/electronic_cigarette on reddit last October I stumbled across a post titled “I am the creator of ZampleBox. AMA!” Having never heard of ZampleBox at the time, I was curious for more information and would come to find out it was an e-liquid subscription service based in Washington state. Even though I already had access to plenty of local juice vendors, I decided to sign to try it out and signed up on my birthday. A few days later I received my invite and opted for the “Gold” ZampleBox.


Thus was my introduction to e-liquid subscription services. Since then, I’ve discovered several other business ventures including Vape Box, Drip Club, Easy Vape Club and Zodist that each send out boxes of e-liquid to customers every month. So let’s take a look at each and break down their pros and cons.




Having been around since October, with first boxes shipped in November, ZampleBox is one of the original e-liquid subscription services. The Redmond, Washington-based service offers two types of memberships: silver and gold. Signing up for a standard membership will get you at least 60ml of e-liquid in 5 bottles every month while gold members receive at least 120ml in 10 bottles.


ZampleBox e-liquid subscription membership


How It Works


Invites are no longer needed to register an account and sign up for a subscription. ZampleBox contracts with several e-liquid vendors including NicQuid, Johnson Creek, The Standard Vape, Golden Drops and Alpha Vape, among others. Customers have the option of selecting either the standard membership for $24.99/mo. or gold for $44.99 plus shipping.


How ZampleBox e-liquid subscription works


When I first signed up, there was no nicotine preference available but since then, the company has added an option to select either 18mg/ml, 6mg or 0mg. Customers are billed on the same day every month and can cancel at any time. Boxes are sent out at the beginning of the month and contain an assortment of e-liquid from various vendors as well as member-only coupons and discounts for members to purchase more of their favorite juice from each box directly from vendor.




Vapebox has been around about as long as ZampleBox and is based in Alhambra, CA. They offer three different subscription levels at prices ranging from $20 to $60 plus shipping per month. Depending on which subscription is chosen, members may also receive hardware in addition to e-liquid from several different vendors.


VapeBox e-liquid subscription


How It Works


Vapebox requires an invite which can be requested through their website and takes about 2-3 days to process. Once invited, members have the option of choosing from three different subscription packages ranging in price from $23 to $64 including shipping. Members then fill out a “palette test” in which they select between four nicotine strengths (0, 6, 12, or 18mg), flavor preferences, favorite mod, and atomizer style. Accounts are billed on the 15th of each month, aside from the first month in which they are billed the day they order, and boxes are sent out the last week of every month.


The basic package includes three bottles of juice plus coupons. Then there’s the premium box which includes four bottles, one accessory and coupons. For die-hard vapers, there’s also an enthusiast package that comes with five bottles and two accessories plus coupons. Accessories can include mods, atomizers and other hardware from brands like UD, Kamry and Kangertech while e-liquid includes juices from Villain Vapors, FlavorZ by Joe and Juice Society.


The Drip Club


The Drip Club is another e-juice subscription service that started shipping in late 2013 and is based in Los Angeles. Unlike the first two I’ve mentioned, they only really have one subscription but with three different payment plans.


The Drip Club e-juice subscription service


How It Works


Like ZampleBox, no invite is required to sign up. Once an account is registered, potential subscribers can then choose their flavor preferences, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, favorite vape setup and how many mL of juice they use per day. These can be changed at any time as they are accessed through account settings.


As for subscriptions, members can choose to be billed once monthly, every three months or every six months. The more months payed for upfront, the cheaper the cost per month. E-liquid subscriptions range in price form $29.99 paid monthly, $86.97 paid every three months or $167.94 paid every six months. All three plans include shipping in the price. No matter what subscription is chosen, the member will receive at least 45mL of e-liquid every month in samples from 4 Seasonz Elixir, Alpha Vape and Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors, among several others.


Another thing that separates The Drip Club from other e-juice subscription services is they have a point system. Members receive 300 points per month they’re subscribed which is convertible to $1 of store credit to be used in shopping the website for their favorite juices from each sample box.


Easy Vape Club


Also based in Los Angeles, Easy Vape Club is an e-liquid subscription service that lets members choose what juice they want in each box. Currently, members can their favorite flavors and nicotine strengths from three “gourmet” brands including Crown Liquids, Infusion E-liquid or Alpha Vape, although a $3 per bottle surcharge is added on the latter option.


How It Works


Easy Vape Club only deals with 15mL bottles in each of three different subscription levels. The “newbie” box includes 2 bottles while the “hobbiest” subscription gives members 4 and “vape master” package offers a choice of 6 bottles. Fees are pretty meager and start at $15, $25 and $35/mo, respectively for each subscription level. This breaks down to 50 cents or less per milliliter, or at least half as much as most brick & mortars charge for the same flavors.


Easy Vape Club e-juice subscription service - how it works


Members are billed on the same day they sign up every month thereafter, until they cancel. Boxes are shipped on either the 10th, 20th, or 30th of the month, depending on the day a member signed up on. Finally, flavors can currently be adjusted by sending a message through the website’s contact page, although an option to do it from member profile pages is in the works.


Craft Vapery


Craft Vapery is yet another premium e-liquid subscription service based in the Los Angeles area. The service offers subscription plans at five different pricing levels from some of the more high-end juice vendors.


How It Works


Potential members can select how many 15mL bottles they want each month in increments from two to six. The more bottles a member orders, the more they save. From there, customers select flavor preferences from a pretty wide variety of options as well as preferred nicotine strength from either 0, 6, 12 or 18mg/ml. Finally, Craft Vapery presents the option to add on a starter kit, pack of atomizer heads or cartomizers at a discounted price. Their curators will then hand pick flavors each month for each member, based on their flavor preferences.



Because Craft Vapery only deals with premium, high-end e-liquid vendors, their subscriptions are slightly on the pricier side, but still cheaper than purchasing from a vape shop. Packages range from $24 for two 15mL bottles on up to $58 for six of them, and that doesn’t include shipping. E-liquid in each box may come from vendors like Ben Johnson’s, Clever Vape, BluePrint Vapor, The Standard Vape and several other premium brands. Members are billed on the day they order and then on the 15th of every month thereafter. Boxes are shipped shortly after, ensuring customers receive their package by the end of the month.




Last, but certainly not least, there is Zodist, a subscription service I only discovered a week ago via this reddit post of some uniquely packaged vapemail. Zodist, while being the newest to join the e-liquid subscription service game, is known for their exquisite packaging and customer service. The Houston-based company only offers one subscription at this time and it ships with 60mL of some quality e-liquid.


Zodist e-liquid subscription services


How It Works


There is no invitation required to join Zodist, as with some other juice subscription services. Potential members simply select their flavor preferences on one page and fill in any flavors they absolutely dislike on the next before choosing one of four nicotine levels and checking out. Zodist boxes currently run $40/month and include shipping.


Juice vendors partnering with Zodist aren’t listed on their website, but from looking at member photos I can tell you they’ve been sending out bottles of Space Jam, Mad Alchemist, Vaping Monkey, Vapewell and will be adding Coval Vapes to their lineup. I’m not exactly sure when recurring billing takes place, but Zodist boxes ship on the 24th of each month.


Final Thoughts


I can only really comment on ZampleBox, since it’s the only e-juice subscription I’ve tried. For one, ZampleBox can definitely be a money-saver for vapers. For just around $44/mo., I received about 120mL of e-liquid on or around the beginning of the second week each month I was subscribed. Initially, they didn’t offer a nicotine preference so I wound up with a few bottles of 18mg liquid, which I gave to friends. The service has since added 0, 6 and 18mg options.


The main problem I had with ZampleBox was the flavors of e-liquid they sent. Since there was no flavor preference option, I only wound up enjoying two or three flavors I was sent each month, and now have a backpack full of juice I’ll never use. It’s important to note, however, that, as a reviewer and resident of what I’ like to call the e-liquid capital of the world, my standards are probably ridiculously high. Most other Zamplers seem to greatly enjoy all the flavors they receive in their boxes.


On that note, I’d be interested in trying out one of the other e-liquid subscription services. If you’ve tried any of them, or even others I may have not heard of yet, let us know how they are in the comments section below!


E-Liquid Subscription Services Comparison

ZampleBox, VAPEBOX, Drip Club, Easy Vape Club, Craft Vapery, and Zodist


E-liquid Subscription Services Comparison

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  • Awesome post, John! This is a co-founder of Zodist. I just wanted to state that we do have new tiers listed now πŸ™‚

    $23.99 for 30mL
    $29.99 for 45mL
    $39.99 for 60mL

    Also something to note is that all of our prices include free shipping (normally $5.25).

    Again, awesome post and thanks for writing about us πŸ™‚


    • No problem Willie and thanks for the update!

    • Dizzle

      Wow rape prices. Why would any sane person pay 40$ for 60ml of juice?

      • Dizzle, the juices retail anywhere between $12-$22 a bottle for premium juices. Zodist does not compete against being the cheapest company, rather we focus on finding and delivering the best premium juices.

  • Erorbt

    I placed my order with ZampleBox and they had it shipped on the very next day. I opened the green box and found some green tissue paper with 6 bottles in a green bag. There were also discount codes in a paper for each juice company. Quality wise I am very pleased with everything. All the flavors were unique. I would order again since it’s low cost and hassle free.

    • I liked it, and remained a member for the first four months they were open. But the juice predominantly seemed like vendors were just getting rid of flavors that weren’t selling. I wound up giving away a majority of the bottles. That said, there were usually one to three bottles out of the 10+ in my gold box that were pretty darn good!

  • Willard Paul

    I like the concept of Vapebox. It’s a good way to try on new things even though I prefer shopping to try new ecigs. I think they should start mentioning from where they get their e-liquids since I get allergic reaction from some e-liquids. There is always a risk involved when you order with these Boxes since you may not get what you had ordered for. So I will rather go out and order my own liquid because I can customize exactly the way I want.

  • My name is Matt and I am one of the co-founders of CRAFT VAPERY. First & foremost, thanks for taking the time to so thoroughly represent each and every subscription. I think you have prepared a lot of vapers to pick the subscription service that is right for them.
    Moreover, we’d love for you to receive a CRAFT VAPERY box so that you can truly experience what it means to be a CRAFT VAPER – drop us a line at – or give us a ring (888) 631 6650 – One of our CRAFT CARE team members will get you set up!

    • Email sent! Thanks @disqus_1xmI9SkdsX:disqus!

    • Little Bit

      Email has been sent. Many thanks, sir.

    • Moonshinegal

      Email has been sent. Thank you

    • Bonesman4Life .

      I would love to review your product. Thanks!

    • Ashley Houghton

      I’m thinking about switching to ur service. Is the customers chosen flavor profile strictly adhered to each and every time? Thats my problem w zamplebox. I give them my money and they send me crap juice,not premium,and not within my flavor profile at all. I only want juices from my favorite flavor categories.

    • Blast


      Would it be possible for me to get a sample Craft Vapery box to share and review with our local group of Women Vapers here in South Florida? We are a group of approximately 10-15 women vapers that meet twice a month to review vape products and industry items. I’d love to share your product with them. We’ll video the unboxing and share it on YouTube and Facebook as well.

      Thanks and happy clouding!

  • yoshi harris

    there’s a few i wanted to try out but thanks to this post i have gone with zamplebox and dripclub i can’t afford the others as well. but i am a youtube reviewer of e -juice and these will help me out alot getting more reviews out thanks again man ( if any one has juice they want me to review please send email to

  • ZampleBox

    Thank you for taking the time to review the subscription services on the market. Since this has been posted, we’ve further increased the value of ZampleBox by adding more customization to ZampleBox with more customization coming soon. We’ve also added an additional bottle of vaping liquid to both the Standard ZampleBox and the Gold ZampleBox. This means the Standard ZampleBox usually contains 90mL! This puts the price per mL at just $.33/mL! We’ll also include coupons allowing you to save money on your juice orders which often exceed the price of the box. Welcome to the ZampleBox Family!

    • Charles Aquino

      Thank You ZampleBox for sending my box real quick,thought i would get my box in 3 weeks or more cause i live on Guam,but got it less than 2 weeks,if you do us loyal customers good,we will be loyal as well…
      Cant wait for my next box to come in…
      By the way,the flavors were awesome…

    • Ashley Houghton

      Look at all the shitty review about zamplebox. Everyone has the same problem. You advertise a premium ejuice subscription of juices within your flavor profile. Thats so far from what y’all send us. Its the epitome of false advertising. Here’s what we want ….BRAND NAME,PREMIUM EJUICES WITHIN OUR CHOSEN FLAVOR PROFILE. That low price u keep thinking means something,isn’t worth shit if ur product is crap. I’m giving it one more box and if its shitty like all the others,I’m switching over to Craft. Do better. You suck.

  • boredoutofmymind

    So is there a clear winner out of these? I like the idea of getting equipment because I do not have much in terms of mods, drippers. I would like to be able to just buy a box and not have to go to a vape shop for my juices though.

  • Moonshinegal

    I’d be more than happy to review your company and product. You can reach me at

  • Rosemary

    New to ecig. Does anyone offer free samples? I have no idea what nicotine level or possible flavors. I smoke whatever the cheapest menthol 100 available, usually Eagle 20s or Pall Mall.

    • loo shag brolley

      Any actual vape store worth a damn will have all their juices available to sample and encourage newcomers. They should also be more than happy to suggest some “beginner-style” ecigs, and will show you how they work. I suggest googling local vape or vapor shops in your area and go from there. And there are many great methol juices out there. Good luck!

  • Chett

    It’s been several months. Do you have an updated review since I’m sure the big companies three you a bone with free subscriptions? It was a good review and write up. Nice research. Looking forward to the update.

  • Thomas

    I’ve been a subscriber of Vapebox for 6 months now and couldn’t be happier with it. The flavor palette and hardware options are a really nice touch specially for newer vapers.
    At the subscription level I’m at (the enthusiast box – $64 w/shipping per month) you get alot of juice plus accessories (hardware) and you can choose to receive either tanks or rebuildables.
    I’ve received (2) 18650 mods plus several tanks/ drippers since I applied. All very good quality products.
    They occasionally sneak in a custom piece just for vapebox subscribers too, my favorite so far being the Congrevape Doge X Vape-Box edition.

  • Don

    Vapebox doesn’t even had the number 7 in there date system…

  • steve

    Was a ZB Gold member for 9 months, used to be a great service. Loved their CS, had a great community, till they started filling boxes with their inhouse juice. I wouldn’t mind a bottle here or there in my boxes, but when i get 3 gold boxes FULL with the inhouse juice, it completely loses value to me. Thus why this is my last month, liquid companies PAY YOU MONEY to advertise for them, and yet you dont even send out their products. Not to mention, you claim it to be private labeling, but private labeli g would be making it for another company. Clear creek is your company. your sketchy and not honest about it. Id rather pay 40$ for one bottle i actually love than to get another shit bottle made in your office. If say they have 6month till the shit hits the fan.

    • James Lawton

      FULLY AGREE with what u said on the last about would rather pay40 for a bottle I really like then some inhouse BS..

  • Gracie

    I have been a member of Zamplebox for about 5 months now, each month that goes by I get more unhappy with the juice selection. I see the same folks posting their boxes with the top flavors, and the rest of us are getting the “inhouse” juice. Now while I support everyone trying to make new juices and make their mark on this vaping world, I am not sure I want to continue receiving juice that I just can’t vape. I see my friends posting their pics of the drip club boxes and they are by far better than ZB at this point. I really wish ZB would listen to their customers and figure this out. I am giving it one more box before pulling the plug on this subscription and finding another company that values me as a customer.

    • MonicaRae

      Just wanted to add I feel exactly the same. I stuck with ZB for months sometimes I was happy sometimes not so happy but at the end which was a couple months ago I was pretty ticked about the INHOUSE juices. So I decided to switch to Drip Club ONLY to find out that they’re not doing subscription boxes anymore – seriously WTH? I’ve emailed twice and got told that yeah no they’re not offering them any longer only the Hero Box which sucks.

      • Tony

        im still waiting on my zamplebox i got really lucky i joined the drip club when i did like two days after they stopped taking subscriptions

  • Noneya

    I was going to sign up to Zamplebox but I have been hearing a lot of bad things about them filling their boxes with in house juices. I signed up with Craft Vapery, yes they will send you in house juices but these are free extra bottles! I’d rather pay the extra money for amazing service then pay less money for an dishonest company that will fill your box with house made juices. I can’t wait to get my Craft Vapery box and Vape all those delicious premium juices! Can’t wait to have “unicorn milk” all up in my mouth!

  • Bonesman4Life .

    I just went to your site, but your boxes no longer have 6mg or 12mg liquids to choose from. So far you have scored a 0.

  • Linc Nash

    I signed up for Zamplebox and was incredibly disappointed with the juice selection. I didn’t like any of the flavors. Worse, I received two bottles of the same flavor. Cancellation is a joke. You have to watch an inane video of hipsters pleading with you stay with the service or reply to emails to cancel. They ask for your phone number upon cancellation and there’s no way to remove a credit card from your account.

  • Ashley Houghton

    Zamplebox. Sucks. Joined up,read the page saying you choose ur flavors n shit. I got two flavors I liked out of 11,I complained,lol only to be told that the flavor profile is in beta and ur choices dont mean shit until the site relaunch when the flavor choices will be out of beta. Until then you get what they give you and they expect u to be happy bc they sell it to u cheap. I’m giving them ONE box after the alleged relaunch and new flavor profile…if my flavor profile isn’t adhered to,I’m so done. False advertising and shitty customer service.

    • Melinda Drummond

      Did you get any better service on your choices. ??

  • Ashley Houghton

    And from what I see here,a lot of other ppl are over zamplebox and their shady bullshit. The site says you get one thing,you pay ur money,then surprise!! Fuck you,you’ll get what we give u no matter what ur flavor profile says,and you’ll be happy about it bc youre getting it for cheap. 2 15ml bottles that I liked out of 11 for $50 is bullshit!!!! If they actually did what they advertise,it’d be great. Choose ur flavors u like,tell us the flavors u hate,well build a box around those preferences using PREMIUM JUICES. PREMIUM JUICES IN ONLY THE FLAVORS U WANT. Thats what they advertise and that is NOT WHAT U GET

  • Michelle

    This was a great article and these comments/reviews are all very helpful as I’m currently doing my research to decide which subscription is best for me. I’m very excited to try one for myself.

  • Clint H

    I have been at Zamplebox for 3 months now and getting 10 bottles, house juices a plenty and actually enjoying a couple in a box. They have promised a better way to fine tune the flavors to your liking, It keeps getting pushed back. I am still with them at the moment. This month however I am trying craft vapery also, and of course my usual monthly juices from proven venders I use. I am Killing my visa this month, but is the grass greener somewhere else? I will let you know. Thank you for the article It was very helpful “Pray for my soul” LOL

  • Tim S.

    I just got my first shipment from Craft Vapery and couldn’t be happier. I like all six flavors they sent. They included a hand written personalized note and a little bag of skittles. Who does stuff like that anymore? Delivery took three days. I give them top marks and look forward to next month!

  • Clint H

    I like I said in the post before joined craft vapery to compare side by side with zamplebox. Everyone says they get a hand written note and a candy treat. I got none of that, Just the 8 juices and the coils I added for about $90.00. I have to admit the three juices I have tried have been awesome, However In all the reviews etc said the extra attention to detail they got above and beyond was a pleasure, So in that part it was seriously lacking. But if you don’t care about that crap they will stick close to your juice profile well.. Another loss was I got bottles below my nic level 2 of 8 but I did get 1 30 mil out of my 8 bottles. My minor pet peaves are just that. The comparison between zamplebox and craft vapery If you have the coin you hands down juices flavor rprofile It is Craft vapery all the way. I will pick up both boxes next month for a comparison again, although the outcome I can already guess..

    • JasonSC1

      Which is the Best? How did it work out? Its been 7 months Can you give an Update?

  • Clint H

    Ther Is no zapebox The link suggests you sign up at craft vapery

  • Kenny Bisset

    I was going to sign up for one of these monthly boxes but after hearing a lot of bad things about them ignoring flavour choices etc and going through them only to find I can’t get 3 mg nic. Why is it that all these boxes only do 0,6,12,18mg most people who drip use 3mg and I am also trying to get of nicotine give it a miss I think.

    • Lindsay

      ZampleBox now offers 3mg πŸ™‚

    • James Lawton

      I was using 18 but just 0 now.. The Nic level actually lessons the taste somewhat of the flavor u buy

  • andrea hailey

    Can i take the extra juices off your hands? Youd really be helping a sister out….im in the process of getting everyone in my family (10 of us) to stop smoking we go through a tramendous amoubt of juice right now (trial and error)…anywsy thought it was worth a shot my email is for listening

  • Clint H

    zamplebox Has upgraded their flavor profiles as of this month and so far been a serious upgrade, with some shipping issues at the start. I have them and craft vapery I am waiting on my first updated zamplebox to see how good the improvements are. But hearing from others It is great.

    • Robert Thomas

      Zamplebox Sucks!

  • Clint H

    Oh and by the way zamplebox has 0 .3 , 6, 12, and 18 miligrams nicotine

  • vapor riser

    3 Dollar Vape Club
    I find this company to be the most irritating web based company I have ever dealt with. As soon as I have figured out a way to get my juices cheap elsewhere I will not be ordering from them again. They blatantly ignore peoples questions and have the most irratatating website for navigating. Especially as you sign up for a account? It should be simple and not messy to just simply go into my account and order a different juice or change something. I cannot wait until somebody teams up with with a certain company in the UK that sells thousands of varieties of juice for 1Pound Sterling each and starts doing $1 juices. Who do they think they are to take peoples money and send them 2 mystery juices that are not relevant to what they obviously like?. (I think they need to learn about market reseach. Individual likes etc. Simple computer programs).Im sure they will find that people are very capable of choosing their own. They pretend they are doing us a favour of opening us up to the idea of juices we may not have tried. We are paying them for a service and that should not include THEM guessing what your customer MIGHT like. Their lack of juices and no real reviews or description is a joke as well. As soon as someone can get juice to the masses easier and quicker, I hope they will be finished. So, enjoy your first little business venture failure while it lasts.

  • Stay away from JuiceCrate. I signed up over 2 weeks ago and they haven’t sent me anything. Won’t answer emails or tweets.

  • JasonSC1

    You never Updated? Its been 7 months. How did it work out?

  • Devin Hart

    vapesgonewild has great price i just started ordering from them its 12 dollars or a 30 ml or 16 or a 4 pack sampler of 10ml bottles and they hacve from o to 24 or 32 mg nicotine they are great

  • Pam Elrod

    ZampleBox is terrible.
    My husband and I were on the phone with them back and forth for a week, then we waited another week for it to be delivered (again), then they finally said “Oh, well we [Zamplebox] had given UPS the wrong address.”
    They’re sending a new box, that it’s been a month since we were supposed to receive it.

    • Robert Thomas

      I concur. Zamplebox SUCK!

  • Anna Marie Boley

    I’ve been with Zamplebox for over a year. At first they were great but about the time they started offering choose your own flavors (how many depends on how long you have been a subscriber) shipping time slowed way down. The site tracker will show it arrived but the tracking number will show error so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t even shipped yet. Last month they didn’t have 1 bottle in stock (I can choose all of mine now) so I was like ok but this month they changed FIVE, said they were out of stock. I always choose my next box immediately so I doubt that. It’s getting impossible to find 15mls in the choices, they are stocking mostly 30ml and making you pay $3 extra each! Rip off

  • Tim Foote

    Used to use Zamplebox. I liked them okay. Always got excited getting new flavors. but alas it ended up being too expensive. we would get the 11 bottle sub, and always had 2 or 3 of those be…you could tell…..the most generic terrible tasting ejuice. (limp discolored plastic bottles) looked, felt, and tasted cheap. So we stumbled across Humble Ejuice. They have buy 1 get one free bottles up to 180Ml. So wife and I can get 4 120ml bottles for what we paid for zamplebox. flavors so far are fantastic! So we go about 3 months on 4 120ml bottles….for the price of 1 zamplebox… Makes more sense to us to do that.