Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review

Virgin Vapor Juices
Bottom Line
If you’re looking for well-thought out aromas that are quality made and locally produced, then look no further. Virgin Vapor has two running juice lines but I recommend you go with Absolute for that purely organic flavoring and feel. They are a bit pricier but in my opinion, they are well worth it.
Throat Hit
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Spot-on flavors
USP grade nicotine
Organic flavorings
No alcohol
No artificial junk
On-site chemist
100% USA
Slightly pricey – depending on the line you choose
Some juices have slightly overwhelming aromas – but just barely
Web-shop seems to be regularly going out of stuff – but at least you know they’re good!
Virgin Vapor

Are they worth buying?

Virgin Vapor is a quality manufacturer of e-liquids. The ones I’ve tried were really spot-on and I would recommend them to all vapers looking for a good, quality juice. They might be a bit pricier but they are well worth it, especially if you’re opting for anything from the Absolute line.

Full review

I’m excited to let you know I’ve been testing out Virgin Vapor products, specifically three juices – Romancing the Strawberry, Razzmatazz, and Death by Chocolate – from their Absolute line. Are these organic, naturally extracted flavors and aromas worth the price? Check out the Virgin Vapor e-liquid review and find out!

Packaging and Design

Virgin Vapor e-liquids come in glass bottles with drippers, an unremarkable and pretty much usual setup for e-liquids today. Even though some manufacturers are using plastic bottles today I’m glad that Virgin Vapor decided to stick with good, old glass. It might be a bit more expensive but I just dislike plastic and I don’t believe that anything you ingest should be kept in it.

Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review

The package in which the juices came was tightly wrapped and protected with an air-filled, protective bubble wrap. The bottles weren’t touching and there was no risk of breakage as far as I can tell.

I can’t really be the judge of design. From the online pictures it looks decent enough. Each juice has a thematic picture and logo on it. Unfortunately, I got tester bottles (10ml – 1/3 ounce) and those were stripped of embellishing touches. However, all necessary information was still on them so that is a plus.

Sizes and Prices

The standard Virgin Vapor sizes are 15 ml and 30 ml – or to put it in more understandable terms ½ ounce and 1 ounce. Some juices in the Virgin line are available in tester bottle sizes that measure 10 ml or 1/3 ounce. I didn’t notice that you can order Absolute line juices in 1/3 ounce bottles but since those were the ones I got for testing it is probably safe to assume that they are occasionally available.

As for the prices; the Absolute line is slightly more expensive. ½ ounce and 1 ounce bottles cost $13.50 and $22.50 respectively. Virgin line is slightly more affordable and prices go from $9.60 to $19.99.

Nicotine and VG/PG Ratio

For most Virgin Vapor e-liquids you will be given a nicotine strength choice. From 0 mg to 18 mg, there is something here that will appeal to all kinds of vapers. I opted for 3 mg nicotine liquids because I’m not really big on nicotine and I believe it takes away from the flavor.

Absolute line e-liquids are almost exclusively sold in a 100% VG base.  These are slightly thinned with distilled water but this doesn’t hurt the vaping experience at all.

The Virgin line can be ordered in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio as well – at least some of the liquids. Keep in mind that a slight percentage of a population is allergic to PG so choose your liquid carefully!

Absolut VS Virgin Line

The difference is in the seasoning – or flavoring in this case. The flavors for the Virgin Vapor line are extracted using ethyl alcohol, an ingredient some people find bothersome and noticeable during vaping. I personally don’t but there you have it.

In any case, Absolute is the more organic of the two lines. The flavorings here are extracted using a patented process that doesn’t require alcohol.

Judging the Juices

It’s time to tell you a bit more about the juices themselves. As I mentioned, I tested Romancing the Strawberry, Death by Chocolate, and Razzmatazz – all from the Absolute line and hence all 100 VG juices. I vaped all of them using the Innokin Cortex with the iSub S tank.

Virgin Vapor E-Juice Flavors

Razzmatazz – 4/5

This one was a bit of a puzzle upon the casual smell-the-bottle inspection. I couldn’t really pinpoint the flavor even though I was well aware that it was raspberry. Overpoweringly sweet, it really assaults the nostril right from the moment you remove the cap.

However, once you start vaping it you realize that the sweetness is actually pleasing and welcome. It has a refreshing fruity note to it that lingers in the throat and on the tongue but it’s not intolerable like many other fruity juices I try out. I’m not a huge fan you see but Razzmatazz really took me by surprise and I have to say I loved it.

It gives off excellent dense clouds and the aroma lingers ever so slightly in the room afterward. For me, it’s not an all-day vape but is something that can be enjoyed every once in a while.

Romancing the Strawberry – 4.5/5

This one I liked as soon as I opened the bottle – which is really saying something since I’m really not a big fan of strawberry.

It had just the right amount of sweetness and fruitiness that came to full expression as soon as you would draw a puff. Afterward, the cream would take over and the back of my throat felt engulfed in whipped, strawberry-scented cream. This one also left a pretty good aftertaste in the mouth and the entire room smelled like strawberry for hours.

This is a bit strange because the flavor is not so intensive on the inhale. It truly is properly named – this juice courts and romances the strawberry as a delicate little fruit it is.

Death by Chocolate – 4.5/5

Ah, the best all day vape out of the three! Death by Chocolate is unimpressive at a glance. The aroma is subdued and hard to sense if you merely smell it. Even vaping it seems completely boring at first.

But once your taste buds get accustomed to the delicacy of the flavor it’s really something. This is possibly the best chocolate aroma I’ve ever tried. It’s not too pushy and might be a little too unassertive but this is more preferable to me. The taste lingers for a time on your buds and really hits a chord – I’d definitely recommend it to all chocolate lovers out there. It has a dark chocolate sense to it: heavier and more cocoa-y.

One little remark though: Death by Chocolate doesn’t really leave the room smelling like chocolate. It’s completely undefined – but then again, the after-smell of all chocolate aromas I’ve tried is undefined so I’m not holding this against them.