Quartet by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 18, 2016

Black Note - Quartet E-Juice Review


Black Note is a tobacco specialist. While other mixers are focusing on the sweet and fruity flavors and throwing together a few so-so tobacco options almost as an afterthought, Black Note is spending six to eight weeks “cold macerating” top-quality tobaccos in PG and VG to extract the full-fledged, authentic flavor. For naturally extracted tobacco (NET) e-juice fans or smokers looking for the best tobacco replication you can find, Black Note is a godsend.


Their range of eight e-juices has been rapidly gaining popularity for a while now, and they’ve just hit the market with a brand new flavor: Quartet. It’s a Latakia blend, and a limited edition with a hefty $39 price-tag for a 30 ml bottle. Can the juice really be that good? Our Black Note Quartet review finds out.




Quartet is a Syrian Latakia tobacco, boasting a rich, intense, smoky-peppery flavor, with the tobacco being sun-cured, then cured with the smoke from Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs. The tobacco Black Note used for the extraction was aged for eight years: in other words, this is some seriously high-quality tobacco.


The smokiness is the dominant element in the flavor, coming through particularly strongly on the nose and remaining a key component throughout your draw. The peppery elements accompany the smoky notes nicely, adding a touch of complexity to the authentically smoke-like flavor. The taste is definitely intense, and while the numerous elements of the smoke-curing aren’t easy to pick out individually, the whole thing is underpinned with a glorious richness, touches of earthiness and numerous other notes poking through the mélange of flavors at different points in your draw.


Overall Rating: 5/5


This juice is wonderfully accurate, intriguingly complex and unashamedly robust. Many of Black Note’s juices have a soft, gentle flavor – like Adagio and Prelude, for example – that give them a broad appeal as well as capturing the best elements of the taste of tobacco, but Quartet is something different.


For anyone looking for the most authentic smoking-like flavor possible in an e-juice, I can’t see how you could find anything better. The smokiness is accentuated with multi-tonal complexity, producing a startlingly realistic tobacco e-liquid that doesn’t pull any punches. The robust nature of the flavor might not be to everyone’s tastes, admittedly, but even for someone like me who usually prefers the softer tobacco flavors, Quartet really is something special. It might cost you a little more than most of Black Note’s juices, but if you’ve been searching for the ultimate tobacco e-liquid, Quartet is an absolute must-try. Use the a Black Note coupon to get a discount on your order.


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