Top 10 E Cigarette Cartridge Flavors You Don’t Want to Miss!

One of the biggest advantages of electronic cigarettes is how easy it is to switch between different cartridge flavors. For smokers, tobacco and menthol are essentially the only options, but vapers have a cornucopia of flavors available, ranging from coffee and chocolate through to more exotic tastes such as mango and grape. In addition to reducing the vast cocktail of dangerous chemicals in tobacco down to a handful of safe ones, e-cigarettes give you the potential to explore an entire world of flavors or even blend your own. If you’re looking for a mouth-watering and unique vaping experience, here are ten stand-out cartridge flavors to test!


Tobacco Gold by Green Smoke10: Tobacco

Any list of e-cigarette flavors wouldn't be complete without mentioning tobacco. Every e-cigarette company has a tobacco option, but Green Smoke’s “Gold” blend is one to try. Tobacco is a deceptively difficult flavor to accurately capture (so you’re unlikely to find a cartridge that replicates it perfectly) but Tobacco Gold has a hint of butterscotch sweetness that makes it an exceptionally pleasant vape.


Coffee by Premium Vapes9: Coffee

The classic combination of coffee and cigarettes made this an inevitable flavor for e-cig cartridges. The majority of manufacturers have coffee cartridges, so you have plenty of options. Most do a pretty good job of replicating the full-bodied aroma, but Premium Vapes’ attempt sets itself apart from the crowd with subtle chocolate undertones.


Cola by V2 Cigs8: Cola

The soft drink has such immense popularity that even mentioning the brand name is redundant, and a few e-cig manufacturers have tried to capture the authentic taste. Finding rare flavors like cola is a lot easier if you use refills, because you can use any e-liquid in the blank cartridge. Don’t expect exact replication, but V2 Cigs’ version is a great attempt. It tastes exactly like gummy cola bottles, but the gentle flavor makes it a surprisingly enjoyable vape.


Vanilla Dreams by Green Smoke7: Vanilla

This is another flavor which you’ll find from most manufacturers, and is widely available as e-liquid. It’s well-executed across the board, and it translates perfectly to e-cigs. Vanilla is often used as a synonym for boring, but it’s far from it – it’s soft, smooth and excellent to vape. Green Smoke does a great vanilla, but you’re unlikely to be disappointed wherever you go.


Caramella by Vaping Vamps5:  Caramel

Caramel is a more unique e-cig flavor, with a silky sweetness that is perfect for a delicious vape. You can find plenty of e-liquid online and some manufacturers make cartridges, with Vaping Vamps (a fairly new women’s e-cig brand) having a stand-out version.


Chocolate by Green Smoke6: Chocolate

Nothing screams indulgence like a twirling cloud of chocolate-scented vapor emanating from your lips. Chocolate is a pretty common e-cig cartridge flavor, and another one where most manufacturers have realistic versions. You’ll usually get a distinct Hershey’s bar-aroma and some even have hints of coffee. Green Smoke does an astounding chocolate cartridge.



Pina Colada by Blu Cigs4: Pina Colada

E-cig cartridge flavors inspired by the classic cocktail have the characteristic taste you’d expect, but it’s easier to find in e-liquid than cartridges. The concoction of pineapple and coconut has endured as a drink for decades, and it makes for a delicious vape too. 777 Cigs and Blu Cigs have a great cartridge version of the flavor.


Grape by V2 Cigs3: Grape

The mouth-watering juiciness of grape makes it an excellent e-cigarette cartridge. The lightness of the flavor means that you aren't overwhelmed with syrupy sweetness, so you can expect a smooth vape. V2 has an exceptional grape blend.



Peach Passion by EverSmoke2: Peach

Another fruity flavor that you have to try is peach. It has a lot of the same positives as grape, because the fruit itself doesn't have an overwhelmingly sweet taste. With a good replication, peach is one of the most interesting and enjoyable flavors to vape. EverSmoke and Blu Cigs are well-known for their peach cartridges.


Cherry Crush by Blu Cigs1: Cherry

Cherries adorn the tops of desserts across the world thanks to their robust, saccharine flavor, and they also make for some mouth-watering e-cigarette flavors. It’s a more interesting option, but it’s another which is executed extremely well by most who attempt it. V2 Cigs and Blu Cigs both have especially impressive versions.


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