Quit Smoking Memes – Because, Sometimes, You Just Need a Laugh

By Ivan Srsen Posted December 26, 2017

Quit Smoking Memes


The whole process of quitting smoking is pretty grueling and when you decide to finally do it, you need to stack the odds in your favor. You have to have your vape, your support circle, your patches, your carrot sticks…the list just goes on and on!


However, sometimes all you need is a good laugh to stop you from slipping up. That’s the point of these quit smoking memes I’ve collected here. I ran across them while researching how I could quit and saved the funniest ones. A recent clean-up of my bookmarks jogged my memory and I thought: ‘Hey, these could help someone who’s going through the same thing right now’.


Disclaimer – these won’t magically take away your cravings, but if they give you a chuckle, they’ve done their job. It’s an eclectic (and sporadically inspirational) collection: you have your quit smoking memes, funny smoking memes, and downright weird smoking memes. However, somewhere, at some point, some struggling almost ex-smokers decided to make them so let’s air them out a bit and show the world that smoking cessation is not all pain – there are some laughs there, too.


(These smoking memes are listed in no particular order, although the Oprah one had me in stitches for a couple of days.


You quit smoking Everybody gets a pack of marlboro's


Looks like I picked the wrong week, to quit smoking


Quit smoking they said, patches and gums work miracle, they said


4 Smoking doesn't kill people, people who are trying to quit smoking kill people


How do you want to smoke right now, I don't know what you mean, you gian, talking cigarette!


I have motivation to quit smoking and it's gone.


So you're telling me, you purposely breath in smoke


Oh, you've never smoked a cigarette in your life, please tell me more about quitting smoking.


I'm starting to think this is not going anywhere


Not sure if I hate everyone because I just quit smoking or if I just hate everyone



Y'all got ana more of that willpower


Quitters never win. False. Quitters win 10 more years on Earth


I don't know what to do with my hands




Says he quit smoking actually stopped buying hos own


This will be my last cigarette oh look, a cigarette


Hears you just quit smoking puts awat hiscigarette and us really supportive


One does not simply quit smoking and not want to kill


I heard you quit smo... Stop talking about cigarettes!


I'm trying you quit smoking what to give me a new oral fixation



Submit Your Stop Smoking Meme


There you have them – some weird smoking memes made it to this list, but I have a proposal for you. Submit your own entry (in the comment section) and I’ll make sure it gets added to the post. It can be original work or you can dig it out of the Internet abyss. Just make sure that it’s funny and/or inspirational and that’s that.


Challenge accepted?