The Best Vape Memes

By Ivan Srsen Posted February 20, 2018

Vaping Memes


We’re all fortunate enough to belong to a group of people who don’t take themselves too seriously. At its core, vaping is supposed to be a darn fun activity, one that brings you closer together with other vape aficionados. Recommending gear, talking up (are talking down) vape juice brands, offering tips and tricks for leaky tanks, swapping thermal runaway stories (the fewer, the better) – that’s what it should all be about. And then we have the vape memes. Most of them seem to poke fun at the community, but that’s fine – a hearty laugh is always welcome!


The Internet is flooded with fun vape memes and this particular selection is by no means all-inclusive. While some of them are slightly tongue-in-cheek, they are all funny and remarkably close to the truth (head in a cloud, anyone?). I dare all cloud chasers to snap a photo of their living room while they’re trying out new flavors and prove the memes wrong?!


In any case, here are my top vape memes. Some might be slightly older but they are classics and any list would be incomplete without them. Hopefully, you’ll get a good laugh out of them because I certainly did.


1 Cant' tell if this is fog or if the guy in front of me is vaping


2 When you pair some coffee and your favorite morning vape


3 Did you unplug my batteries to charge your phone


4 The moment when you get a dry hit


5 Chase you woman, I only chase clouds


6 Vaping 24MG got me like, I feel it


7 Tax Refund, you mean Vape Budget


8 You learned more about electricity from vaping than you ever did in school


9 Here is my paycheck, I want to blow clouds


10 How vapers look to normal people


11 You want sub-ohms, You can't handle sub-ohms!


12 When someone tells you how bad vaping is while smoking a cigarette


13 When you add the final touch to your newly wicked dripper


14 That feeling when you find your new favorite fuice


15 Vapers be like... getting ready for the cloud comp


16 Blows a cloud in your face shatters your jaw


17 When you walk into a vape shop on a payday


18 I told him if it was me or the vape, that was the biggest cloud I've ever seen


19 When your boss won't let you vape but you still have to act civil at work


20 I vape therefore I ohm


21 Our clouds will blot out the sun! Then we will vape in the shade


22 That feeling when you wake up and your 18650s are fully charged


23 Damn she found my vape shop receipts


24 Great. The ninja turtles took up vaping


25 She vapes, she builds


26 Me when I lose my vape in the couch


27 I don't just chuck clouds, I chuck norris clouds


28 Obey #VapeGod


29 I found the vape meet... How do we get in


30 Vapers be like'What build id that'



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As I’ve mentioned, this list is far from comprehensive so if there’s anything you’d like to add to it, please leave a comment below. I’ll make sure to update the post if your submission gets me to crack a smile. Challenge accepted?


Vape On!