Cigarettes and the Health Effects of Tobacco


In the Colonial Era of the United States, one of the most important products which was grown by the colonists was tobacco. As soon as settlers landed in the new land, tobacco farms began operation, and the tobacco that was grown became a product that could be used as a form of currency. Tobacco became a staple of the economy in the Virginia Colony. Tobacco farmers found a growing market for their products that provided farmers with wealth.


In the early days tobacco was used in a variety of ways with chewing and smoking tobacco being very common among the population. The trend of tobacco usage continued up to the 20th Century. While smoking in public was common and with effective marketing, smoking appeared to be accepted. However, in the late 20th Century, the United States Surgeon General came out with a report that smoking and usage of tobacco could become a hazard to the health of users. The report indicated that using tobacco could lead to Lung Cancer, Emphysema, Asthma, Throat Cancer, Mouth Cancer and several other health related problems.


The Surgeon General's report led to dramatic changes in the way people use tobacco, the way tobacco is marketed, the social acceptance of tobacco and more. Today more people have quit or drastically reduced the usage of tobacco either through chewing tobacco or smoking. Smokers have come up with various ways to stop tobacco use. Hopefully, once the consumer stops using tobacco, they will start the process of healing, and on the way to better health.


We have put together a collection of information and resources to learn more about the health impact of smoking and tobacco. We hope this helps you learn more about the health implications.


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