Mt. Baker Vapor Discontinues Almost 200 Flavors Due to Impending WA Regulations

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 23, 2015

mt baker vapor flavors

With harsh e-cig regulations in the pipeline in Washington state, Mt. Baker Vapor has opted to cull a large number of e-liquid flavors, in case each flavor will need to be individually certified for sale. This is a pre-emptive move, but with 190 flavors on the chopping block, it’s a firm reminder of the impact irrational legislation can have on vapers and the companies that supply us. At present, the Washington legislation plans to introduce a 95 percent tax on e-cigs, ban e-liquids with “characterizing flavors,” put unique labeling requirements in place and ban online sales. For the Washington-based Mt. Baker, the bill is understandably unwelcome.


HB 1645: Anti-Vaping Propaganda Working it’s Magic


The overall argument put forwards by HB 1645 is basically what you get if you throw every piece of anti-vaping propaganda into a blender, mix in a good dash of credulous stupidity and then present what comes out of the other end as well-established fact.


Within the document are claims that vaping is rising at an “alarming” rate among youth and adults, that there are carcinogenic compounds in e-cigarette vapor (of course, without any comparison to the amounts in cigarettes), that nicotine (rather than smoking) is as addictive as heroin, that there is “no scientific evidence” that e-cigs are an effective “long term” quit-smoking strategy, that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking, and you get the picture.


We’ve covered all of these arguments previously, and won’t needlessly rehash things we all know, but the tl;dr version is: current evidence indicates that e-cigarettes are vastly safer than cigarettes, almost all regular users (adult or youth) are current or ex-smokers, all detectable toxic components during ordinary use are in tiny quantities and they are indeed well-supported as a quitting strategy, although there has been insufficient time for “long term” quitting (or safety) studies to be conducted.


After laying out the “facts” as they see them, the bill proposes a massive 95 percent tax on e-cigarette products, pretty much doubling the cost of e-liquid and devices (and diminishing the financial benefits of switching for smokers in the process), banning all online sales to Washington vapers, imposing labeling requirements and banning all flavored e-liquid sales, aside from tobacco and menthol-based options. In a sentence: the proposal will crush the e-cigarette industry in Washington. It goes without saying that local vape stores, manufacturers and vapers are strongly opposed to the legislation, and they were out in force at last Monday’s public hearing. The bill is set to come into effect from the October 2015, if it goes through.


Mt. Baker Vapor’s Flavor Cull


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In the wake of these likely industry-crippling proposals, Mt. Baker’s choice to discontinue a large number of flavors seems like an under-reaction, if anything. If all “characterizing” flavors really are banned, despite their size and popularity, Mt. Baker Vapor is going to have a tough time, along with any other vendor or manufacturer based in Washington.


They’re cutting out 190 of their least popular flavors (full list here), which they frame as being in case flavors end up needing to be individually approved for sale. Even in that case, since Mt. Baker Vapor offers a bewildering array of flavors (too many, if anything), they’d still have quite the job on their hands getting the necessary approvals. If the bill goes through in it’s current form, this could just be the first step towards phasing out all blends that aren’t tobacco or menthol to fall in line with the law, so it could also be them preparing for the worst case scenario.


A Sign of Things to Come?


So – depending on whether the bill passes – Washington vapers are on the verge of having to pay twice as much for their e-liquid and losing the flavors that are central to the success of e-cigarettes for helping smokers quit. For Mt. Baker loving vapers, the legislative pressure may have cost them their favorite flavor, and for all vapers in the U.S. and around the world, the news is likely a depressing sign of things to come. If such irrational legislation becomes the norm – and it definitely seems to be heading that way – vapers could lose the products that helped them kick their combusted tobacco habits for good. Even worse, smokers yet to make the switch would be unable to get an e-liquid that doesn’t try (and generally fail) to evoke memories of some form of combusted tobacco or another.

  • Guitarslinger

    When I came off a 40+ year, 3-pack-a-day Marlboro habit and started vaping, I was certain all I would want to use would be tobacco-flavored e-liquid. It took me all of about a week to be dissuaded of that notion and now my extensive supply of e-liquids contains nothing with “tobacco” in its flavor profile.

    This article points out the unsavory legislative direction the country is heading with regard to this issue. Are the outright lies, propaganda and fabrication on the part of the hypocritical, Stiffly Stiffersons infuriating? Of course they are, but it’s important to keep this in mind:

    It’s too late for them to stop this steaming locomotive.

    The vaping business has grown out of a truly grass-roots movement. And this movement has as two of its overarching hallmarks a spirit of independence and a knack for ingenuity. With the legislative dog squeeze will undoubtedly come hard luck and trouble. It’s true that many will be deterred from knowing the pleasures of vaping and some will become fatigued and give it up. But still more will be reinvigorated by the fight.

    Comes to Mt. Baker (and the rest) prohibited from selling anything but “tobacco”-flavored e-liquid? Then it comes time to play on their name and branch out into the “bakery” supply business. Sell what they can in the e-liquid department and food-grade flavoring in the other. Want blueberry flavoring for your cheesecake recipe? We have it! Need coffee flavor to make that Tiramisu you’re working on. We have it! You get the idea.

    Worst case, the legislation will become oppressive to the point of driving us completely underground. If that were to happen, it will only stimulate the creativity in untold numbers of us in finding ways to do an end run against the mindless, power drunk bureaucrats.

    If e-liquid is banned outright, then we make our own. Unless the lunkheads can find a way to legislate away ingredients currently used by any number of “Susie Homemakers” to concoct their treasured recipes, they’re SOL. But we are not. And good luck with trying to outlaw wire and cotton. Just ain’t ever going to happen.

    Again, while it may be true that we have ahead of us a long row to hoe, we should take some solace in the understanding that we will ultimately prevail.

    Damn the torpedoes and Vape ’em if you got ’em.

    • Basher#52

      Seriously. I am actually a wholesale agent for Mt Baker Vapor, and will be losing my job due to these regulations, as the company will be moving to Arizona to avoid getting further penalized, and I cannot follow. Some fun facts I learned while working here-
      When I started, the Gov was currently leading the scare campaign against Propylene Glycol (PG), saying it was found in radiator fluid, anti freeze, etc. Know where else its found? Hospital air. PG is an anti-bacterial/detoxicant, and many hospitals pump it into the air in order to keep it a more sterile enviroment.
      I have not been able to substantiate these next claims, but more and more reports are surfacing of ex-smokers coughing up significantly more tar that was stored in their lungs from smoking cigarettes, after starting vaping. My guess? It would be the PG, which has the consistency of lighter fluid, which would make it much easier to get something like say, tar? out of lungs.

      Good luck trying to regulate Vegetable Glycerin, since it is essentially a slightly altered form of cooking vegetable oil.

      Now I am hearing “the children, the children, won’t someone please think of the children??”
      Are you kidding me? You mean the children, whose drop in smoking rates almost DIRECTLY matches their rise in youth vaping, to within a degree of 1.1%?!?! That is info provided by the CDC.
      I keep hearing that vaping is a gateway to cigarettes, nicotine addiction, and someone even had the gall to say that vaping will lead to heroine addiction. -_- Unfortunately stupidity can’t be cured. (That means you, Gov. Inslee) Nicotine is painful when you first start using it, and cigarettes are not nearly as cool as a vape. Bad as that sounds, its true. Why would kids intentionally vape nicotine when its just painful and their are zero nic options available? answer- they dont. Not one case of cigarette (or any other drug) addiction has been reported due to vaping since 2003, when vaping first hit big. As a side note, unlike the genetically altered nicotine found in cigarettes to be more addictive (thank you gov and cig companies) the nicotine found in e-juice is about as addictive as caffeine. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t make it through the day without a coke or coffee, that being said I’m not gonna rip someones head off because I can’t make it outside to hit my vape- I was never an ex-smoker, so I vape 0 nic of course, because anyone who actually thinks vape is a gateway to nicotine addiction is a moron. (Inslee)

      As a side note, the new thing the gov is saying that their is formaldehyde in vape- I do not personally have the capability to create a coil to withstand the temperatures needed to create formaldehyde. I have a 150 watt sigeli, and I have tried. My coil was at .5ohms. Know what happened? my coil melted in about 4 seconds of me firing. How could anyone breathe in air heated by molten metal? Its impossible for anyone who isn’t Chris Angel.

      Anyway, aside from my rant, their really is nothing to regulate as far as individual components go because their isn’t anything nasty about them. Flavoring seems to be the biggest culprit of unhealthiness in vaping, but as your previous comment mentioned, its flavoring that is used in the making of cakes, drinks, and whatever else, and has no vape-only correlations.