The Standard Vape Review

The standard e-juice reviw
Bottom Line
The Standard Vape has a great selection of flavors with some stand-out juices in the line-up. There are some minor irritations (like the lack of dripper tops), the price is a little high and you have to buy 30 ml bottles, but the brand does an excellent job overall.
Throat Hit
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US-made e-liquid, hand-mixed in a laboratory-grade facility
Ten unique flavors to choose from – including options such as rum and brown sugar, orange and cream, and marshmallow and kiwi
Well-produced flavors overall – every one we tested made for a great vape
Four nicotine levels, 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg/ml
Excellent design – not the most important thing, but the juices look awesome and come in glass bottles
Good throat hit and vapor production all-round
No 15 ml bottles available
Pretty expensive – the quality makes it worth it, but you can find cheaper options
PG/VG ratio not stated
No 24 mg/ml option for just-switching smokers
Bottles don’t come with dripper top
The Standard Vape

The Standard Vape was named out of a desire to set a new standard for e-liquid, and although it isn’t the best brand you’ll find, if this really was the standard level of quality vapers would be an even happier bunch than they already are.

Although we tried just under a third of the juices they have on offer, every single one was great. They are probably most famous for the marshmallow and kiwi Frankenvape and the crème brulee and citrus Cell Block Four, but based on the tested juices we can’t imagine any of the options from the Standard Vape being a disappointment.

If they added a dripper onto the cap, offered 15 ml bottles, re-instated the higher nicotine level for those who need it and decided to actually reveal their PG/VG ratio there would be almost nothing to criticize. The price might be a little high, but as long as you’re happy to pay an extra few dollars for some good juice, placing an order with the Standard Vape is well worth it.

The standard vape e-juice review

Going for the cheapest e-liquids saves you more money in comparison to smoking, but if your only goal is minimizing your expense you’ll undoubtedly miss out on some great flavors. E-liquid brands like the Standard Vape don’t produce the cheapest juices, but they scream class much more than the Mt. Baker Vapor-style affordable brands. The only problem is that the expense and pretense of higher quality isn’t always justified by the juice itself – being high-end is like a selling point in itself, and mixers don’t always deliver on their inherent promise. So, once you cut through the hype and the stylish appearance, are the Standard Vape’s liquids worth the investment?

The Standard Vape is made by Saveur Vape, a southern California-based company founded in early 2013 by Lonnie Bozeman. They promise hand-crafted flavors and only the highest quality, and all of their juice is made in a lab-grade facility. As well as the Standard Vape, the company also mixes Blueprint Vapor, Jackson Vapor Co. and Black Label e-liquids, and even has a selection of vaping-related clothes and cell phone covers available.

The Standard Vape has a selection of ten e-liquids available, ranging from the marshmallow and kiwi Frankenvape to the pineapple, coconut, mango and menthol G35 and right through to the brown sugar and rum Irie Nights. The e-liquids are available from several vendors (such as VaporDNA), and are ordinarily priced at $22 per 30 ml bottle. They’re a little on the expensive side, so we’ve put Dead Man’s Party, Irie Nights and Curious Jorge to the test to see if the extra cost is justified by the juice.

The Standard Vape Mixing Options

The PG/VG ratio from the Standard Vape isn’t common knowledge, and can’t be adjusted to suit your preferences. Vapers Junction lists them all as 50/50, but there is no official confirmation on Saveur Vape’s website. The mixture provides a decent but not overpowering throat hit, and offers satisfying, thick clouds, so although it’s uncertain, 50/50 seems accurate enough. If you’re sensitive to PG, this isn’t ideal, but for most vapers there won’t be a problem here.

There are four nicotine options available for the Standard Vape’s e-liquids, 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg/ml. This is a suitable selection of nicotine levels, but a 24 mg/ml option would have been useful for just-switching heavy smokers. This was once available from the Standard Vape (when it was for sale through VapeRev), but has since been discontinued. It’s not a big deal for most, but the option would still have been a bonus for a small subset of vapers.

Packaging and Design

Standard Vape E-juice flavors

The Standard Vape’s e-liquids come in some pretty cool glass bottles. They’re wide and cuboid, making for a stylish appearance that stands out from the cylindrical containers you get most e-liquids in. The only real problem with the packaging is a fairly big one: they don’t come with dripper tops, just a simple screw-on lid. This is rectified easily enough if you have a spare dripper, syringe or a squeezable bottle you can use, but the bottle’s opening is a little smaller than most. This means you can’t just replace the cap with an old dripper top you have lying around and leave it screwed on there – you have to take off the included cap, suck up some e-liquid and drip, then replace the original cap every time you need to fill up. There is no child-proofing either; although you shouldn’t rely on it this may be a concern for some.

Standard vape glass bottle

Design-wise, the Standard Vape really stands out. The width of the bottles allows for plenty of space on the front, and this is used for a unique image for each flavor. The Dead Man’s Party label is black with a sketch of a saloon scene occupied by skeletons, the Curious Jorge label is yellow with a thinking chimpanzee design on the front, and the Irie Nights label is a faint blue with a giraffe sketched off to the right with a thought bubble saying “Juice!” The visual effect of the labels for the three juices we tested and the others in the line-up is excellent overall – each one is a miniature work of art. The name of the juice is written on the thinner side of the bottle, along with the nicotine level shown prominently underneath. On the back, there’s a warning that “this bottle of goodness contains nicotine & should be kept away from children.” There are no ingredients listed, but the design is so good I can live without reading “PG, VG, nicotine and flavorings.”

The Standard Vape Flavors

The standard vape best flavors

Dead Man’s Party – Rating: 4/5

Dead man's party e-liquid review

Accuracy: Dead Man’s Party is intended as a blueberry and lemonade combination (how that led them to the name is anybody’s guess, unless corpses drink lemonade at parties…). Both elements of the juice are easily detectable, with the fairly subtle blueberry coming through on the inhale and the lemonade taking over on the exhale. The blueberry is well-rounded and complex, and the lemonade is surprisingly well-captured, tasting refined and authentic rather than overly sweet or sour. The two work well together, too, and although they seem to come to the forefront at different times, the flavors are always supporting one another throughout your draw.

Overall: This is a very enjoyable e-liquid overall; with the character of the blueberry layered on top of the pleasant backdrop of the lemonade. Generally, it comes across as a sweet but subtle flavor, putting the juice firmly into all-day-vape territory, especially for fans of slightly fruity e-liquids. The only real criticism is that the taste could be a little more robust, and at times it can feel as though the lemonade drowns out the blueberry, with only a faint thread of the flavor being detectable. However, this isn’t much of a criticism, because even if the juice was only lemonade it would still be an excellent offering, and even if the blueberry isn’t always in-your-face obvious it’s consistently adding something to the overall taste.

Curious Jorge – Rating: 4/5

Curious jorge e-liquid review

Accuracy: Described as “banana and banana,” complete with a chimpanzee on the label and a name based on the fictional children’s character Curious George, there is no doubt about what they’re shooting for here. You definitely pick up banana (and more banana) from this e-liquid, with the flavor overwhelming your tastebuds from the first puff. The strength of the flavor makes it come across as a little synthetic, but the replication is very good overall, capturing the essence of the fruit perfectly. If you can’t identify this as banana in a blind taste-test after a single puff, there is undoubtedly be something seriously wrong with your sense of taste.

Overall: Despite the lack of supporting flavors – for example, Funky Monkey from the Vapor Chef pairs banana with nuts and chocolate – Curious Jorge is a great e-liquid. The banana is powerful, and although it could be more realistic in taste, they’ve pulled out the core appeal of the flavor and dialed it up to 11. The result is a pretty sweet e-liquid, tasting like banana-flavored candy with a strong punch to it. It isn’t the most exciting e-liquid in the line-up, or the most interesting banana e-liquid you’ll find on the market, but you like banana e-liquids you’ll absolutely love it. It’s a no-nonsense juice, cutting straight to the core taste and pulling it off well.

Irie Nights – Rating: 4.5/5

Irie nights e-liquid review

Accuracy: Irie Nights is a combination of rum and brown sugar, with the name incorporating a Jamaican slang word roughly translating to “excellent,” “pleasing” or “cool.” The rum is the most notable element of the flavor, coming across like a slightly spiced, amber-toned rum like Morgan’s Spiced – without the full-bodied aroma of dark rum but more notable than white rum. It’s impressively replicated – genuinely evoking memories of the drink – but the addition of brown sugar makes it remind you a little more of the rum taste from rum and raisin ice cream. The sugar works perfectly with the rum, and in itself is also well-produced, imparting the expected sweetness but crafted with enough flair to make it identifiable as brown sugar rather than just a generic sweet undertone.

Overall: The choice of flavors here is excellent, a fairly unique combination for an e-liquid that blends together so well you wonder why you don’t see it from more mixers. Irie is a pretty apt (albeit vague) description, with the e-liquid boasting enough flavor to be enjoyable but not being too overpowering; it’s the sort of thing you can imagine peacefully vaping as you sit sipping cocktails at a sun-kissed beach bar. For me, this is another all-day-vape, and potentially the best of the tested three from the Standard Vape – the brown sugar imparts a soft sweetness and the well-captured rum flavor makes it something you want to keep going back to. Although I love rum, this is one you’ll probably enjoy even if the drink isn’t ordinarily your thing – it’s genuine enough to please rum aficionados but also retains a broader appeal as a sweet e-liquid with a unique tint to the taste.

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