Liquid State Vapors Review

Liquid State Vapors
Bottom Line
Despite some drawbacks that I think can be resolved, Liquid State juices are really premium and I think most vapers will enjoy them. Every state is spot on in terms of flavor and they will be hard-pressed to improve upon them. You will also love the story about how a group of people decided to get together and create flavors that reminded them of particular US states. A great piece of marketing, in my opinion!
Throat Hit
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US-based manufacturer
Everything is manufactured in an ISO 8. GMP certified lab
80/20 VG/PG blend – spot on for most vapers
Organic ingredients
Great story
Diverse flavors
Plastic bottles
No 18mg nicotine strength
Only available as 80/20 – most people will love it, but not all
Matted bottle makes it hard to see inside
A bit pricier than your run-of-the-mill liquids
Liquid State Vapors

Are they worth buying?

There are some kinks with flavors that I would like Liquid State Vapors to rectify but overall these e-juices – at least the two I got a chance to test out – are really good and will appeal to most vapers. Nicely balanced and complimentary flavors are Liquid States’ strong suit and I’m looking forward to test-driving others. Also, be on the lookout for Liquid Nation, a new line of liquids from Liquid State that is dedicated to different countries around the globe.

Full review

Liquid State Vapors a USA-based manufacturer that will appeal to you not only with their great flavors but also with a great story. A Max VG line manufacturer, they only use the best ingredients in their manufacturing process and their liquids are both Acetyl Propionyl-free and Diacetyl-free. Right now they have 5 different flavors on the market and in this Liquid State Vapors review I will be turning my eye to Cali Colada and Orange Dream!

Packaging and Design

Liquid State E-Liquid Review

I really dig the amount of careful planning that went into designing Liquid State e-liquid bottles. There is something special in the idea to connect the liquids and the packaging and they pulled it off really masterfully. Every bottle is a vibrant red color and this minimalistic approach in color picking really makes it stand out from the crowd.

The label is also nicely done. You can easily tell which juice you’re looking at and there is a graphic representation of the state that the flavors hail from on it. In terms of branding and marketing alone, I’d say that Liquid State Vapors hit a homerun with this series.

The bottles contain all the info you can possibly need, from a list of ingredients, company details, and all those little pesky precautionary messages we can’t go without. Working child-protection cap is also an added bonus.

What I do dislike about the packaging is the fact that the bottles are sort of matte. There is really no way that you can see inside them. For me, that’s not a huge issue – it is an issue, but I’m not tripping about it. For some people it will be so I thought it best to mention it here.

What I hate about it – and this is on a personal note – is the fact that the bottles are plastic. I rant about this all the time, I know but glass is a safer alternative for storing stuff that people will ingest. I realize that plastic is more cost effective but come on – I’d gladly pay the difference, even if they decided to go with expensive matted red glass!

Sizes and Prices

Liquid State Vapors e-juices come in two standard sizes, ½ ounces (15ml) and 1 ounce (30ml). There are no tester sizes of 1/3 ounce like some other manufacturers offer but that’s not really an issue since you really don’t want to get less of these liquids – you want to get more.

Liquid State Vapors Sizes

The best price I’ve managed to find for ½ ounce bottles was $ 11.95. A full ounce will cost you $ 10 more, so it will come to $ 21.95. These are definitely not the cheapest juices you can find but I don’t think anyone can complain that these prices break the bank. In my opinion, this is a fair price that is justified by the quality.

Nicotine and VG/PG Ratio

When it comes to nicotine levels, it is a bit surprising that Liquid State Vapors doesn’t offer 18mg nicotine strength. You can have your pick between 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Sadly, hardcore nicotine addicts will be disappointed by this but I was quite fine with it.

All e-liquids are mixed in a base that is 80/20 VG/PG. This is a sensible choice in my opinion as there exists a small percentage of people who are allergic to PG and Liquid State Vapors aims to be a brand that can be enjoyed by all. I myself suffer from a slight PG allergy but was able to vape this blend without any issues.

Judging the Juices

Liquid States e-liquid has put out 5 distinct flavors on the market, each one associated with a different state in the US. The juices are Sweet Leaf, Orange Dream, Cali Colada, Coney Cake, and Apple Butter. I managed to get my hands on two of them so I will be reviewing Coli Colada and Orange Dream – representing California and Florida, respectively.

Liquid State Vapors Flavors

I’ve vaped this for a couple of days using Innokin Cortex mod and the Innokin iSub S tank – my currently number one setup. Most of the time it was on 0.5ohm coils. There is a slight difference – coil to coil – of course, but the flavors, and the experience, is consistent throughout them all.

Cali Colada — 4/5

Cali Colada comes to us from the proud state of California and it really packs a punch – a Pina Colada punch, that is! You will get sweet pineapple invading your nostrils straight from the bottle but it’s definitely not something that I would call overpowering.

It’s carefully cut with mango, guava, and just a hint of coconut. From the first vape, a thick, fruity flavor will linger on your tongue – pineapple most prominently but after a while you will be able to appreciate the subtleties. I kind of felt the coconut most on the exhale. The liquid produced a nice, thick vapor and the lingering smell in the room was just faintly reminiscent of pina colada. Not that I mind, though, it is an e-juice, not an air freshener.

This one has a bit of a throat hit, even if it is just a 3mg nicotine blend. Nothing too unpleasant, but still quite noticeable. All in all, it is a very good all day vape for people who enjoy fruity tropical flavors and want to be reminded of the beach, the surf, and the sun!

Orange Dream — 4/5

Orange Dream hails from the Sunshine State, the beautiful Florida. Packed full of orange, sherbet, Popsicle, and vanilla, it really is a signature flavor that you can definitely tie to Florida in a heartbeat.

What I really love about Orange dream is the fact that the orange is balanced just right – if a bit underwhelming. It’s definitely not bitter as is mostly the case with these citrus flavors. Vanilla and orange bask your throat on the inhale while sherbet comes to play somewhere at the back of the throat. Popsicle gets noticed after a little while – it is not really noticeable on the first puff.

What I do find slightly problematic with this juice is that I did expect orange to dominate and it really doesn’t. Vanilla somehow takes over – ever so slightly but some vapers will find this annoying. On the plus side, there is no unpleasant aftertaste after vaping this one.