Best Cheap Vape Pens

See our picks for the most affordable, high-performing e-liquid vapes and weed pens.

Best cheap vape pens

If you’re just starting to vape or considering switching, finding the best cheap vape pen gives you both an affordable way to start vaping and a solid setup to help you quit smoking.

The problem is that there are so many affordable vape pens on the market it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

If you just choose the cheapest vape pen you can find, you probably won’t get something too capable, but if you focus solely on quality you can end up spending more than you intended to.

But there are many devices that strike the balance nicely, and this post contains our top picks for the best cheap vape pens for e-juice as well as dry-herb and concentrates.

If you’re looking to vape concentrates or dry herb, finding a reliable and affordable vape pen can be even more difficult because the devices tend to be more expensive. However, there are still plenty of great options available, and we’ve listed some of the best options below the e-liquid list.

Cheap Vape Pens for E-Juice (Under $30)

9 – Freemax GEMM

Freemax Gemm pod vape pen

You can pick up the Freemax GEMM for $23.95.

The GEMM from Freemax is a strange device, blending a pod-like disposable tank system with the form of a vape pen and the power of a mod. This might seem a little unusual, but the performance is hard to fault and the low price earns it a spot on this best cheap vape pen mods list.

The device only has one button, so you can use it pretty much like any other vape pen, but it does have a couple of extra features. Notably, the device has three power settings: 40 W, 60 W and 80 W, with three quick presses of the button switching between them. 

The battery is also huge, with a capacity of 2,900 mAh that will comfortably get you through a day of use. There’s a color-changing LED in the fire button too, so you know roughly how much battery life you have left at a glance.

Since the tanks are disposable, you can’t change the coil, but you get two tanks with mesh coils, with the G2 being better at lower settings and the G1 at higher wattages (up to 80 W). This makes it a great device for beginners especially, because it’s super easy to use.

And the price of $23.95 puts it up there with the cheapest high-power options on the market.

8 – Vaporesso Sky Solo

Vaporesso Sky Solo vape pens

The Sky Solo is very affordable at $19.95 for the battery, tank, two coils and USB charging cable.

The Sky Solo from Vaporesso is a solid device that pairs the simplicity of a vape pen with the sort of powerhouse performance you’d expect from a mod. It has a single button for operation, and the base of the tank is built into the battery section which makes things a little simpler for new vapers (at the expense of some flexibility).

It has a 1,400 mAh battery, which should get you through most of a day of use, and can put out tons of power in combination with the 0.18 ohm mesh coils included with the kit. The flavor and vapor are both excellent thanks to the mesh coils, and you’ll be satisfied whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been around the block a few times already. 

The tank holds up to 3.5 ml of e-liquid, and it has the bubble-like design that bulges out in the middle. It has a threaded top-filling system which strikes a great balance between being easy to refill and hard to open accidentally. It has a dual slot-style adjustable airflow system, so you can adjust the draw to suit your preferences, and a nice wide drip tip as standard.

7 – Aspire Breeze All-in-One

Aspire Breeze all-in-one vape pen

The Aspire Breeze All-in-One costs $26.95, and comes with the device, two 0.6 ohm atomizer heads, a protective cap for the mouthpiece, a USB charging cable and a set of spare O-rings.

The Aspire Breeze All-in-One is a great choice for new vapers looking for an affordable vape pen to help them switch from cigarettes. The all-in-one design means it’s perfectly set up for brand new vapers, with a 2 ml tank built into the body of the device.

The battery is a little smaller than some of the other options on this list of cheap vapor pens, with a 650 mAh capacity. However, this allows the device to be more compact than most, measuring just 3 and a half inches tall by 1 and a quarter inches wide. It has just one button for operation, so you don’t have to deal with complicated menus or settings to get vaping.

The Breeze All-in-One works with 0.6 ohm atomizer heads, which means it’s a sub ohm device and offers fantastic vapor production and flavor. It also has a side airflow hole to boost vapor production a little more.

The tank is top-filling, so all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece section to fill up, and you can also access the coils in the same way to replace your existing one. Overall, it’s really easy to use and the performance is hard to fault, so it’s well-deserving of a spot on this list.

6 – Suorin Vagon

Suorin Vagon pod vape pen

You can pick up the Vagon for $17.95.

The Vagon from Suorin is proof that pod systems can also make excellent cheap vape pens, provided you’re happy to switch out the ordinary style e-juice for higher-strength nicotine salt options. The Vagon has an eye-catching design, with vibrant color options and a curvaceous body, but the pod system ensures the whole thing stays as easy-to-use as possible.

The pods insert directly into the top of the battery, with a capacity of 2 ml and a filling port located on the bottom. It also works automatically, so you just take a puff to vape in the same way as you would with a cigarette.

The Vagon is intended to operate at lower powers, so while the 430 mAh battery might seem small, it’s still more than enough considering the maximum power output of 16 W. You can also keep track of your remaining battery easily because the “v” shape on the front of the device is actually an indicator light, and it recharges in just an hour. The pods have a 1.3 to 1.4 ohm resistance, which is perfect for higher-strength nicotine salt e-liquids.

5 – Smok Nord AIO

Smok Nord AIO 22 e-liquid vape pen

You can get the Nord AIO for $25.95 with the two coils and a USB charging cable.

Smok’s Nord AIO is a great beginner device thanks to it’s all-in-one design and the option to use both smoker-friendly mouth-to-lung hits and bigger direct-to-lung hits based on which coil you’re using. It’s a single-button device, so it’s really easy to use, but it offers more in the way of performance and battery life than the Nord pod system.

The Nord AIO has a substantial 2,000 mAh internal battery, which is enough to support a full day of vaping even at higher powers. With the 0.6 ohm coil included with the kit, the device offers up to 25 W of power, reducing to 12 W with the 1.4 ohm coil, although the output reduces as the battery drains. These coils have different intents though, with the lower-ohm option for bigger clouds and the higher-ohm option for mouth-to-lung vaping. The included tank can hold 3.5 ml of juice and has a leak-free design.

4 – Smok Novo 2

SMOK Novo 2 pod vape pens
Photo by: Smok

You can pick up the kit for $18.95.

The original Smok Novo was one of the most widely-recommended pod systems in the early days of the technology, and the Novo 2 picks up where the original left off and makes some key improvements.

The Novo 2 has a classic pod vape design, being a squat pen-type device with a pod-and-mouthpiece combination inserted into the top of the battery, and tons of interesting designs available. The Novo goes above and beyond many pod-style devices with its 800 mAh internal battery, but still puts out an impressive amount of vapor and captures the flavor of your juice well. 

The pods for the Novo have a 2 ml capacity, and a simple flap to cover and uncover the side-mounted fill hole. The kit comes with two pods, one 1 ohm mesh option for a higher-performance vape and another 1.4 ohm option that’s better for mouth-to-lung vaping and salt e-juices.

The maximum power output is a respectable 25 W, and there’s an LED battery level indicator that lights up when you take a puff. As far as cheap vapor pens go, this performs incredibly well and has solid battery life too.

3 – Kanger K-Pin Mini

You can get the K-Pin Mini for $22.95.

The K-Pin Mini from Kanger is another all-in-one style device to make this cheap vape pen countdown, thanks to a user-friendly design, great battery life and top-notch performance. The integrated tank on the K-Pin Mini has a 2 ml capacity, which may not be as big as other cheap vaporizer pens, but is plenty for most vapers.

The 1,500 mAh battery will keep you vaping throughout the day, and there is an LED indicator so you know when it will need to be recharged. The design is simple all-round, with a single button to operate the device and a top-filling design on the tank.

The K-Pin Mini works with coils down to 0.15 ohms in resistance, but comes with two 0.5 ohm atomizer heads as standard. This puts it right up there with the top e-cig pen devices when it comes to performance, and it also features triple airflow holes around the base of the mouthpiece to improve vapor production. It also offers a leak-free design and a unique telescopic mouthpiece, which allows you to hide the mouthpiece when you’re carrying the K-Pin Mini around.

The K-Pin Mini is a little more expensive than the other options on this best affordable vape pen list, at $22.95, but it’s a great device that you won’t be disappointed with. It comes with the vape pen, two coils, a USB charging cable and a manual.

2 – Joyetech Exceed D19

Joyetech Exceed D19 vape pen

The Exceed D19 costs $27.90.

The Exceed D19 from Joyetech strikes a perfect balance between simplicity, performance and low price. It should go without saying that you can find better vape pens if you spend a little more, but for the price it’s really hard to beat.

The device has a classic vape pen look, a tube-shaped pen with a single button for operation and a tank on the top. The pen has a 1,500 mAh battery, which works pretty well with the 40 W maximum output from the Exceed and will be enough to keep vaping for a whole day. Of course, a USB charging cable is included with the kit.

The Exceed D19 comes with a tank as standard, featuring dual slot-style adjustable airflow around the bottom, two coils included and a 2 ml juice capacity. The tank comes with a 1.2 ohm coil intended for mouth-to-lung vaping and a 0.5 ohm option for direct-to-lung draws, working with the adjustable airflow to help you find your ideal draw.

You can use the device with direct output, or set it to just give a constant voltage, depending on your preferences. The tank is also top-filling, which makes it about as easy to refill as possible. 

1 – Innokin Go S

Innokin Go S vaporizer pen

The Innokin Go S is an awesome device, and you can pick it up for $29.99.

The Go S from Innokin earns our pick as the best cheap vaporizer pen on the market, managing to combine Innokin’s consistent quality in its products with an affordable price. It looks like most other vape pens, standing about 13 cm tall and having a single button for operation, so you’ll be right at home with the device if you’ve vaped before.

But Innokin does a great job of taking things further than the basics, though, with a color-changing LED light around the button which gives an indication of the remaining battery life, and a consistent power output throughout the charge. 

The Go S has a pod-style tank, which is made from PCTG plastic and has a convenient, slide-to-open top-filling system for refilling and a 2 ml capacity. The tank has a built-in 1.6 ohm resistance coil, which is perfect for the mouth-to-lung draws just-switching smokers and a lot of vapers prefer.

The result is a lower power output (a consistent 13 W), but still impressive vapor production and a good lifespan out of the 1,500 mAh internal battery. The wicking is also explicitly designed for maximum flavor, using a combination of organic cotton and wood pulp to help the taste of your juice really shine. 

Cheap Vapes for Concentrates and Dry-Herb

Although most people looking for the top-rated affordable vape pen will be after an e-liquid vape pen, that isn’t the only type of vape pen on the market.

Portable vaporizers are more common for people looking to vape dry herb, but there are some cheap vaporizer pens that work well for dry herb too.

For concentrates, waxes and oils, there are a lot more cheap vape pen devices on offer, and you can usually get something that works really well in this class without spending too much.

So here are some brief run-downs of some of the best cheap vapes for dry herb and concentrates.

Cheap Dry Herb Vape Pens (Under $90)

3 – Yocan Hit

Yocan Hit dry-herb vaporizer

The Hit is impressively affordable, at just $59.95 for the pen.

The Yocan Hit is a simple-looking device with plenty of capability, and the price puts it firmly in the running for the title of best cheap vape pen for dry herb.

The Hit has a cylindrical shape, kind of like a thicker e-liquid vape pen, with a small OLED display screen on the front face, a single firing button in the same section of the screen and two adjustment buttons off to the right. All it takes is five quick clicks to turn the device on, choosing your setting and waiting for it to heat up before you start vaping, with haptic (i.e. vibration) feedback to let you know when it’s ready to go.

The Hit runs on a 1,400 mAh battery, which is pretty solid in comparison to other pen-sized vaporizers, and it allows you to choose between 3 and 5 minute sessions so you can get the most out of a charge.

Unlike many simpler vaporizers, it allows you a free choice of temperature setting between 200 and 480 °F, which you adjust with the dedicated keys. It heats up within just 30 seconds, too, and has a ceramic heating element and chamber so nothing interferes with the flavor of your herb.

2 – G Pen Pro

G Pen Pro dry-herb vaporizer

You can pick up the G Pen Pro for $89.95, along with a cleaning tool and a USB charging cable.

The G Pen Pro from Grenco Science takes second place as the best vape pen under $100 for dry herb devices, offering a traditional pen-style design but performance to rival some of the bigger options on the market. It’s really straightforward in terms of appearance, with a typical tube shape, one button for operation and a series of LED lights to show you the remaining battery life and allow you to choose settings.

The battery life on the G Pen Pro is less than the Prima and many other large devices, but it’s good enough for between 30 minutes and an hour of continuous use before you need to recharge.

The device has three temperature settings, 375, 400 and 428 °F (190, 204 and 220 °C), and you handle settings changes with the single button on the device, with color-coding so you know which setting you’re on. It heats to vaping temperature in just 30 seconds, and performs excellently all-round. We have a review of the G Pen Pro if you want more information on what the device can do.

1 – Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump Cheap Vape Pen

The Atmos Jump is available for just $64.99.

The Atmos Jump is the best affordable vape pen for dry herb, with a great price, vape pen-like form factor and great performance for dry herb vaping. The cheap vapor pen has a single button for operation, making it really easy to get to grips with even if you’re new to vaping.

It has an in-built 1,200 mAh battery, which is excellent for such a portable pen-like device and is plenty to get you through several sessions. It charges via USB, which takes about 4 hours after an initial longer charge the first time around.

The Jump has an anodized heating chamber, and reaches vaping temperature in just 7 to 10 seconds. It’s the best vape pen in its class for the price and form factor, but it has a fixed vaping temperature of 392 °F (200 °C).

However, this temperature works really well for vaping dry herb, and most vapers looking for cheap vape pens for weed are unlikely to have an issue with the performance it offers. It works for 4 minutes after you click the fire button three times quickly, but you can just do it again if you want a longer session. It vaporizes your herb evenly and effectively every time.

The price is a big factor in the fact that the Atmos Jump is the top vape pen in the group, available for just $64.99 and coming with the device, mouthpiece, a packing tool, a cleaning brush and a micro USB cable.

Cheap Concentrate Vape Pens (Under $60)

5 – Atmos Magna

Magna Concentrate Vaporizer

You can pick up the Magna for $54.99.

The Magna from Atmos is a fairly straightforward device but still a good vape pen for concentrates and oils. It has a traditional vape pen look, with a single button for operating it and a glass section above the atomizer coils, along with a glass mouthpiece.

The device features three heat settings, so you have some control over the type of experience you get when you’re vaping the device, and heats up in just five seconds. The battery is average for a vape pen, at 650 mAh, but this is absolutely fine for a concentrate device and keeps the device compact too. It has an LED battery life indicator so you’ll always know how soon you’ll have to charge. It comes with two atomizers, both with titanium coils but one a single quartz rod and the other a dual coil option with two rods.

4 – Yocan Evolve Plus XL

Evolve Plus concentrate vape pen

You can pick up the Evolve Plus XL for $59.99.

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap vape pen for concentrates, thanks to the chunky, long-lasting battery and quad-coil atomizers. The device basically looks like a fat vape pen, with a single button to operate the device and a magnetic connection system for the atomizer tube and base. It also features adjustable airflow so you have some control over the sort of draw you get from the device.

The chunky nature of the device is a bonus because of the battery life: the Evolve Plus XL has a 1,400 mAh capacity, much more than most other pen-style devices on the market. It also boasts an impressive quad coil atomizer, with titanium coils and quartz rods for wicking. This really boosts the performance beyond most of the options on the market, and makes it a great option if you’re serious about concentrate vaping.

3 – AirVape OM

Mini vape pen for weed concentrates

You can pick up the AirVape OM Mini for $29.99.

The OM Mini from AirVape is a compact vaporizer for liquids and oil concentrates, looking like a standard vape pen with a keychain on the bottom and a 510 connection for the chamber section.

It’s one of the best quality cheap vaporizer pens on the market, heating up super-quickly and coming with three options for voltage setting. The device is pretty stealthy, completely stainless steel and with the keychain ornament vibe making it unlikely you’d see it and think “that’s a concentrate vaporizer.” 

The OM Mini lets you choose between 2.4, 3.2 and 4 V, which you switch between with three rapid clicks of the single button on the device. It heats up within just five seconds, and the included cartridge can hold 1 gram of concentrate or liquid. Of course, the settings let you tailor your experience in terms of flavor and vapor, but impact the lifespan you get from the 300 mAh internal battery.

The OM Mini might not do as much as some competitor devices, but for the price of $29.99 it’s pretty hard to fault.

2 – Yocan Hive

Yocan Hive concentrate vaporizer

The Yocan Hive is perfect for vapers on a budget, with a price of $27.99.

The Hive from Yocan may make this run-down to the top cheap vape pen for concentrates, but in a way it has a look more like a mini vaporizer than a traditional pen. It’s very compact, but the look is somewhere between a pen and a mini vape mod, slightly boxy with the button on the front face and a mouthpiece sticking up from the top edge at the opposite side.

It’s small enough to comfortably fit in your palm, and comes with two cartridges – one for liquid and one for solid concentrates – which have a simple magnetic system for connection. There’s also a glass window on the side so you always know how far you are through a cartridge. 

The Hive runs on a 650 mAh battery, which is impressive for such a small device and more than enough to keep you vaping concentrates for over a day at an average usage level. There’s a three-color LED light so you’ll always know your charge level, and of course it comes with a USB cable for recharging. While it doesn’t offer different power settings, it works at 4.2 V / 12 W of power which gives exceptional performance with a range of concentrates.

1 – G Pen GIO+

Concentrate vaporizer pen

The G Pen GIO+, along with all the extras, costs $29.95 new.

The G Pen GIO+ from Grenco Science earns our pick for best cheap vape pen for concentrates, sporting a classic vape pen style but performing as well as some of the best on the market.

It has a single heat-activation button on the back with three time-controlled settings, which is backed by an LED light in the front for some visual feedback as you vape. It only works with GIO cartridges but the performance is well worth the restriction in flexibility.

The device is powered with a 220mah rechargeable battery, which is largely responsible for the impressive vapor production and flavor from the device. There are only three power settings, but the consistent output works really well and simplifies the vaping experience.

How Much Does a Vape Pen Cost?

If you’ve looked through our vape pen list above, you might still have some questions, such as how much does a vape pen cost usually?

There isn’t really an easy answer to this, because while there are plenty of budget vape pens available, many modern devices can cost around $40 or even more in some cases, depending on whether you're getting a vape pen for e-juice, dry-herbs, or concentrates.

If you’re looking for the very cheapest vaporizer pen you can find, you can pick cut-price options up for as little as $20.

But if you want something that stands up to the competition in the modern day, you’ll likely have to pay more like $50 in most cases.

If we had to estimate the average vape pen cost, it would be between $30 and $70.

Where Can I Buy a Vape Pen?

E-liquid vape pens

Vape pens are widely available, from brick-and-mortar vape stores to online vape stores and even many cases gas stations, convenience stores, or cannabis dispensaries have cheap vape pens for sale.

If you’re looking for some firm recommendations as to where to find cheap vape pens online, DirectVapor and VaporDNA both have great selections and always keep prices as low as possible, with plenty of great vape pen deals available. If you're looking for good deals on weed vape pens, offers good prices.

By using the exclusive vape coupons we have from a large range of stores, you'll find something that's both affordable and high-performing.


Regardless of what you’re looking to vape (e-juice, dry-herb, or concentrates), there are some fantastic options in the best cheap vape pen lists above.

You don’t have to spend too much money to get a solid vape these days, and picking up the best vaporizers cheap has some definite advantages.

You’ll be more than satisfied with the performance of these options, but if you want something even more capable and feature-packed, you can always upgrade to something higher-end later. For now, just enjoy your vaping experience.