Best DNA 200 Box Mods

The DNA chipset from Evolv is a legend of vaping. From the original DNA chip to the newer incarnations, DNA box mod devices have been a hallmark of the vaping industry for some time. If you’re looking for the best DNA 200 box mod, there are tons of great options out there, although the DNA 200 chip has been superseded by the DNA 250 chip.


So what are the best devices if you’re looking for a great DNA mod? Here are 7 of the best DNA 200 box mods on the market, although many are really DNA 250 mods to reflect the modern market.


Best DNA 200 Box Mods


7 – Lavabox DNA 200


Lavabox DNA Vape Mod


The Lavabox from Volcano is one of the top DNA 200 box mods on the market, and one of the few which hasn’t been entirely discontinued. The device has a really cool look, with a boxy frame but a rubberized grip section on the back side, and the standard layout of fire button, HD OLED screen and two adjustment buttons on the front face. It runs on an included (but removable) 900 mAh battery, although 1,300 mAh extenders are available too. It’s charged via a USB port on the front edge of the device.


As one of the most popular DNA 200 box mods on the market, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it offers vaping at up to 200 W. As with all of the devices on this list, this is more than enough for pretty much any vaper, from ordinary vapers looking for a satisfying vape right through to cloud-chasers. It features a spring-loaded and gold-plated 510 connector so it will work comfortably with pretty much any tank on the market, and connectivity won’t be an issue. It also features temperature control vaping with nickel or titanium coils, making it a solid option no matter how you prefer to vape.


The Lavabox DNA 200 mod is only available on the UK site, priced at £139.99 (just under $197).


6 – Lost Vape Therion DNA 166 TC


Lost Vape Therion 166 - Best DNA 200 Box Mod


The Therion from Lost Vape is included in this DNA 200 mod list because it only tops out at the lower wattage because it takes two battery cells rather than three. The Therion has a really cool look, with a grip section at the back with a range of cool design options. It runs on two 18650 batteries, which is the reason the maximum wattage is 166 W rather than 200, but this makes it more portable than many other options for DNA mod. These batteries are bought separately, which means you can choose cells with higher capacities (bigger “mAh” numbers) if you want to maximize battery life.


As well as the variable wattage from 1 to 166 W, the DNA vape mod supports coils down to 0.1 ohms in variable wattage mode. It also has a temperature control feature, which works with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils down to 0.08 ohms in resistance. Both of these modes work really well, and despite the lower wattage supported, earn it a spot among the best DNA 200 mods on the market.


You can pick up the Lost Vape Therion for $149.95.


5 – VMA Mods Jester DNA 167 (Project Sub Ohm Edition)


Jester - Best DNA 200 Box Mod


Another lower-power entry onto this DNA 200 mod list (due to availability) is the Jester DNA 167 from VMA Mods and Project Sub Ohm. The device has a stabilized wood body, which gives each device its own unique color pattern, but every single one looks awesome. The boxy shape is fairly basic, but in combination with the wood-grain patterns it still does really well from a design perspective. The device is actually a downthrottled DNA 250 chip, so like many DNA vape mod options it’s been limited so it can function safely with fewer batteries.


The Jester DNA 167 runs at the 167 W you’d expect from the name, and works with two 18650 batteries which must be purchased separately. It has a three-button control system and an OLED display screen, so you’ll be right at home with how the device works if you’ve used a DNA mod before. It works with all major TC wire types, supporting coils down to 0.08 ohms, and runs with anything 0.1 ohms or higher in VW mode.


It’s a fantastic device, overall, well deserving of a spot on this DNA 200 box mod list, but is a little more expensive than some other options, priced at $299.99.


4 – Lost Vape Paranormal 166


Paranormal DNA Vape Mod


The Paranormal has a lot in common with the Therion, with a similar set of features and even a comparable design, but this uses the DNA 250 chipset rather than the 200. This makes it technically ineligible for this DNA 200 mod list, but with so many older devices having been discontinued, it’s still well worth considering. The device runs on two 18650 batteries, which you purchase separately, and insert using a simple hinged door on the bottom of the device. The Paranormal has a textured back edge and some cool wooden panels, with an OLED display screen, fire button and two adjustment buttons on the front.


The maximum wattage on this DNA box mod has been throttled down to 166 W, so it can function safely with just two batteries. It works with any coils down to 0.1 ohms in resistance, like the Therion, and also features TC vaping at resistances down to 0.08 ohms. The TC mode works with all major TC wire types, and runs at between 200 and 600 °F (93 to 316 °C). All of the DNA box mod devices on this list ultimately have the same set of features, because the chip is central in determining what they are. One of the major improvements over the Therion, though, is that the Paranormal charges at an impressive 2 A, so you can get back to vaping quicker than usual.


The Paranormal costs $139.99, which is still more expensive than many non DNA mod options, but a pretty solid price for the caliber of devices on this list.


3 – Vapor Shark DNA 250


Vapor Shark DNA 250 - DNA Vape Mod


Vapor Shark’s DNA box mod devices always make a mark on the industry, and the DNA 250 option is no different. Again, it makes this list because many DNA 200 vape mods have been discontinued. However, it has a lot to offer vapers, with a 10 watt hour 3S LiPo battery pack included as standard. This is plenty to keep you vaping throughout the day, and it also comes with 2 A charging so you can recharge quickly and efficiently every time. The design is pretty standard for a box mod, with a blocky shape, aluminum construction and a basic front panel featuring a screen and three buttons for controlling your vaping. The DNA vape mod has a rubberized coating to add comfort in-use.


The Vapor Shark DNA 250 offers vaping at up to 250 W, and features temperature control with all common wire types. The DNA mod has the improved TC functionality of the latest chip, so it’s more accurate than the offerings on older models. The firmware on DNA 250 models is also upgradeable, so you can get access to any improvements made to the system over time.


Although it doesn’t technically qualify as one of the top DNA 200 box mod options because of the upgrade, the Vapor Shark DNA 250 is a solid mod that performs excellently. It’s well worth the $189.99 price-tag if you want something top-quality.


2 – HCigar VT250


HCigar VT250 DNA Vape Mod


The VT250 from HCigar makes this list for packing all the features of the latest DNA chipset into an ergonomically-designed and attractive mod. It runs on three 18650 batteries so it can support the substantial power output, and the remaining battery is monitored individually for each cell. The design of the mod is nicely rounded, with a curved back edge that makes the device really comfortable to hold, and a flat front face with an OLED display screen and the standard three-button layout for adjusting settings and vaping.


Like all the latest, three-battery DNA vape mod options in this list, it supports vaping at up to 250 W, and has a full-featured TC mode too. The 510 threading is stainless steel, and the contact point is gold-plated and spring-loaded so you won’t have any issues with connectivity at all. It has plenty of in-built safety features, so you can vape with peace of mind.


The HCigar VT250 is in stock at Element Vape for $134.95. However, it’s cheapest if you can pick it up at FastTech, where the price is just $96.22, which makes it the most affordable device on this list.


1 – Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 TC


Wismec Reuleaux - Best DNA 200 Box Mod


Wismec’s entry into this list comes in the form of the Reuleaux DNA 250 TC, a really beautiful, exquisitely-designed mod that really packs a punch when it comes to performance. The device has a bronze finish and has a unique, polygonal shape like many of Wismec’s mods. The detail around the front panel and battery door add to the overall look, with a textured feel on the back panel and around the front screen. Like most DNA vape mod options – and mods more generally – it has an OLED display with three buttons to control the main vaping functions.


The set of features on the Reuleaux DNA 250 TC should be familiar to you by now, with up to 250 W of power and TC vaping with all common wire types. The device takes three 18650 batteries to support the high wattage output, and it has reverse polarity protection so you can rest assured you’re vaping safely. The 510 connection is stainless steel threaded and spring-loaded, so connectivity is never an issue, and the low minimum resistance (0.1 ohms in VW and 0.08 in TC) means you can use basically any tank with the mod.


Our pick for the best DNA 200 box mod costs $149.95 from Element Vape, but is available for slightly less from GearBest at time of writing, for just $122.59.





This best DNA 200 box mod list has covered plenty of great options, but you may have noticed that finding DNA mods for sale isn’t always easy. Many older units – especially 200 W DNA vape mod options – are discontinued quickly as a new chip is released, but there are still tons of options out there if you’re flexible on what you get. Opting for a down-throttled option or a higher-power three-battery DNA mod is a great alternative if you can’t find the DNA 200 device you’re looking for.