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Bottom Line
Mr. Good Vape is the ideal e-liquid manufacturer for anybody who can’t get enough of fruity and sweet vapes. Some may complain about the lack of tobacco flavors, but with so many deliciously sugary concoctions on offer, as long as you can get past that you’re destined to love these liquids.
Throat Hit
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12 flavors to choose from, including fruity and dessert options
Five nicotine levels available, from 0 mg to 24 mg/ml
Excellent flavors overall – care obviously goes into every recipe
Great throat hit overall, depending on PG/VG ratio
Higher-VG e-liquids available
Packaged in glass bottles with drippers
Good price – cheaper e-liquids can be found, but Mr. Good Vape is still very affordable
US-made e-liquid
No tobacco options – not an issue for most vapers, but just-switching smokers may miss the tobacco emulations
No choice over PG/VG ratio, you’re stuck with a specific blend for each flavor
A small flavor selection compared to some mixers
Mr. Good Vape

Mr. Good Vape is an e-liquid mixer for people with a veracious sweet tooth. The blends are perpetually impressive, with only a couple of disappointments out of the whole delicious bunch, and even those still aren’t bad. This is one of the rare e-liquid companies where you can pretty much rest assured that if you like the sound of the juice on paper, you’ll love the real thing; they’re continuously accurate and often just as appealing as they sound in the fanciful marketing descriptions. Definitely one to try!

Karma cream mr. good vape

Mr. Good Vape is the self-proclaimed “Godfather of Vaping” (although we secretly wish they’d gone with the “Vapefather”), sporting a stereotypical, Super Mario-like Italian mascot and a varied collection of e-liquids. The California-based company was first dreamt up by co-founders Gary Riddle and Chris Davis in 2010, but it didn’t become official until they started shipping their creations out to vapers in 2012. They’re dedicated to making high-end e-liquids for connoisseurs, and the focus is firmly on fruity and dessert vapes, with nothing on offer at the moment for tobacco e-liquid lovers. This might seem like a downside, but many vapers are inexorably drawn to the sweeter options anyway, and Mr. Good Vape has a reputation for doing them well.

There are 12 flavors in total from Mr. Good Vape, a fairly limited selection in comparison to some mixers but still enough if there aren’t too many duds in the bunch. They have fruity concoctions like Sunshine Daydream, Melon Head, Bahama Mama, Honey Baby and Dream-Sicle, dessert-style options such as Moon Sugar, Pistachio Man, Sundae Fundae, Heaven’s Candy and Dabble Dooyah, and two that sit somewhere inbetween, Karma Cream and Sweet Lovin’. We’ve put them all to the test for our Mr. Good Vape review to see if the mixer is truly the Godfather of Vaping.

Mr. Good Vape Mixing Options

mr. good vape pg vg

The range of flavors available from Mr. Good Vape come in a variety of PG/VG ratios, but this is set according to the specific flavor as opposed to being offered as a choice. This will be a little annoying to those who like to tailor their ratio to their preferences, but generally speaking they’re around 50/50 (the balance can tip in either direction, but does so more often towards the VG end). It’s understandable that they’d want to tailor the consistency and throat-hit according to the specific juice, but at the same time there are many mixers who provide at least some choice for each flavor. The throat-hit and vapor production are still satisfying across the board, though, so most vapers won’t have an issue with the choices.

They’re available in the standard five nicotine levels: 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg per ml. This is all you ask for from an e-liquid mixer; some offer a higher level, but most vapers and even just-switching smokers will be adequately served with this spread.

Packaging and Design

mr. good vape bottle sizes

Mr. Good Vape liquids are available in four sizes, 15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml and 120 ml, and all of them come in glass bottles with drippers. This is always a welcome touch; it adds an air of quality to a bottle of e-liquid immediately. The label gives you all of the expected information – nicotine level, flavor name, ingredients and a warning about keeping it away from kids and pets – as well as a “born on” date so you can keep track of any bottles in danger of going off. The design is eye-catching and friendly, with individual, bold colors for each flavor and the comedic mustachioed mascot blowing plumes of vapor of towards the name of the liquid. There’s also a little sticker tied around the neck of each bottle, which obviously doesn’t matter, but provides a bit of child-like fun regardless. Many e-liquids come in bland, functional bottles, but Mr. Good Vape has definitely gone the extra mile with theirs.

Mr. Good Vape Flavors

e-liquid flavors mr. good vape


Moon Sugar – Rating 4.5/5

(20 PG/80 VG)

Accuracy: This is a sugar cookie and bready butterscotch liquid, with Mr. Good Vape hoping to produce the “private stock you bust out on special occasions.” The butterscotch hits you immediately, riding gently on a wave of warm sweetness and all underpinned by the promised “bready” element. They’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with this one; the entire collection of flavors marries together beautifully to produce a brown-sugary, butterscotch cookie aroma.

Overall: It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular options from Mr. Good Vape. The combination is softly sweet – evoking memories of freshly-baked cookies without overloading the senses – which is the perfect combination for an all-day vape. The flavor choices might not seem particularly exciting (especially given some of the more unique mixtures on offer), but when it’s executed this well even something straightforward can produce a beautiful liquid. If you’re a lover of sweetness, it’s hard to see why you’d be disappointed with this!

Sundae Fundae – Rating 3.5/5

(60 PG/40 VG)

Accuracy: Sundae Fundae promises a lot. It’s supposed to be caramel candy, butter pecan, brown sugar, French vanilla, butterscotch, cookies and cream. In lieu of the ability to perform complex chemical analyses with my tastebuds, the main things I pick up are butterscotch, caramel and a hint of vanilla. Perhaps if I were a robotic chef with infallible senses I’d probably be able to pull the “cookies,” say, out of the mix, but as it stands it’s a little overly fanciful in the description. I’m sure it’s all there, but what you pick up is more of an amalgamated sweetness with the few dominant flavors rather than a medley of everything they’ve included in this juice.

Overall: It’s still good to vape, despite the description overreaching a little. The overall impact is another warm, sweet liquid in many ways similar to Moon Sugar. What differentiates it is the slight coffee-like tint to this liquid, which produces a very enjoyable vape in combination with the dominant caramel and butterscotch. Many people suggest mixing this liquid with another flavor (effectively using it as a sweetness enhancer), and while it is a nice vape on its own, this seems like a pretty good way to use this juice rather than vaping it alone.

Sunshine Daydream – Rating 4/5

(40 PG/60 VG)

Accuracy: This is a pineapple, banana and orange liquid, a citrusy plastic tank-cracker with a playful name. The orange is definitely the most notable element of this juice, but the pineapple plays off it well, coming through alongside it with slightly less intensity. The banana is detectable, but you won’t notice it at first amid the sea of sweet acidity from the fruits; you just get an occasional hint of it from time to time as it breaks through the mix. The juice is well-executed, though, with the general fruitiness capturing your senses from the first puff.

Overall: This e-liquid evokes memories of sitting on freshly-cut grass and sipping fruit cocktails while idly looking for shapes in the clouds. It’s a light and sweet, but the cutting bite of the orange and well-captured pineapple tones sets it apart from many other fruity concoctions on the market. It has the same general allure, but the depth of flavor and the interesting inclusion of banana elements transform it into a pretty solid liquid. Maybe a little too powerful to vape all day, but as a mid-afternoon treat: hell yes.

Dabble Dooyah – Rating 4.5/5

(50 PG/50 VG)

Accuracy: Mr. Good Vape intends this as a liquid for the modern-day sweet tooth; a mixture of Dutch apple pie, two types of vanilla and a “dabble doo” of caramel-drizzled cinnamon. This is another reaching, optimistic description, but in this case I’m forced to agree pretty wholeheartedly, aside from being able to tell two types of vanilla are present, that is. The apple pie comes through clearly, with a gentle, cooked apple taste alongside a buttery, biscuit-y crust draped in vanilla. The caramel and cinnamon take this solid foundation and give it some character, both having a subtle-yet vital role to play in this juice.

Overall: This is one of the best options from Mr. Good Vape, a great mixture of flavors which has been captured expertly. It’s comparable to Five Pawns’ Gambit, but executed with much more precision and blended more delicately, despite the cheaper price-tag. It’s devilishly sweet, but a more “mature” type of sweetness rather than what you’d get if you dumped a ton of sugar into a vat of apple flavoring. How this is just for the “modern-day” sweet tooth is beyond me; it’s a great liquid for anyone who loves sweet vapes. If historical sweet-lovers wouldn’t have enjoyed this flavor combination, we should invent a time machine, go back and firmly slap some sense into them.

Sweet Lovin’ – Rating 3/5

(50 PG/50 VG)

Accuracy: This is a strawberry, watermelon and bubblegum liquid, yet another option from Mr. Good Vape for lovers of all things sweet. The strawberry hits you straight away, well-captured but mixed with a candy-store sugariness that brings the bubblegum element to life. The watermelon is always present, but mainly serves to lend a little extra fruitiness to the mix, working alongside the strawberry well without taking control of the flavor.

Overall: Sweet Lovin’ delivers on its promises, but in this case I’d say Mr. Good Vape has gone a touch too far with the sweetness. The bubblegum element turns what would have otherwise been another excellent juice into something that tastes kinda cheap; it reminds you of luminous-colored and ridiculously elastic chewing gum like Hubba Bubba. This might be exactly what you’re looking for in an e-liquid, but for me the delicious strawberry and watermelon elements of this are spoiled by the over-the-top bubblegum. It’s like blending yourself a delicious fruit smoothie but then dumping a Halloween-sized, unsorted candy-haul into the mix before you drink it.

Melon Head – Rating 4/5

(20 PG/80 VG)

Accuracy: As the name suggests, this is a melon e-liquid, apparently featuring a combination of melons. Although I couldn’t them all, there is no doubt that the overall intended flavor comes through strongly. It’s an unadulterated, mouth-watering melon aroma, with identifiable elements of watermelon and honeydew, but probably more layered in there too. Since Mr. Good Vape hasn’t specified which ones, you get exactly what you’re looking for here: a delicious melon-scented mist of nicotine.

Overall: This is the most straightforward fruity vape available from Mr. Good Vape, and they’ve done a pretty damn good job with it. The sweetness that characterizes many of their juices is still strongly present, but it has the natural fructose taste that doesn’t overpower the dominant fruits. One on hand, you might be a little disappointed that there isn’t anything particularly unique and interesting in this e-liquid, but if you’re happy with straight-up fruity vapes and you’re a fan of melon it’s hard to not enjoy it.

Heaven’s Candy – Rating 4/5

(60 PG/40 VG)

Accuracy: Here, Mr. Good Vape was shooting for a blend of apple candy, plums, sugary grapes and cotton candy. Broadly, this is a pretty accurate e-liquid, with the apple candy and plums coming through clearly and powerfully with every puff, but the “sugary grapes” and cotton candy in the description should be replaced with “and an unholy ton of sugar” to really get the flavor across. Of course, cotton candy is inherently just sugar, and there are touches of grape in the mixture, but realistically speaking this juice is just apple candy and plum.

Overall: Unlike the Sweet Lovin’, this blends the diabetes-inducing candy-store elements with a well-captured fruit without detracting from either. The fruit stays in control of the taste, keeping the potentially overpowering sugar at bay but still letting enough of it come through to placate your sweet tooth. The overall effect is a delicious e-liquid, probably more of an after-dinner vape than something you’d puff on all day, but one that will have a proud spot in your rotation regardless.

Bahama Mama – 4.5/5

(40 PG/60 VG)

Accuracy: This is intended to be a banana, pineapple, coconut and crème liquid, like a twist on a piña colada. The flavor is dominated in equal parts by the banana, pineapple and coconut; the pineapple and banana providing the summery character and the creamy coconut helping the mixture go down smoothly. It tastes very much like a piña colada, with the banana fitting into the mix so well it’s as if it was always meant to be there.

Overall: This takes a classic e-liquid flavor and improves it with the addition of banana, making it a must-try for any lovers of piña colada e-liquids. Even for somebody like me – who can ordinarily take or leave the piña colada options – it’s an extremely enjoyable liquid, with the perfect balance of flavors producing a generally smooth, velvety vape. It’s subtle but still flavorful enough to transport you to the sun-kissed tropical paradise in your vapor-tinged imagination.

Dreamsicle – Rating 3.5/5

(30 PG/70 VG)

Accuracy: The Dreamsicle is an orange and vanilla ice cream liquid, another e-liquid from Mr. Good Vape that walks the line between dessert and fruit. As you may expect, the vanilla ice cream plays second-fiddle to the orange, which hits you with a blast of citrus from the very first puff. The vanilla ice cream isn’t obvious at first, but it rounds the flavor out towards the end of your draw, softening the slightly-harsh hit of citrus as you exhale. The “ice cream” is pushing the description a little, though; the vanilla breaks through the mix, but how exactly it’s supposed to taste like ice cream rather than just straight-up vanilla is a mystery to me.

Overall: This is another enjoyable liquid from Mr. Good Vape, but it doesn’t really stand out against the other options from the mixer. The orange and vanilla complement each other wonderfully, but there isn’t that special something to take it to the next level. Vanilla is a good addition to many juices, but here it’s not enough to make it much more than a basic orange flavor; it provides a pleasant additional touch but nothing outstanding. It’s not one you’ll complain about, but unless citrusy vapes are your thing you’ll probably forget about it as soon as your next batch of juices comes in.

Pistachio Man! – Rating 4.5/5

(60 PG/40 VG)

Accuracy: This is a mixture of pistachio, chocolate mint, French vanilla ice cream and hints of burley tobacco. The unique pistachio aroma blends with the chocolate mint well; you can easily identify both elements but the mint and pistachio seem to become one, like the plants have been gene-spliced together and the resulting mint-infused nuts lightly coated in chocolate. The vanilla is lost in the mix, and the tobacco is an afterthought at most, but that’s much less of a concern with this liquid because you’re too busy wondering why you don’t put pistachios and mint onto everything you eat.

Overall: A beautifully executed e-liquid. It’s like a gourmet treat made by a pretentious chocolatier: the sort of thing you’d buy a box of, eat within 20 minutes and then wonder why you still think it was worth the money. Pistachio is an interesting choice for an e-liquid flavor anyway, but the combination Mr. Good Vape devised shows the value of putting some extra effort into juice recipes. Chocolate would usually be the element of a juice like this that transformed it from a fairly standard nut replication into something you rave about, but here the mint and pistachio complete each other, mixing so perfectly that you almost forget about the chocolate altogether.

Karma Cream – Rating 4.5/5

(25 PG/75 VG)

Accuracy: This is a peaches and cream liquid; Mr. Good Vape’s take on the classic combination. The wave of creaminess is actually the main element that hits you when you vape this juice, with the peach supporting it every step of the way without taking over and drowning it out. The combination is beautifully executed, tasting just like a home-made blend of freshly-picked peaches and sweet, milky cream.

Overall: Karma Cream is so tasty that it reminds you why peaches and cream is a legendary combination in the first place. There are more unique offerings in the collection, granted, but this is so perfectly balanced that the simplicity of the mixture becomes a benefit. The master stroke was the choice to keep the peach light and subdued, because otherwise the cream would have been easily lost to the overpowering fruitiness. By shifting the balance in favor of the cream, they’ve put together a truly decadent vape that manages to stand out among the generally high-quality bunch of juices.

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