How to Consume Live Resin and What Makes it Different

Live resin: cannabis’ novel concentrate

Live resin is a somewhat new form of cannabis concentrate that is quickly making a name for itself. While this type of concentrate is more popular now more than ever, live resin’s distinct properties leave many wondering what makes it so unique. Not only that but how in the world do we consume this special extract?

All of your questions surrounding live resin and its properties will be answered down below, so don’t feel too overwhelmed. After all, this type of wax is still new for many consumers: we’re just here to make it all the more understood.


  • Live resin is a new form of cannabis concentrate that boasts unique qualities. 
  • Flash-frozen instead of dried and cured, live resin preserves more terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids than typical concentrates. 
  • This freezing process allows for a much more flavorful and aromatic concentrate than others on the market.
  • Preserving these full-plant properties results in supporting the entourage effect.
  • To consume, you can choose to either dab your live resin, put it in your concentrate vape pen, or add some to your bowls or joints.

What is live resin?

First, let’s start with the basics: what even is live resin?

Making live resin extract

Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is the result of a flash-frozen to a sub-critical temperature throughout the extraction process. This type of extraction helps to preserve cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, resulting in a potent and pungent couple of dabs. 

When it comes to live resin’s appearance, this can vary. The exact color and consistency of your live resin will ultimately depend on the wax’s manufacturer and how they chose to handle the substance after extraction. 

Typically, you’ll see live resin coming in golden honey colors with a slightly sugary, slightly buttery texture. Live resin is commonly remarked for its perfect consistency, allowing for an easy scoop that’s not too waxy but not too runny, either. Think of the perfect balance between sauce and shatter.  

What is live resin used for?

Live resin can help with a variety of ailments. With how potent, pungent, and full-bodied live resin is, its characteristics are beneficial for so many different complications.

Primarily, the most experienced cannabis consumers turn to live resin for its powerful effects on pain, stress, and nausea. With live resin’s enhanced properties, muscle and joint inflammation are significantly reduced, allowing for comprehensive pain relief from head to toe.

Cannabis, in general, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but live resin’s can be even more prominent. For those who have a high cannabis tolerance but are still in need of some relief, live resin should be your go-to concentrate choice.

On top of amplified muscle and joint relief, you can use heavy indica live resin strains to give your mind and body relaxation, or strong sativa strains to boost creativity and motivation. Essentially, no matter what you usually turn to cannabis for, live resin’s potent properties intensify it all. So, if you’re finding that your normal dose of flower just isn’t doing what it used to, live resin is a wonderful solution.

For cannabis newbies, this powerful extract should only be turned to in the smallest amounts. 

What makes it so different?

Live resin cannabis extract
Photo by Stiiizy

All of this may not sound that different from your typical wax. This is primarily because live resin’s novel properties are a direct result of what happens before the plant’s oils are extracted.

  1. Frozen

As we briefly mentioned, live resin is created using a flash-frozen extraction process; this means that, instead of drying and curing the bud before extraction, the plant material is stored at sub-zero temperatures. Keeping it frozen before and during extraction is a crucial step in preserving key phytochemicals for fuller, more potent experiences. 

  1. Oils

Most oils are extracted after the plant is dried and cured, but these processes can contribute to terpene degradation, or the destruction of cannabis’ aromatic oils. This means that, for typical concentrates, they simply aren’t as full of scent and flavor as they can be. Live resin, however, is abundant with distinct flavor profiles that could enhance your experience tenfold. 

  1. Entourage Effect

Cannabis researchers have recently discovered that it seems as though cannabis’ properties work better synergistically than on their own. This suggests that this effect, called the “entourage effect,” creates a more powerful experience and comprehensive high when all of the plant’s phytochemicals work as one. So, in live resin which preserves full-plant qualities, the entourage effect is in full swing. 

How do you consume live resin?

Dabbing live resin with rig

Consuming live resin is the best part of it all. With this unprecedented form of cannabis concentrate, you have a couple of different options for consumption. 


The most popular, and typically most efficacious, way to enjoy live resin is through dabbing. Dabbing is a method that requires a dab rig, a torch or torch lighter, and a dab tool. With this method, you simply heat up the nail of the rig–the area where you place your dab–and wait for it to get red hot. Stop heating it and scoop a dab of live resin onto your dab tool. After about 30 seconds, using the tool, place the dab in the nail and inhale. 

This method might take a couple tries to get perfect, or to find the perfect temperature, but it yields full flavors and scents of your delicious live resin. This method is very potent, though, so start with just one small dab and see how it makes you feel from there. 


If you don’t want to dab live resin, you can also place a few dabs of this wax into your favorite concentrate vape pen. Vape pens that are made for concentrates can easily handle live resin, just make sure you use a dab tool when filling it. 

In the case that you don’t have a rig nor a vape pen, you can choose to top off your bowls or fill your cannabis joints with a little bit of live resin. While this looks pretty, it isn’t the most effective use of your live resin, as it isn’t getting exposed to high temperatures like it requires, such as with torches. 

So, unless you’re torching your joint and burning the flower, we’d suggest sticking to dabbing or vaping your high-quality live resin. Otherwise, you simply don’t get to enjoy the delicious profiles it is known for. 

A few brands we can appreciate include Stiiizy and Wink CBD (woman-owner by the way) — be sure to get Sour Diesel flavor, Wildflower’s Immunity Pen, or Social CBD’s relax pen which may help offer some relief in these times.

Live resin benefits and side effects

The benefits of live resin are widespread and wonderful. With high levels of terps and even higher levels of THC, live resin’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits cannot be ignored.

With a few dabs, many report feeling waves of euphoria, reduced tension, and clearer thoughts. Many turn to live resin to get a boost of happiness and distract from everyday stress that may be holding you back. With an inhale and exhale, live resin can provide serious mind and body relaxation throughout the day. 

Cannabis concentrates such as Live Resin can help with:

  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Depression

With how potent live resin is, you do have to be wary of potential side effects. If you consume too much, or just aren’t used to the effects of live resin, you may experience waves of anxiety or discomfort. Along with increased anxiety, others have reported panicked feelings, stomach upset, shakiness, and dry mouth.

If you experience any of these side effects, take the time to drink water, eat a meal, or even take a shower. Doing any of these everyday actions can help bring you back to Earth and realize that you’ve just had too big of a live resin dab. 

Terpene Profile

You would see a typical cannabinoid/terpene profile look like this: 

THC: 78%; CBG: 1.5% || Terpenes: 7%

Terpene profiles play a huge role in live resin’s characteristics. You always want to search for strains that have high terpene percentages. Typically, your average concentrate will contain around 2 or 3%, but you can find high-quality live resin strains with percentages closer to 6 or 7%. 

One of the most popular terpene-rich strains is Super Lemon Haze. This lemony strain is packed full of high amounts of limonene and beta-caryophyllene–much more than you’d find in most strains. Together you’ll find terp percentages in Super Lemon Haze ranging anywhere from 2 to 5%. 

If you’re extra lucky, you can take the time to find companies that specifically address terpene levels in their live resin. A company that labels and measures their terpene percentages is a company you can trust; plus, then you’ll know exactly how tasty your golden dabs are going to be.


Along with high terpene percentages, you also want to look for adequate cannabinoid percentages as well.

The cannabinoid levels in your live resin is going to be a direct reflection of the potency you’re going to experience. The higher levels of THC, the more psychoactive the live resin is. The higher levels of CBG, the more therapeutic you’ll feel. 

You’ll often find live resin cannabinoid percentages in the 70-80% range, though you might be able to find strains that have levels that are even higher. The Clear is a concentrate company that consistently tests their live resin higher than 80%, with a few of their top-shelf options being as potent as 90%. Their Elite Cartridges in Super Lemon Haze, Golden Goat, and Bluz Raz all test over 80% THC by volume. Now those are strains that are not for beginners. 

Final Thoughts

Though a bit unconventional, live resin is a form of concentrate that every cannabis-lover should try. With the cannabis plant being known for its pungent, distinct flavors, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy wax that celebrates it? 

Next time you’re browsing your local dispensary’s shelves, try inquiring about their favorite live resin brands. Then, experience cannabis concentrates from a whole new (much more pungent) point of view.