Element E-Liquid Review

Bottom Line
Yeah, Element has my unwavering support and endorsement. Out of the two I really loved Pink Lemonade but I found Strawberry Whip to be satisfying as well, especially if you take into account that I’m not a really strawberry flavor lover. These liquids are quality made and Element goes out of their way to ensure that only quality ingredients get added to the mix –something I can definitely appreciate!
Throat Hit
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On the spot flavors
Made in the US
USP grade ingredients
Naturally extracted nicotine
Certified labs manufacture the liquids
Clever branding and design
Only available in the 2/3 ounce bottles once the flask limited series is sold
Low on nicotine – 6mg max
Base restricted to 80/20 VG/PG
Could be a bit cheaper
Element E-Liquid

Are they worth buying?

I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed both juices but I really only loved one and that’s Pink Lemonade. All in all, Element goes that extra mile to ensure that only quality stuff gets added to their e-liquids and that’s something I really appreciate. Can I recommend them? For sure – just don’t count on every juice suiting you to a tee.

As with everything else, it’s going to depend on your personal preferences but if you are looking for a good all-day vape I suggest experimenting with Element to see if you can find something that suits you. I will definitely be ordering more of their liquids, that’s for sure.

Full review

In this review, I will be turning my attention to the Element e-liquids, specifically their Dripper series. Ok, ok, not ALL of their Dripper series! I’ll be reviewing Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Whip! I’ve heard a lot about these two and if half of that is true I’m in for a real treat! Dive in with me into the Element e-liquid review and let’s check out if these juices are really worth the money!

Element E-Liquid Review

Packaging and Design

I have to admit, I was rather unimpressed at first with how the Element e-liquids were presented. I found it to be boring and very laboratory-looking. Bear with me – this ‘stupid me’ actually gets better – I thought these guys knew nothing about how to use design to market their merchandise. Until it hit me two full days later. I’m staring at a label that looks like it belongs on the periodic table and the brand name is Element! A stroke of genius!

Element E-Juice Packaging

So if you’re quicker than me you will notice straight away that Element took their brand name and designed the bottles around it. The bottles are glass – and I’m huge on glass, I definitely prefer it to plastic bottles – with J-shaped drippers that will easily fill any tank, regardless of whether it’s top or bottom fill. The labels are a spitting image of that periodic table that gave you trouble back in high-school – central square with a designation, Pnk 03 stands for Pink Lemonade and Sw 03 stands for Strawberry Whip. Under that, you will find information about the ratio, where the liquid was produced, and at the back you will see a full list of ingredients.

I’m glad that Element e-liquid includes all the warnings on their label – manufacturers can really never be too careful, and the child-proof cap is an added bonus that’s appreciated.

Sizes and Prices

Well, when it comes to sizes Element e-liquid does nothing that can be considered a standard – at least not in this Dripper series of theirs. You have a choice between 2/3 ounce (20ml) and 4.25 ounces (125ml). Yeah, you read that right. Element is offering a limited series of their Dripper series juices in mega jumbo size! Their regular juice series can be ordered in 1/3 and 2/3 ounce bottles but sadly Dripper will be left in one size only after the flask series is sold out.

When it comes to prices they’re a bit heftier – but that is to be expected with Element, seeing that they really are a premium e-liquid manufacturer. 20mL bottles cost $12.95 (on DirectVapor) and the flask series can be obtained for $69.00, but I’d advise you to hurry up if you want that one.

Nicotine and VG/PG Ratio

When it comes to nicotine levels, the Dripper series and all the flavors in it can be bought in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine doses. The two flavors I’ve tested out were both 3mg nicotine – I prefer this, especially for testing, as I feel that higher nicotine levels really mask the flavor.


The Dripper series comes exclusively in the 80/20 VG/PG base. Not ideal but understandable for this type of series. However, I do wish that this changes in the near future. Having more choice when it comes to base selection would really be great.

Judging the Juices

When it comes to the Dripper series, there are 10 different flavors to choose from. Each one is a unique blend that caters to a different taste. For this Element e-liquid review, I’ve decided to focus on 2 of the fruitiest juices, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Whip. What can I say; I’m the type of guy that always heads straight for the dessert so let’s dig in!


Just for the record though; I’ve vaped this on my Innokin Cortex mod using the iSub S tank. I switched coils quite a bit but did notice that 0.5ohm coils really bring out the best out of both juices.

Pink Lemonade – 4.5/5

Pink Lemonade is actually a thing! I had no idea about this – it is lemonade with added chunks of red fruit that is chilled to perfection. Well, that is exactly the feeling you get when vaping this particular juice. It’s all freshness, summer, and a hint of wild forest berries.

On the inhale you will be overwhelmed by the zesty lemon aroma that comes to full blossom right at the beginning and that fruity note assaults the back of the throat but in a really good way! I’m a huge fan of citrusy aromas and this one is a real winner in my opinion. In its 3mg version, it packs a slight throat hit – probably owing to lemon as well, but it’s not very noticeable. Vapor production is excellent with this one and I just love how that citrusy aroma lingers in the air for nearly an hour after vaping.

While I can really say that it’s an all-day vape for every vaper out there, it certainly is for me. This is a flavor that has the potential to become something I come back to on a regular basis!

Strawberry Whip – 3.5/5

I’ll be honest here; I’m not really a huge fan of strawberry liquids in general and creamy strawberry liquids in particular. Because of that I was not mesmerized by Strawberry Whip as some of the vapers I know. I will be fair and say that this is probably the most genuine strawberry flavor I’ve ever tasted. There is not a hint of fakeness in it and I applaud Element e-juice on that.

However, I did find this juice to be too sweet for my taste and with just a tad too much vanilla thrown into the mix. There is simply too much of that sweetness going on in the front of your mouth and on your tongue to even notice that delicate creamy/milky note in the back of your throat. And that is a pity in my opinion, as it is that note that gives something special to this juice.

In any case, I love the fact that this one doesn’t leave any aftertaste in your mouth and it doesn’t stink up the room afterward but it’s not really my cup of tea. This doesn’t mean it won’t be yours, though. If you love them creamy and sweet and, above all genuinely strawberry-like, this will be a perfect choice.