Halcyon Vapors E-Liquid Review

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Halcyon Vapors is one of the most popular juice lines to come out of southern California, the e-liquid capital of the world. Their juices are popular among drippers due to a 70/30 VG/PG blend in each flavor but they also work well in anything from a carto tank to a Kayfun and everything in between.
Throat Hit
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Superb flavor
Ridiculously thick vapor
Smooth throat hit
Online availability with competitive pricing
Three bottle sizes up to 120ml
The Cranchize
Limited variety in flavor options
Only one PG/VG blend
Halcyon Vapors

Halcyon Vapors has always been, and likely always will be one of my personal favorites when it comes to vape juice. The brand currently makes two, and soon to be three, of the juices of vape the most. If you're looking for a new all day vape and don't mind fruity flavors, look no further. As for cloud chasers, Halcyon is the best there is, unless of course you LIKE vaping pure vegetable glycerin. I'm already waiting anxiously, but calmly for what new flavor Halcyon will come up with next.

Based in Orange, California, Halcyon Vapors has been in business for a little over a year. The brand is well-known locally, in particular for its top two flavors and a high VG to PG ratio which make it popular among drippers and cloud chasers. Speaking of those flavors, I've dubbed Cran Ch'i and Dragon Ch'i along with the newly-released Apach'i as the “Cranchize”.

Halcyon Vapors has developed a strong following in California and is poised to take over vape shops across the country. The brand currently produces e-liquid in seven flavors, each with fruity undertones, blended in 70% VG base that make it one of the best for dripping (here is a list of the best VG e-juices if you're looking to try new high VG flavors).


Halcyon Vapors sells e-liquid in three different-sized bottles: 15, 30 and 120ml. Both the 15ml and 30ml bottles are sold in clear plastic bottles with blue child-proof caps. They are easy to squeeze, making them ideal for refilling tanks or dripping on the go. Every bottle is clearly labeled with nicotine content, ingredients and a child and pets warning including the words “do not drink”.

Halcyon Vapors packaging - Halcyon Vapors review

The branding behind Halcyon includes a bright red and blue bird for which the juice is named after. Halcyon, or kingfisher, birds were believed in Greek mythology to bring two weeks of calm weather to the sea while they nested around the winter solstice. Now, the image of the beautiful kingfisher has become synonymous with the Halcyon brand.

Mixing Options

As with many premium brands, Halcyon Vapors only mixes their juice in one PG/VG ratio: 30/70. It's definitely on the thicker side but still works well in all sorts of devices, from RBAs to carto tanks. Due to demand, the brand recently expanded its nicotine choices to include 3mg. Halcyon now makes e-liquid in five nicotine concentrations that also include 0, 6, 12 and 18mg.

Halcyon Vapors E-Liquid Flavors

Halcyon Vapors e-juice flavors

Cran Ch'i – Rating: 5/5

Taste: This cranberry blend has a taste unlike anything I have ever tried. It's basically cranberry juice without any of the tart or bitterness.

Overall: I was first introduced to Halcyon Vapors about a year ago. After conducting an interview at The Vapor Loft in Orange, CA, I wanted to show my gratitude by purchasing a few bottles of juice. When one of the flavors I wanted was out of stock, Cran Ch'i was highly recommended by one of clerks, so much that there was a huge bottle of it behind the counter for employees to use. Upon trying it out on my rda, I was immediately hooked and bought a 30ml bottle. This wound up being far too little as I drained the bottle in less than one week.

In my opinion, Cran Ch'i just might be the best e-liquid flavor ever concocted. It has a light, sweet cranberry taste on the inhale, but the exhale is the best part, for me anyway. That's where the natural cranberry taste kicks in on the throat hit. I never taste the tart of cranberry, just feel it in a perfect way. Cran Ch'i is easily an all-day-vape for me and has developed a cult-like following among my fellow vaping friends. The flavor ceases to get old and is always something I look forward to vaping. Regardless of your flavor preference, you NEED to try Cran Ch'i at least once in your time as a vaper.

Frosting – Rating: 4/5

Taste: This one tastes almost exactly like strawberry frosting, with slightly more emphasis on the frosting than the strawberry.

Overall: In a market where everyone and their mother seems to be playing around with custard-style flavors, Halcyon's Frosting is a smooth alternative. Frosting was the second of Halcyon's flavors I ever tried. It's extremely smooth and creamy from the start and finishes with a cupcake-like taste. But like many strawberries ‘n cream renditions, it could use a little more strawberry. Otherwise, Frosting is perfect for fans of dessert flavors.

Tango Down – Rating: 4.5/5

Taste: Tango Down definitely has a strong taste of tangerine to it. The added sweetness of raspberry makes this one a refreshing summer blend.

Overall: Tango Down is yet another hit from Halcyon. It's tangerine taste resembles that of a glass of SunnyD, only sweeter and better. A must for citrus lovers, Tango Down is a perfect summer afternoon vape. While it may not be an all-day-vape for me, it is still something I enjoy revisiting when I'm craving a juicy citrus flavor.

Nombombz – Rating: 3.5/5

Taste: Nombomz has a bit of a candy taste combined with a citrusy soda. I can imagine it tastes like a mix of Sierra Mist with Cactus Cooler with a little bit of bubble gum thrown in.

Overall: Let me start this off by saying I'm not really a fan of candy-like flavors. Nombombz, while not modeled after any candy in particular, has an undertone that resembles a lime-flavored bubble gum. However, it's dominant taste resembles one of my favorite sodas, Cactus Cooler. It's another possible summer hit from Halcyon, especially for vapers who prefer candy flavors.

Dragon Ch'i – Rating: 5/5

Taste: I've don't think I've taken a bite from an actual dragon fruit but I absolutely love the taste of pomegranate, both of which are the primary flavors in this one.

Overall: Dragon Ch'i is one of the newer flavors from Halcyon, having been released this past August. I had the opportunity to sample it at a vape meet before it was made available to the public and it immediately became my second favorite flavor from Halcyon. The final version is a sweet, succulent blend of pomegranate and dragon fruit. Like cranberry, pomegranate juice usually has a tart taste to it. Halcyon did the same to Dragon Ch'i as they did to Cran Ch'i, keeping the tart on the lighter side to make this an all day vape for any fan of fruit flavors.

Grape Gatsby – Rating: 3.5/5

Taste: I get a relatively strong grape candy right off the bat with this one. Grape Gatsby then has some finishing notes of mint. But it's not a mentholated taste, more like a spearmint.

Overall: As with candy flavors, I'm typically not a connoisseur of grape-flavored e-liquids, nor am I big on menthols. However, I will take grape over cherry just about any day of the week. Grape Gatsby combines a childhood favorite in grape with that of a kind of spearmint you would find in a breath mint or gum. It's not bad by any means, but not my cup of tea. If you like menthols or minty flavors, give Grape Gatsby a try. And if you love grape flavors, the mint isn't too strong to be off-putting.

Apach'i – Rating: 5/5

Taste: Apach'i has strong and sweet taste of apricot coupled with that of a fresh peach.

Overall: Halcyon's newest flavor, Apach'i is quickly becoming one of my favorite all-around flavors. I've recently been getting into trying new fruit flavors and, along with mango, apricot has been one of my preferred bases. Apach'i knocks the apricot flavor out of the park right from the first inhale. It then finishes with an almost perfect combination of apricot and peach that will leave your taste buds begging for more. This is must for any fruit-vape enthusiast!

Review of Halcyon Vapors E-liquid flavors