Vote For The Coolest E-Cig Mods of 2014

By John Madden Posted March 14, 2014

After spending a few months of heavy e-cig-related research, I figured it was time to take a break and let you guys do something fun. Our 10 Coolest Mods of 2013 article was a start, but it didn’t really give those in the community a chance to vote for their favorite looking personal vaporizers. This time around we decided to let you guys help decide what mods are the “coolest”. These are not necessarily the best e-cig mods, just the craziest, coolest, and most outlandish looking mods on the planet. So have at it folks. To get you started, I’ve added some of the weirdest and most extravagant variable voltage and mechanical mods I could think of. Remember, we are voting based purely on visual appearance, not performance. Voting has been extended until we reach 1,000 total votes!


Coolest Mods for 2014

  • Jeremy Spradlin

    There should really be images of each mod. I bet a lot of people won’t bother voting, like myself, because we’re not going to take the time to look up each one.

    • Pics have been added, as well as the write-ins.

  • Namaskar

    Can you add the GLV to the list?

  • Vincent Ybarra

    Steampunk Mod is by vent69. ..

  • Guest

    Can a photo replace the graphic of the GLV2? This gives a much better view of an outstanding customizable mod.
    If so, I own this one and give permission for it’s use.

  • JoeSchmo

    Loads missing, people will only vote for the ones that are there. Plus if I was voting for the nemesis or a go mod I think the brass versions are cooler. Definitely polished rather than matt for the nemesis.

  • Crimzon

    So when’s the review going to be up?

  • ElijahStoneQ

    My favorite is the Dragon Koi by J2P mods. I think it’s the best looking mod, pictures really don’t do it justice.