Eleaf iStick 60W Review

Are you on the market for a quality mod that comes with a great tank? And all that for a pretty reasonable price? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider the Eleaf iStick 60W TC with Melo 2 tank. This newest addition to the iStick series is a real head-turner but does it perform well in addition to being a looker? That’s what I’ll be talking about in this iStick 60W TC box mod review so make sure to join me for the ride!

eleaf-istick 60w
Bottom Line
Is it the best mod out there? Actually, for this price tag it actually might be! iStick 60W performs great and will be a great addition to your collection. It has its faults but overall it is a solidly built device with plenty of power and the TC mode is simply icing on the cake. I’d recommend it to everyone who needs a quality device. Also, if you decide to buy it, get the kit. Melo 2 tank perfectly complements this mod!
Build Quality
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Plenty of output power for beginner and intermediate vapers
Handles low-power tank vaping superbly
Excellent build quality
Excellent build quality Changeable magnetic battery cover
Easy to switch between the modes
Small and easy to fit inside the pocket
Reasonably priced
Not firmware upgradeable
Wobbly when set down even on a flat surface
Tiny OLED screen
Battery cover smaller than the opening and rattles
Underperforms in TC Ti mode
Eleaf iStick 60W

Is it worth buying?

iStick TC60W is hands down the best mid-range mod (and kit) that I have encountered so far. It’s pleasant on the eyes, ergonomically-designed, and packed with functions – a great mod if you want to step up your game and test temperature control (if you haven’t already).

Sure, it does have some quirks but show me a mod that doesn’t and I’ll eat every setup I own. Vaping is rather subjective and you can always find faults with a device. What matters is that it does its job and does it well. I’d have no problems recommending iStick TC60W to beginners or even serious vapers who are out on the market for a quality, reasonably priced device.

Full review

For well over a year now, Eleaf has been dishing out various iterations of its iStick series mods. Eleaf iStick 60W TC is their second crack at temperature control mods but there is something in this product line for every vaper, in my opinion – from iStick Mini with its 20W output to the dual battery-operated iStick 100W.

My Eleaf iStick 60W came in a kit, coupled with the Melo 2 tank with which I was more than pleased. You can check out my Eleaf Melo 2 tank review also to see if the whole kit is something you might find useful.

The Packaging

iStick 60w box mod came to my door tightly packed in a clean white cardboard box. On the upper side, you will have an image of the mod along with temperature control written in large letters (in case you were wondering) and the bottom of the package will contain some usual warnings along with a list of what the kit comes with. You will also find a scratchable bit of foil their underneath which is your authenticity number that you can use on eleafworld.com to check whether your iStick 60W is an original.

eleaf istick 60w mod packaging

The Eleaf iStick 60W kit includes:

  • iStick TC60W mod
  • Melo 2 tank
  • 3ohm coil head
  • 15ohm TC Ni coil head
  • 5ohm TC Ti coil head
  • Red and blue O-rings for the tank
  • USB cable
  • iStick user manual
  • Melo 2 user manual

Eleaf iStick TC 60W at a Glance

Just looking at it, you can surmise that iStick TC60W is a decently built mod that will last. I was impressed with its size seeing as it doesn’t have a built-in battery and you have to accommodate for an exterior one and the cover as well. All in all, it fits in the hand nicely and looks rather slim.

Eleaf iStick 60w review

One thing that this slimming design has forced the Eleaf to do is to place the tank connector smack down in the middle of the mod. It was prudent thinking because it makes it more stable but, unfortunately, not stable enough.

My first problem with iStick TC60W is the fact that the base is too small and with a heavy tank it does not provide enough support for the entire setup. The slightest tremor will send it toppling to the side. It’s not too much of an issue considering the benefits of a smaller design but if you’re as clumsy as I am you might want to consider keeping it somewhere where you won’t knock it over accidentally.

Eleaf iStick 60W specifications:

  • Temp control for Ni and Ti
  • Temp range 200-600F
  • TC resistance range 0.05 to 1ohm
  • Standard resistance range 0.15 to 3.5ohm
  • Single-battery setup
  • Changeable battery cover
  • SS coating
  • Sturdy, stylized buttons
  • Spring-loaded connector in the middle of the top panel
  • 510 thread type
  • Wattage 60W
  • Small OLED screen

As you may notice, iStick TC60W looks like a great mod for beginner vapers or those who are just transitioning to temperature control.

Aesthetics and Design

Measuring 9 cm in height but only 2.8 cm where it’s widest, Eleaf iStick 60W really sits nicely in the hand, especially when compared to boxy mods such as Innokin’s Cortex TC. It’s slightly curved on both sides so it’s easy to grip and doesn’t feel like you’re clinging to a cardboard box.

istick 60w box mod

My iStick came all in black but looking at the images online there also versions that have a silver panel where the display and the buttons are located. Not that it matters all that much, but I do find that a bit of color works great for breaking up the monotony of an all-black mod.

That said the overall design of the mod is pretty clean. On one side, you will find an Eleaf logo near the top of the mod. On the bottom is a small iStick 60W sticker. One side-panel has battery vents near the top and below it there is an etched TEMP CONTROL – serves no practical purpose but looks appealing, I suppose.

On the opposite side is the small OLED screen – it’s pretty tiny when compared to Joyetech eGrip 2 or eVic VT Mini screen and I did find a bit difficult to read. It is a bit puzzling since there is enough room on the side to fit a larger screen but it’s not too much of an issue in my book – I just wanted to point it out because I know that some of you will find it frustrating. Right below it are the + and – buttons and the menu button and above it is the fire button.

Display and Maneuvering

eleaf istick 60w tc mod

As mentioned, the OLED screen is pretty small but packed with functions that are surprisingly easy to use – except one that is glaringly frustrating but I’ll come to that.

  • To turn the device on or off simply click the fire button five times.
  • To change between the Variable Wattage, TC Ni, and TC Ti modes simply press and hold the menu button.
  • Pressing + or – in VW mode will increase or decrease wattage in 0.1 increments
  • Pressing + or – in TC modes will increase or decrease temperature in 1 degree increments
  • To adjust wattage in TC mode press menu and + or minus – this one is pretty frustrating as all buttons are clumped together and you have to press either + or – every time to decrease it in 0.1 increments – it could and should have been worked out better.
  • Stealth mode is accessed by pressing the fire button and – and holding them together.
  • Locking is done by holding + and – buttons for 3 seconds.

What is great about iStick 60W is the ability to change between modes almost instantaneously. It never fails and I’ve never had any problems between switching like I did on many other devices.


Eleaf iStick 60W TC is powered by a single 18650 30A+ battery that snuggly fits inside by removing one of the sides of the mod. The magnetic cover continues to be a go-to method for manufacturers to deal with external batteries and when properly executed, they work great. Sadly, the magnetic cover on my iStick leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t fit in flush so there is a bit of room on the sides.

istick 60w battery

Now, if this was purely cosmetic I wouldn’t complain, I swear! But the problem here is that you can move the panel half a millimeter to either side when handling the mod and the inside of it scrapes on the battery cover. This can prove to be a major problem and a huge safety issue.

Fortunately, I went online to see whether other users have a similar problem and no one has reported it as of yet so it seems I just got a slightly faulty mod. So far it hasn’t damaged my battery but I’m being extra careful when using it.

On the bright side, Eleaf manufactures differently colored battery covers that you can use to shuffle things up a bit and brighten that all-black mode simply by replacing them.

iStick 60W Vaping Experience

When it comes to the overall performance of iStick 60W I have to say that I’m more than impressed with it, especially when you pair it with Melo 2 tank that comes supplied with the kit. It performs great with supplied standard 0.3ohm coil head and there is plenty of vapor and aroma to go around.

What’s surprising is the pretty accurate power output and performance of the tank in the TC modes. As you know, a lot of these mid-range mods with TC capabilities are not overly accurate when reading cold temperature and making adjustments. To iStick’s credit, it handles the whole process rather well. Of course, I didn’t actually measure anything but since I have experience with some mods that handle it like champs I could tell that iStick is not far from the mark. Ni200 mode performs slightly better than TC Ti mode, which sometimes has the tendency to read the cold temperature completely wrong.

Unfortunately for us who own this version of Eleaf iStick 60W, no solution is in the works for the buggy TC Ti mode because the firmware on this device is not upgradable. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in the following editions or in the new addition to the series.