VaporFi Edge Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted October 3, 2015

The edge is quite edgy indeed. Experiencing this hybrid sub ohm device was quite the treat. It combines the sensibilities of a sub ohm mod setup inserted into a vape pen; it’s as good as it sounds!

Edge Starter Kit review

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  • Innovative device that features a huge 7 ml tank and capabilities up to 100 W.
  • Incredible power level for a device of this design.
  • Handy design offers the comfort and lightweight feel of a sleek vape pen.
  • Extremely simple to use, fill, and maintain.
  • The easiest sub ohm device out there; no building or complicated configuring involved!
  • Engineered to produce absolutely massive sub ohm clouds with minimal effort!
  • Highest quality construction for supreme durability and handling.
  • Excellent control features for adjusting airflow and atomizer.


  • Price on the Edge kit is higher than similar products ($69.99 for the kit).
  • Glass on the Edge tank is delicate, be sure not to drop this tank!
  • Hands-off approach may not resonate with all DIY/ building enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

The Edge is an innovative option for those who want sub ohm cloud production in a very simple package. VaporFi don’t sacrifice style or quality; you get a wide array of top-of-the-line features. High power, 100W maximum, and advanced engineering that dissipates heat effectively for an entirely satisfying vape.

VaporFi Edge Mod Review

VaporFi Edge starter kit review


The VaporFi Edge promises a sub-ohm capable device that still maintains the simplicity of entry-level setups, boasting an in-built 1800 mAh capacity battery and offering up to 100 W of power for some serious clouds. The Edge starter kit also comes with a 7 ml capacity sub-ohm tank, a couple of coils and a charger, but at $69, is it worth the investment? Our VaporFi Edge review puts the device to the test to find out.


What You Get


The VaporFi Edge Starter Kit includes the Edge sub ohm 1800 mAh device, the Edge sub ohm tank with 0.5 ohm atomizer, drip tip adapter, replacement tank glass, extra 0.2 ohm atomizer, USB charger, and wall charger. While the price tag of $69 seems a bit steep for a simple sub ohm setup, this includes the tank, 2 different coils, etc, making it a really nice, fully-equipped package.


I can’t say enough positive things about this device because it really is superior to so many other items out there. Getting a ready-to-use sub ohm device, that requires no building, electrical knowledge or configuring is a major steal when it performs this well. Firing up to 100 W, which is a hefty amount of power capability, the clouds are even better than I’ve seen with a lot of dripping setups. For the real hardcore builders/ DIY-ers, this probably won’t be the most satisfying device, otherwise, for the less hardcore among us, it rocks.


Design and Compatibility


Design-wise, this is a no-holds-barred kind of machine. It is sleek yet still rather sizable. Available in black or stainless steel, it looks rather sharp indeed. The giant 7 ml tank is perfect for those who go heavy on usage and are after big, big clouds. When designing this innovative mod, VaporFi really went all out and put a lot of thought into just about everything.


VaporFi Edge Sub-Ohm Tank


Simplicity was seriously accounted for; many people want a high level of performance without having to take up a hobby to get it. They executed a device that delivers on a lot of power, up to 100 W with a 1800 mAh battery, and design features such as the wide bore drip tip that serves to dissipate air for optimal vapor production. Other notable features include the advanced airflow control system, advanced cooling system, the juice-flow-control system, and the option to rig it for temperature control, if that’s your thing. I am certainly impressed by the level of attention they applied to the design of this device, and the performance verifies just how well made it is!


Battery Life and Vapor Production


Battery life and vapor production are nothing to complain about with the VaporFi Edge. Both were designed for heavy usage, and both were done exceptionally well. Battery life goes a full day or so, and charging doesn’t take excessively long. Score! The 1800 mAh is the perfect size and capacity to handle a device of this size and capability. In fact, for the size and volume of the clouds it produces, it’s rather amazing that this kind of performance is capable without some mega 18650 battery.


In Use


In usage, the VaporFi Edge is basically a dream. I mean- come on! Sub ohm clouds from a simple pen-style device. Charge it, fill it, boom. It takes basically no effort and you’ve got this badass little monster pen with a mega sized 7 ml tank that gives one hell of an experience. It is not heavy, feels great when holding it, and does exactly what the company says it will. It handles extensive use perfectly, produces great clouds, and the flavor is totally on point.


Manufacturing Quality

VaporFi Sub-Ohm Tank Parts

VaporFi’s quality, across all of their many products and especially their liquids, is at the top of the industry. They manufacture under the strictest conditions, and put so much effort into the quality, and this really does come through with their products. They’re really well built, sturdy, and known to go the distance. Judging the whole brand from just the VaporFi Edge, they are on fire! This device is exceptional, from the amount of attention applied to the details, to the level it performs at.


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  The Edge bridges the gap between beginner-level setups and higher-end, sub-ohm capable mods and temperature control devices, offering something that blends the simplicity beginners love with the performance enthusiasts are looking for. The major downside is the price, which is notably more expensive than for similar devices, but for a high-quality mod with a solid warranty and US-based customer service, many will be happy to pay a little more. One thing goes without saying, though, the performance from the VaporFi Edge is epic.

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    1. Spaethon

      Great device, quite pricey though. Atomizers discontinued. Solution here

      If anyone out there has the Edge and heard the ridiculous news that Vaporfi stopped carrying atomizers for the tank, I have a solution:
      You can disassemble an atomizer and replace the old cotton filter with new cotton using a thin strip of medical gauze. I just gave this a shot and it works perfectly. I must say first that the coil is very fragile and bends super easily. I bent mine a bit while trying this out and I had to work the tweezers a while to re-straighten the coil. Okay, so this is what you need: Johnson & Johnson brand "Nu Gauze" 2 in x 2 in - 4ply. I got mine out of a first aid kit I keep in the car. You will also need a pair of tweezers and some vinegar (or acidic solution to help clean the coil).
      1. Take the atomizer, turn it upside down, carefully pull the small metal piece off of the atomizer (the small metal part located on the opposite end of the screen). Next, using tweezers, carefully pull the off-white rubber seal off of the atomizer. Warning, you will see a thin metal wire connected to the rubber part Just slowly work the rubber part off the atomizer while making sure the thin wire remains straight. Shine a light into the hole of the atomizer. You should notice 2 thin wires. These are connected to the coil.
      2. Remove the round metal screen with the tweezers. Be careful not to warp the screen. Nice and easy.
      3. This next step requires plenty of patience, as you don't want to damage the coil. You will remove the cotton filter and coil now. Using tweezers, pinch the cotton below the screen's former location. Pinch and pull just a little bit. When you notice the cotton pulling upwards slightly, stop and repeat by pinching the cotton filter on the other side and pulling up slightly. You will want to little-by-little work the cotton filter out of the atomizer.
      4. With the cotton filter out, you can see the coil wrapped inside the cotton. Slowly and carefully unwrap the cotton. Once you have the coil exposed, leave the coil attached to the cotton! Leave the strip of cotton and coil on a flat surface. Closely examine the coil. Does it appear broken anywhere? If it is still intact, you're good to continue. Does the coil have residue or black gunk on it? You may want to place the coil (still attached to the used cotton strip) into a small cup of vinegar for a few hours before continuing.
      5. Next, take out your "Nu Gauze" 2 in x 2 in - 4ply cotton square. Find the side of the gauze square where the fold is located (you may want to unfold the gauze ONCE to find the fold. When you cut a strip from the gauze, you will begin cutting at the fold. This way the layers of the gauze will stay together.) Either by 'eyeballing' or by laying the gauze next to the used cotton filter, Take a pair of scissors and cut a strip from the gauze that is as close in size to the used cotton filter as possible.
      6. Once your gauze strip is cut, carefully handle the used cotton strip and view how the coil is connected to the cotton strip. Now remove the coil and place onto your new cotton strip. BE CAREFUL! These coils bend super easily.
      7. Next, roll the cotton filter around the coil. Be sure that the space inside the coil forms a hole all the way through. The new cotton filter should not block the "tunnel" through the coil.
      Place the coil and filter back into the atomizer housing, with the 2 metal wires pointing toward the bottom of the atomizer (not toward the metal screen side). Slowly work it into the atomizer and make sure the cotton doesn't block the hole located through the center of the coil. Only insert the coil about 1/8 inch into the atomizer.
      8. Next, take the metal screen and snap back into the atomizer.
      9. Turn the atomizer around. You will see the 2 metal wires; one shorter than the other. If they seem to be the same length, that's okay. Time to replace the white rubber seal. When you replace the white rubber seal back onto the atomizer, 1 wire needs to be between the rubber seal and the atomizer housing. It doesn't need to be set in an otherwise specific spot. The metal wire just needs to make contact with the metal. The other wire needs to stick through the white rubber seal's center.
      10. Time to replace the small metal end. When you press it back onto the atomizer, make sure the small wire is set between the metal end and the white rubber seal. It needs to make contact with the rubber end.
      11. Once you have the metal end replaced, you're done! Prime the atomizer with your liquid, replace into the Edge tank, and give it a shot! If it doesn't fire up, the metal wires aren't making contact where they should. If you check and they are, it's possible the coil may have broken.
      It may sound like a complicated process but it really isn't. I came up with this whole method without any directions or guidance. Believe me, I looked online and when I came up empty-handed, I took my atomizer apart and figured out what to do. My first attempt didn't work. I cut 2 strips of gauze, which turned out to be too much. My 2nd attempt, I tried with 1 strip and it works great. I hope this helps someone, especially if you're in a bind and can't afford a new tank/kit at the moment and need to stretch the life of your used atomizers to get by. Let me know if this works for you. It works great for mine.