Forte by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 10, 2015

black note forte e-liquid review

While the flavor lists from many juice mixers are reminiscent of a dessert card at a fancy restaurant, Black Note is all about the tobacco, shooting for a depth and complexity unheard of in e-liquid tobacco flavors. If you were a tobacco connoisseur as a smoker, there’s plenty for you in Black Note’s line-up – and you can learn more in our full Black Note review. Forte is the burley tobacco blend from the mixer, and while it’s among the more widely-used tobacco blends, I’d be willing to bet you’ve never tried it in e-liquid form before. But is it worth it, or is it just an empty gimmick?




Forte is described as being subtle, slightly sweet, yet full-bodied and rich in flavor, made from tobacco cultivated on the volcanic soils around Naples. The e-liquid is pretty smooth in flavor, with the tobacco aroma coming on gently, accompanied by a warm, soft sweetness throughout. It’s definitely a mild tobacco – like a white burley – accompanied by a faint nuttiness and packing a genuine taste. The only real criticism in terms of accuracy is that I wouldn’t go for “full bodied” or “rich” to describe this (nor “forte,” which means “loud”); it’s more smooth and mellow. The intensity of the flavor does increase through your draw, but it never gets too bold.


Overall Rating: 3.5/5


The fact that it isn’t loud or full-bodied is something of a benefit to the e-liquid overall, though. It’s another well-captured tobacco flavor that’s easy to vape, with the softness and subtlety combining with the hints of sweetness to produce something enjoyable without being overpowering or too complex. It isn’t a stand-out option from Black Note, but it’s still exceptionally-balanced, and you get the sense that a lot of care went into crafting it. It’s the sort of thing you can happily vape all day – and it’s well-suited to vapers not ordinarily interested in tobacco e-liquids – but at the same time it’s not the most amazing flavor in the selection.


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