New Vaping Products Roundup – November 2015

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a great time to pick up new vaping gear – whether as gift for someone else or just a “to me, from me” treat – and the industry has responded with a solid selection of new devices and atomizers hitting the market in November. So this month's vaping product releases roundup is particularly well-stocked with awesome new gear! As well as the usual high-end box mods, RDAs and sub-ohm tanks, there are also a couple of beginner-friendly devices this month – ideal to pick up for a new vaper as a gift!


New Vape Mods and Devices


Innokin Endura T18

Endura T18 Kit


Innokin’s latest addition to the vaping market is the beginner-friendly Endura T18. The Endura is an eGo-style device, with a 1000 mAh battery and a top-fill, 2.5 ml Pyrex tank included.


The device doesn’t have VV/VW functionality, but paired with the 1.5 ohm coils that come with the tank it offers up to 14 W of power. The battery should last most vapers through a day of use at that power output, and it’s charged via micro-USB, with “passthrough” vape-while-charging functionality included. The color of the LED around the fire button also indicates your remaining battery life.


The Endura is very easy to use, with a single button for firing and switching on or off (with three quick presses) and simple filling for the tank – you just unscrew the top and fill it up with juice.


For beginners, the Endura looks like a great option, overall, and for just $27.95, it’s a pretty solid deal for a new vaper.


Smok X Cube Mini


Smoktech X Cube Mini 75 W


The X Cube II from Smok is an incredibly popular VV/VW and temperature control mod, but with the original packing up to 160 W, it was a little overpowered for many vapers’ needs. The reliance on two batteries also means it could have been a little more compact and portable. The new X Cube Mini from Smok offers the same core features in a smaller package, reducing the maximum power output of the device but rewarding vapers with a more easily portable footprint.


The X Cube Mini offers up to 75 W of power – still more than enough for most vapers’ needs – and runs on a single 18650 battery. This offers a slight reduction in size – losing around 10 mm of width and 10 mm of height compared to the X Cube II – and around a 20 % reduction in weight, but it still keeps most of the core features. The unique firing bar, Bluetooth connectivity, spring-loaded 510 connection and top-edge screen are all the same as on the original device.


The X Cube Mini also has the capability to offer temperature control with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils (with automatic recognition of the coil type), but if you want to use titanium or stainless steel you have to make an additional purchase. This is made through the app, which also allows fine control over settings (and the color the firing bar lights up).


The X Cube Mini costs $67.95, making it a pretty solid option for vapers on a budget.


Kanger SubVod


Kangertech Subvod release date


The SubVod is the newest device from Kanger, offering a sub-ohm capable eGo-style device for the ideal balance between simplicity and performance. The SubVod is built around a 1300 mAh battery, with a single button for firing and the expected safety features such as a 10 second cutoff and short circuit protection, making it a great option for beginners. You recharge it by micro-USB, and you can vape while you charge.


The SubVod comes in a kit with the SubTank Nano S tank, which has a 1.9 ml capacity, a Pyrex glass tank and an adjustable airflow slot. The tank comes with stainless steel organic cotton coils with a 0.5 ohm resistance, offering huge vapor production and excellent flavor, especially for a simple, beginner-friendly device. The tank may be a little small for some – at the high operating wattages you’ll get with the SubVod, it’ll run out fairly quickly – but for an entry-level kit it’s still a stand-out option.


The SubVod kit costs just $38.95.


Sigelei Fuchai 200 W


Sigelei Fuchai box mod


Sigelei has a history of putting out some top-quality box mods, and the new Fuchai 200 W looks like no exception. The device offers up to 200 W of power, temperature control with nickel and titanium coils, and supports coils down to 0.05 ohms in resistance. For the cloud chasers, the 200 W maximum will undoubtedly be a big draw for this device, but it has to be said that for many vapers – myself included – such a high wattage isn’t really necessary.


The device is fairly boxy in appearance, but has rounded edges and boasts an ergonomic design. The build quality looks great – as you’d expect from Sigelei – and the mod comes with all the expected safety features. Anyone using it will definitely need some high-drain 18650 batteries to power it, though, with the device taking two of them. It’s available in several colors and has an OLED display screen.


The Fuchai costs $67.95, making it actually cheaper than the 150 W TC.


Wismec Presa TC75W


Presa 75 W Mod


The Presa TC75W from Wismec builds on the success of the 40W model, maintaining the same unique design – complete with the curved, extended, squeezable fire button – while boosting the power output and capabilities of the device. As the name suggests, the new Presa offers up to 75 W of power and supports temperature control, which works with nickel or titanium coils and allows temperature limiting from 200 to 600 °F. It supports resistances down to 0.05 ohms in temperature control mode and 0.1 ohms in standard wattage mode.


The display screen has also been improved, with the now five-line OLED offering all of the key information about your setup, mode and remaining battery life at a glance. The mod also offers a spring-loaded 510 connector, upgradable firmware and all of the standard safety features. It runs on a single 18650 battery, which is accessed through a magnetic cover, and you can recharge with the included micro-USB port.


The Presa TC75W costs $59.99.


New Vaping Atomizers


VPRS Cloud Champ V2 Plus


VPRS Cloud Champ V2 Plus


The Cloud Champ V2 Plus from VPRS builds on the success of the Thundercloud and Cloud Champ RDAs to offer a new top-tier cloud-chasing atomizer. The V2 Plus has a split center post with a square PEEK insulator (for heat resistance and to minimize spinning when you build), and all of the posts have 2 mm diameter post holes so they’re well-suited to larger wire gauges.


The airflow system is also pretty unique, with three different styles to choose from – vertical, horizontal and plus-shaped – all of which use 7 by 2 mm slots, combining with the RDAs inner chamber so you have fine control over your airflow setup. The atomizer has a 22 mm diameter and a pretty cool look too.


The Cloud Champ V2 Plus costs $64.99.


UCT The Russian 3.0 RTA


UCT Russian 3.0 RTA


The Russian RTA is one of the most widely-loved RTAs in the world of vaping – it’s an absolute legend – and version 3.0 aims to bring it up to date. The new version of the Russian has top-filling, a five-way adjustable liquid control system (so you can completely close off the tank to access the coil or open it up to tweak the speed of your wicking), an adjustable 510 connection and improved internals so it can stand up to higher-power vaping.


It has a 5.5 ml capacity, with the tank being made from high-quality glass and the same ethos of high-end materials carrying over to the other components, with 316L stainless steel being used for the body, silver plating on the 510 connection and PEEK insulators for heat resistance. It also has a unique build deck, with your coils connected horizontally over dedicated airflow holes, which you can adjust individually with the rotary ring system on the tank.


The Russian 3.0 costs $89.99.


Sunone Tech SKing Mini Square Sub-Ohm Tank


Sunone Tech SKing Mini Square


The original SKing Square broke the cylindrical mold with an angular, squared tank, and the Mini version sees Sunone Tech improving on the basic formula and making it more compact. The SKing Mini Square has a 4.5 ml juice capacity, top-filling functionality, quad adjustable airflow and the unique square profile, with a 21 mm side length designed for box mods. The device is built from stainless steel and glass, and uses bottom controllable vertical coils, wicked with Japanese organic cotton and coming in either 0.2 or 0.5 ohms of resistance.


The sub ohm tank is currently priced at $24.99.


Surefire Vapor Heir RDA


Heir Guided Drip RDA


The Heir RDA from Surefire is a bottom airflow RDA, with two 3 by 7 mm slots feeding air directly up your coils from the bottom of the device. These work alongside the carefully designed top cap and wide bore PEEK drip tip to give you superior control over airflow, as well as creating a turbulence effect.


The deck features a split copper center post and deck-milled negative posts, each of which has 2 mm post holes and is tightened using hex screws. It also has a 7 mm deep juice well, with both the positioning of the well and the top cap being designed to guide juice down onto your wicks when you drip through the drip tip opening. The Heir has a 22 mm diameter, with stainless steel construction, a copper contact and bottom heat fins.


The device has a lot to offer drippers, but is priced at $59.99.


Aspire Triton 2


Triton 2 Clapton Coil


The Triton 2 from Aspire aims to build on the original model, with an improved top-filling system and a cleaner design thanks to an all-glass tank. It also supports 0.5 ohm Clapton coils, wicked with Japanese organic cotton and offering a larger surface area for improved vapor production and flavor (read more on Clapton Coils set-up on this guide)


The 22.5 mm diameter tank is made from stainless steel and high quality glass, but only has a 3 ml capacity, which keeps it looking reasonably trim but does fall short of the capacity of many of the other tanks on the market. The Triton 2 also features two 12 by 1 mm adjustable airflow slots and a 6 mm bore drip tip.


The tank costs $39.99.


Sector One Vapors Vicious Ant AX1 RDA


Sector One Vapors Vicious Ant AX1


This Philippine-made RDA is both compact and complex, with a 22 mm diameter but only measuring 14.5 mm from the base to the start of the drip tip. Inside this small chamber is a unique deck and airflow system, with the airflow being redirected three times prior to coming out of the drip tip, and able to be adjusted to suit single or dual-coil setups. The airflow system brings air in from the top of the device and then redirects it down to the base before sending it up and over your coils, aiming to provide a genuinely leak-resistant design.


The deck is designed specifically for coils with outside diameters of 3 mm or lower, and intended to be mounted with a bend in each coil lead. The coils are held in place with side tension, giving the deck a unique appearance, which is finished off with 4 mm juice wells positioned to work perfectly with the horizontally mounted coils. The materials are top-quality, too, with a 304 stainless steel body and a gold plated 510 connection.


It doesn’t come cheap though, priced at $119.99.


What Did We Miss?


We’ve tried – as always – to mention as many of the new products as we could, but with so many releases this month, we’re sure we’ve missed out on some. So if we’ve missed something important, let us know in the comments and we’ll update this post accordingly! If not, check back next month for some awesome new gear to pick up in the after-Christmas sales.