Kbox 200 W TC and 120 W TC Available for Pre-Order

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 8, 2015

Kbox 200 W Specs


Kangertech’s new 200 W and 120 W temperature control versions of the Kbox are now available to pre-order, pushing the power output well beyond that offered by the original or the Kbox Mini while still keeping the price pretty low – with a recommended retail price of just $64.90 for the 200 W version. However, with high-power, temperature control box mods pretty much flooding the market at the minute, the new Kbox will still have its work cut out for it when it comes to standing out from the crowd.


The 120 W and 200 W Kbox(es) – Design


Kanger Kbox 200 W Design


The new versions of the Kbox are pretty much identical to the Kbox Mini (best known as part of the Subox kit) in terms of design, with the fire button, the OLED screen and two adjustment buttons on one curved edge of the device. The mod comes in three colors – white, black and red – and is constructed from a zinc alloy.


The main difference comes down to the fact that the new Kboxes take two 18650 batteries, which means that the new devices are a bit wider than the Mini, but at 56 mm (just over 2 and 1/4 inches) wide it will still fit comfortably in your palm. The battery compartment – and the magnetic panel for access – extends further onto the flat side of the device as a result too.


Kbox 120 W and 200 W – Temperature Control and Power


Kanger Kbox 120 W Nichrome Wire TC


The big draw of the new mods is their huge power output – at 120 W or 200 W – and the addition of temperature control. The temperature control function will work with nickel, titanium, stainless steel and nichrome wire, with the nichrome support being something that hasn’t been offered by a mod so far (at least that we’re aware of).


The temperature regulation also works by checking the temperature 1000 times per second, making it a very accurate temperature control system. You change between the various modes – one temperature control mode for each type of coil and standard power mode – by pressing the fire button three times in quick succession.


The power output will be more than enough for most vapers, although it’s questionable whether it will support true 200 W vaping with just two batteries. The mod has a minimum resistance of just 0.05, which – in combination with ohm’s law – would only give 180 W as an absolute maximum with a pair of 30 amp limit batteries. The Snow Wolf, for example, switches to pulse firing after 150 W, and it could well be that the 200 W Kbox does the same thing.


However, even with this limitation in place, the higher-power Kbox would still offer some substantial power, and the 120 W version is hardly anything to balk at either.


Additional Features for the Kbox 120 W and 200 W


The new devices also come with the expected selection of additional features. It has a USB port to support upgradable firmware, meaning that the functionality can be improved in future. The new Kboxes also come with high temperature, reverse battery polarity, short circuit and low voltage protections. Finally, the mods have spring-loaded 510 connections to ensure a consistent connection with the vast majority of atomizers on the market.


Available for Pre-Order Now!


Kangertech Kbox 200 W Mod Pre-Order


Although the precise release date isn’t clear at the moment, the mods appear pretty much ready to ship out, and they’re currently available for pre-order. You can pre-order the 120 W or 200 W version for $54.95 and $62.95, respectively.

  • Jesse

    Do you people even vape? How old is the dna 30? Nichrome has been “supported” by any temp control chip worth buying for at least a year now. My dna 200 even supports custom wire of my own composition. And no 2 18650s will ever put out 200W; a true 200W mod will use at least 3 18650s or a 3S lipo.

    You people need to stop telling people that cig-a-like kits are okay. They are not. They are designed to be shit; created and sold by big tobacco companies to undermine the safety and quality of real vape products.

    “E-cigarettes” are the greatest danger to not only the vaping industry, not just to the health and safety of those that would choose to quit tobacco, but to their chance at success in doing so. They are designed to be bad as to discourage those that would grab something small and cheap to see if they would like vaping before investing in a more substantial setup from ever getting that far.

    I experienced this myself when I started using a “Smoke NV” e-cig. I tried really hard to keep using this thing even though it was horrible. After about a year of smoking the e-cig and cigarettes, I upgraded to an “evod” pen style device on the advice of someone behind the counter, someone like you. Someone that thinks they have a grasp on vaping and speaks to that accord. I followed their advice, and started using the new pen with 12mg juice. Again it was even more disgusting than smoking but I tried. It was not until a friend (a real friend) explained the difference between the shitty-by-design “e-cigarette” and the free-by-design APV (free as freedom, not free as in beer).

    It turned out that the device I was told would be better was just better garbage and the level of nicotine they suggested was asinine. All around, their advice was worse than none at all and was misinformation sewn specifically to drive me back to tobacco. You are acting as their puppet; spewing the same misinformed “facts” all over the place.

    Please, please, think this through for yourselves. Don’t be sheep.

    • Charles Robert Gathers Sr.

      Are you serious dude? I have the KBOX 120 with a wotofo Sapor RDA and it’s the most amazing vape I have ever had. Your right about the “cig-a-likes” being crap but they have helped tons of people quit smoking. Do some research before you spew your nonsense.