Vapor Couture: E-Cigarette Designed For Women

By Lindsay Fox Posted October 27, 2012

Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes


Female users of electronic cigarettes have a wonderful new option called Vapor Couture. Manufactured by VMR Products, the same company that makes V2 Cigs, this particular line is especially designed with the needs of discerning women smokers in mind.


Vapor Couture is a product that ladies are sure to love because it has many attractive features that include:


  • Exceptional Good Looks: Ladies just love to be seen with these e-cigs because of their super slim design. These electronic cigarettes also come with jewel-tipped rechargeable batteries in beautiful colors. You can choose from brushed platinum, rose gold, deep purple or white batteries, each of which comes with a matching crystal on the end along with a LED light. Fashion conscious women will love to be seen with one of these e-cigarettes in their hand. Rumor has it that many celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton have been spotted using Vapor Couture.


  • Delicious Flavors: Vapor Couture cartridges come in four exceptional flavors that are perfectly suited for every preference. Rodeo Drive is a very popular flavor for smokers who enjoy American tobacco. Bombshell has an exotic taste that is best for people who love Turkish tobacco or even European cigarettes. Fresh Mint and Passion Fruit are two other great options. The manufacturer will also be introducing two additional flavors, Cool Mint and Strawberry Champagne.
  • Varying Intensities: Vapor Couture cartridges come in four different levels of intensity. They are Full 18, Med 12, Light 6, and Zero. Ladies can choose the right concentration of nicotine depending on their needs.


  • Gorgeous Accessories: Vapor Couture offers a line of lovely accessories that are a must-have for stylish female smokers. The company sells bracelets, charms and even an absolutely stunning clutch to use along with its electronic cigarettes. The clutch in particular is a fabulous one. It comes in Black, Bronze or Brown etched leatherette fabric with corresponding hardware. The woven bracelet is extremely stylish in Dark Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Pink and Black.


Ladies who smoke cigarettes regularly will love to make the change to e-cigarettes because the latter option is safer and less expensive. These e-cigarettes provide them with sufficient nicotine to prevent any feelings of discomfort. This is a really healthy option since the ‘smoker’ does not inhale any cigarette smoke. In addition, you won’t have to worry about having smoker’s breath since there is no tobacco used in e-cigarettes. It is no surprise that stylish lady smokers are switching to Vapor Couture in large numbers.


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