V2 Cigs Vs. Green Smoke

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 21, 2013

V2 Cigs Vs. Green Smoke

Green Smoke and V2 Cigs are arguably the two leading e-cigarette manufacturers on the market today, and many people struggle to decide which one they should go for. The decision really comes down to personal choice, because either way you’re going to get a high-quality e-cigarette with plenty of vapor, a diverse flavor profile and ample battery life. In short, you won’t be disappointed either way, but as you may prefer Coke to Pepsi and chocolate to strawberry ice cream, there are some key differences between V2 and Green Smoke that can help you make a decision.




Prices do fluctuate with time, but generally speaking it will be cheaper to go with V2 Cigs if you want to minimize your costs. The cheapest starter kit for V2 (discounting their bare-bones “Express Kit”) is just under $50 and for Green Smoke the equivalent is around $60 (all prices at time of writing – January 2013). You get twice as many cartridges with V2, but with Green Smoke you also get a USB e-cigarette to use when your battery is charging. Cartomizers are cheaper with V2 ($10 for a five-pack at time of writing, and even cheaper if you use a V2 coupon code), but the Green Smoke ones (just over $17 for a five-pack, or less with a Green Smoke coupon) give you around 50 percent more puffs per cartridge. You’ll save more on packs of cartridges if you buy a lot of them, but V2 Cigs are still marginally cheaper, even if you take the additional puffs into account.


Nicotine Levels


If you smoke more than 20 a day and you’re thinking of moving to vaping, it’s important to note that Green Smoke offer an additional nicotine level. Whilst the strongest option available through V2 Cigs is 18mg, Green Smoke offers a 24mg cartridge. Realistically, you could probably use an 18mg cartridge easily, but that means you’ll drain your battery much more quickly to get the nicotine you need.


Vapor Production


Another important aspect of the e-cigarette is the amount of vapor it produces. It’s central to the smoking experience, so the more vapor the better. As mentioned in the introduction, both brands perform very well on this front, but V2 Cigs does have the edge. It’s only marginal, but if the amount of vapor is important you should definitely choose V2.


Cigarette-Like Appearance


V2 make some cool e-cigarettes, but Green Smoke’s definitely have the edge when it comes to looking like a cigarette. It has a paper-white color with faux-rings around the battery, and the nicotine-flavored cartridges have a speckled effect on the butt, just like you’d expect with the real thing. V2’s options generally look like they've been plucked out of a sci-fi film, whereas Green Smoke’s are more like tobacco cigarettes.


Manual Battery


Unlike Green Smoke, V2 Cigs have manual batteries available, which helps you control the level of vapor you get even more closely. Instead of the battery just being activated when you inhale, you press a button on the side to activate the battery and then inhale the vapor. This seems like a laborious, un-cigarette like way to do things, but many vapers prefer it because it gives you a more precise way to control how much you’ll inhale. To get the most out of an automatic you have to prime it with a couple of short puffs, for a manual, you just hold the button down a couple of seconds before you start vaping.




Both Green Smoke and V2 Cigs make great products, but for us V2 just has the edge. It might not be the same for you, though, so think about the points raised above and what is important to you. Generally speaking, if you’re a really heavy smoker and it’s important for your e-cig to really look like the tobacco variety, Green Smoke might be the better way to go. Otherwise, V2 should definitely be your first port of call – it’s cheaper, you get thicker vapor and it will more than satisfy your nicotine cravings.


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Disclaimer: You must be of Legal Smoking Age to buy and/or use V2 Cigs products.


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