Vote for Best Mechanical Mods for 2015

Best mech mods 2015

[Update: The results for this poll have been published, but we'll leave the poll open and you can continue to vote if you want to! Here are the best mechanical mods.]

The proliferation of high-power regulated mods may have taken some of the attention away from mechanical mods, but the stripped-down, hard-hitting devices still have some staunch supporters. Mechanical mods may not have the multitude of features you’ll find on modern regulated devices, but when you want an exquisitely-crafted device that will fire any coil you throw on it, mech mods still hold a certain appeal. But which are the best mechanical mods for 2015? What’s your go-to mech, and which one would you recommend to an interested vaper?

We’ll be putting together a list of the best mechanical mods for 2015, and we’re looking for your input to make the final list as good as it can be. We’ve compiled a preliminary list of the best mechanical mods for 2015 below, and your votes will determine which ones make it into the final post. We’ve stuck to authentic devices, but if you think a clone deserves some love – or any other device not on the list – you can add it using the “Other” field.

Finally, we know that choosing just one might be difficult, so you get up to three votes in total. So, without further ado, it’s time to get voting!

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