The 2014 Vote For the Best Overall Mechanical Mods

Best Mods for 2014

2013 saw the proliferation of the mechanical mod in the electronic cigarette realm. From the Caravela to the Poldiac to the Nemesis, the popularity of mechs over traditional regulated mods skyrocketed. Today, while a new mechanical mod is released almost daily, several heavy hitters have already been cloned by Chinese manufacturers and distributed to the masses. But that doesn't take away anything from the originals, many of which use precious metals to stand out from the crowd. 2014 has been touted by many as the year of the 26650 mechanical mod, and we've already seen quite few popping up across social media.

These are mods that combine the best of aesthetic appeal with performance, functionality, and durability. Clones aside, we want to know what your favorite mods to use are. Your votes will help us compile the top 14 mechanical mods for 2014. To get you started, we've compiled a list of some of our favorites as well as other popular devices. So take a minute and vote for 1-5 of these that you either prefer to use the most or are dying to add to your collection.

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