Best Mechanical Mods Under $100

Best Cheap Mechanical Mods

Mechanical vape mods are to-the-point, high-power vaping devices, and although they’ve been falling out of favor with vapers thanks to the rising popularity of high power VV/VW devices, they still have many staunch supporters.

Authentic mech mods are works of art, and they’re often priced accordingly: with it often costing well over $100 to pick one up.

But what about if you want the hard-hitting performance of a mechanical mod without breaking the bank? What are the best mech mods for under $100?

Best Mech Mods Under $100

We’ve surveyed vapers to find out the community’s views on what the best cheap mechanical mods are – with our poll attracting over 3,000 votes – and we’ve used the results to put together a definitive list.

9 – The Ragnarok Full Copper by VLS

Ragnarok Full Copper - Best Affordable Mechanical Mods

The Ragnarok Full Copper mod by VLS just qualifies as one of the best cheap mech mods under $100, and boasts a beefy build from 99.99% pure red copper. The device includes PEEK insulators, a spring-loaded firing button, a pure copper telescopic top pin and a copper bottom firing pin. It’s 24 mm in diameter, which will lead to a less-than perfect fit with most atomizers, but overall the design is sleek and understated, with a single VLS Ragnorak logo on the switch and nothing else. The device also has a near-zero voltage drop, offering fantastic performance for just $99.99. You can also pick up the stainless steel version for $78.99.

8 – Dogecorn by Congrevape and Vape Overload

Dogecorn Mod - Best Mech Mod Under $100

The Dogecorn vape mod is an almost unbeatably affordable 18650 mechanical, priced at just $41. It’s a 21.7 mm diameter mod with naval brass construction and plated in sterling silver or 24k gold, as well as being available in colored finishes. The mod features a floating 510 connection, has a round square post on the bottom for a smooth firing action, and the option of replacing the spring-operated button with a neodymium magnet. It looks pretty cool too, with “Dogecorn” written down the center of the tube in Roman-style lettering and the “doge” meme logo towards the bottom.

Everything is beautifully put together, and even though it doesn’t do anything particularly special, for the price, it’s a very well-made mech mod that’s pretty difficult to top, and well-deserving of its spot on this list.

7 – Magneto II by Smoktech

Magneto II - Best Affordable Mechanical Mods

The Magneto II from Smoktech makes this list as one of the cheapest mechanical mods on the market, priced at just $44.99. The device is a telescopic mechanical, compatible with both 18350 and 18650 size batteries, with a diameter of just over 22 mm and stainless steel construction.

The mod features a magnetic switch – which can be locked with the aid of the locking ring – brass contacts, an adjustable center pin (so it’s compatible with most 510-threaded atomizers) and floating pins on both the positive and negative connections so the device works with both flat and button-top batteries. It also has three vent holes to protect you in the unlikely event that you have an issue with your battery. The device is available in gold, black, blue, red and stainless.

6 – Phantom by WOTOFO

Phantom Mod by Wotofo - Best Mechanical Mod Under $100

The Phantom mod by WOTOFO (known for the Freakshow, Troll and Sapor RDAs) is priced at just $44.99 and is designed as the ideal entry-level 18650 mechanical vape mod. The device features a choice of two top caps – for hybrid (direct atomizer-to-battery) or standard connections – rhodium-plated copper contacts for improved conductivity, two 24k gold-plated springs so you can adjust your throw to your liking and an adjustable delrin ring on the button. The appearance is minimalist, with the Phantom of the Opera design on the button being the only thing on the mod, leaving you to appreciate the finish without logos cluttering up the aesthetics.

5 – Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods

Limitless Mod - Best Affordable Mechanical Mods

The aluminum version of the Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods costs just $67.95, and it’s solid performance on our poll lands it a spot as one of the most popular mechanical mods under $100. The device is made from 7071 aluminum, has a direct atomizer-to-battery hybrid connection and has a one-piece contact button (to minimize voltage drop by using fewer components).

It also features a four-point rail system to keep your button from slipping off, improve conductivity on the negative point (as well as maintaining consistency) and to ensure there’s proper grounding so you don’t get a hot button. There’s also an adjustable delrin section on the bottom connection so you can adjust it to suit your battery. The device also features changeable sleeves – hence the name – so you can change up the design of your device to suit your preferences.

4 – Tesla Two Box Mod

Tesla Two Sub Mod - Best Mech Mods for 2015

The Tesla Two is an unregulated box mod, and makes this list of the best mech mods under $100 thanks to its huge, in-built battery with a 400 mAh capacity and a huge maximum continuous current output of 40 A, translating to 100 W with a 0.18 ohm coil. It’s aluminum-bodied and features a spring-loaded, copper-plated silver firing pin to ensure great connectivity with pretty much any 510 atomizer on the market. The device has a solid, impressive appearance – with four color options but nothing on the body other than a circular, metallic firing button the edge – and costs just $39.85.

3 – Hit iThin by Anatolian Mods

Hit iThin - Best Cheap Mech Mods for 2015

The Hit iThin by Anatolian is one of the top mech vape mods under $100, costing just $55 direct from the mod-maker. When you purchase the mod, you can choose between brass, copper and stainless steel construction for the top cap, tube, the switch housing and the button itself, and you can also get a brushed or polished finish on the tube and 18350, 18500 and 18650 sizes. The mod has a standard connection – not a hybrid – but still only has a voltage drop of around 0.06 V, hitting hard enough for most vapers, and the firing button is recessed (so there’s no locking ring needed). The mod has one small engraving on its body towards the bottom, and an Anatolian Mods Hit iThin logo on the button.

2 – Tugboat Mod by Flawless

Tugboat Mech Mod - Best Mechanical Mods for Under $100

The creators of the popular Tugboat RDA have produced it’s mech mod counterpart, the Tugboat Mod. Ranking in the top 20 in our poll and costing just $99.99, the Tugboat mod has earned its second-place spot in this list, although it pushes the cost about as far as it can go.

The device is a 22 mm diameter, 18650-only mod made from lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum, with a hybrid connection the improve conductivity. The Tugboat Mech Mod also features copper contacts and delrin insulators, to improve conductivity and heat resistance. The mod also has a flush-fitting magnetic button, to give a sturdy but smooth throw that doesn’t degrade over time. It’s available in a choice of four finishes (baby blue, black, gun metal grey and white) and features the classic Tugboat logo engraved on the tube, along with a crest design on the firing button.

1 – Fuhattan by AmeraClone

Fuhattan Mod - Best Cheap Mechanical Mod for 2015

The Fuhattan is a clone of the Manhattan, but costs considerably less – currently priced at just $24.99 – and is the best mechanical mod under $100 based on our poll of vapers.

The device takes a single 18650 battery, housed inside a copper tube and wrapped in a carbon fiber sleeve. It has a threaded 510 connection with sliding pin in the top cap and copper contacts throughout. The device uses a magnetic firing switch to protect against accidental firing when it’s stood up and to ensure a consistent throw over time, unlike springs that often need to be replaced after extensive use. The switch also has venting holes in case you have battery problems, and you also get two spare copper pins for the atomizer, as well as an extra copper bottom pin.

The mod also looks pretty cool with the carbon fiber sleeve, thanks to the copper top and bottom and the “FU” logo cut out of the sleeve so the copper provides its color. The Fuhattan may be a clone, but its performance won’t disappoint.

Mech Mods: Editor's Picks

There are plenty of options for mechanical mods in the list above, but it goes without saying that this only scratches the surface of the vast array of eligible devices on the market. So we’ve put together an additional list, based on our own staff’s picks. The list isn’t as objective as the main top 10 above, but if you’re looking for more options, these are some devices to consider.

10 – Invader Mini by Tesla

Invader Mini Unregulated Box Mod - Best Cheap Mech Mods

The Invader Mini from Tesla is a mechanical box mod, with a fairly non-descript appearance and aluminum construction. The mod takes two 18650 batteries, and boasts some safety features you don’t usually get with mechanical devices, such as short circuit (for resistances under 0.1 ohm) and reverse battery protection, making it a pretty good option for any vapers unsure about the safety aspects of mechanical ecig mods. The mod is available for just $49.95.

9 – Excalibur Mod by Cigreen

Excalibur Mod - Best Mech Mods Under $100 for 2015

The Excalibur Mod is a mechanical 18650 tube mod with a copper construction and a pretty cool design, featuring a sword logo with “Excalibur” written down the blade and available in three finishes. The device has a magnetic switch, a small voltage drop (thanks to the hybrid 510 connection), a pin-free top cap and a lockable fire button. Everything is very easy to use, and at just $44.99, it’s a pretty tempting option for vapers on a budget.

8 – The Infected by USA Made Mods

The Infected - Best Mech Mod Under $100

The Infected is an 18650 tube mod made from 304 stainless steel and brass, with a recessed firing button (to prevent accidental firing when you stand it up) and a magnetic switch. The mod has 99 percent pure tellurium copper contacts, which minimizes voltage drop and ensures a consistent connection when you hit the fire button. The mod has a big vent hole in the body, and both the top and bottom cap can be removed to access the battery. The device costs just $89.95.

7 – Seeker Mod by EHPro

EHPro Seeker - Best Cheap Mech Mods

EHPro may have a reputation for producing clones, but the Seeker Mod is an authentic creation of theirs, a 26650-size mechanical tube vapor mod. The device is built from copper, with a stainless steel locking ring and silver contact pins, and uses a simple spring for the firing button. The device might not be the highest-end device on the market, but it performs well and offers the substantial battery life of a 26650 mod. For just $59.99 it’s an excellent deal that it’s hard to pass up.

6 – Antique Dragon by Tesla

Antique Dragon Mod by Tesla - Best Affordable Mechanical Mods

This device mainly makes the list thanks to its awesome design, featuring a mosaic pattern stretching across much of the body that’s broken up by a fire-breathing dragon design. The mod is an 18650 tube device, with a recessed button that uses a magnetic switch, a reverse-threaded locking ring, copper contacts to aid conductivity and an adjustable positive contact to eliminate battery rattle. It costs just $32.95 too, making it one of the cheapest options on this list.

5 – Full Copper CLT Mod by Infinite

CLT Mod Infinite - Best Mechanical Vape Mods Under $100

The CLT mod comes from the same company who made the RDA of the same name, and the full copper version boasts a sleek, beautiful design – with barely-visible lines separating the tubes – and a recessed, engraved firing button. Tubes are available for 18650 and 18350 battery sizes, and the mod has a 22 mm diameter for a flush fit to most atomizers on the market and features copper contacts throughout. It looks best paired with the CLT RDA, but it works well with most atomizers. Although it’s currently out of stock, VaporDNA has it listed for $49.99.

4 – Hell Hound Box Mod by Wulf Mods

Hellhound Box Mod - Best Mech Mods Under $100

The Hell Hound is another unregulated box mod, with a straightforward but effective design and all copper connections for minimal voltage drop. The mod takes two 18650 batteries, which run in series for a substantial power output, and are accessed through a magnetic panel at the back of the device. The device doesn’t have much else to offer in terms of features, but with a sturdy design and a high-quality copper fire button, it’s an extremely dependable mechanical vape mod, and you can pick up for just $99.95.

3 – Ragnorak Full Copper by VLS

Ragnarok Full Copper Mod - Best Affordable Mech Mods

This device was also featured on the main list, but it’s definitely among our picks, with a beautiful design, super-low voltage drop and a smooth firing pin. It’s slightly large 24 mm diameter means it might not fit flush with many of your atomizers, but the high-quality construction (everything is made in the USA), top-end materials and excellent performance of the device make it well-worth the $99.99 price-tag.

2 – Sleeve Mod by Limitless

Sleeve Mod - Best Mechanical Mod Under $100

This is another of our picks that was also featured on the main list, and although our favorite is the copper version (which costs over $100), the aluminum edition is a fantastic option for vapers on a budget. With excellent conductivity, replaceable sleeves so you can tailor the look to your preferences, and a direct battery-to-atomizer hybrid connection, it’s a high-end mech with a very affordable price tag of just $67.95.

1 – CAM Mod by Kryptonite Vapor

CAM Mod - Best Mechanical Mod Under $100

The CAM Mod – the Cheap Ass ‘Merican Mod – is our pick for the best mech mod under $100: a 22 mm diameter 18650 tube mod, with quality construction and plenty of colors to choose from. The mod is made from stainless steel, copper and brass, and has a recessed firing button, a hybrid-style connection and spare O-rings to ensure a snug fit with the various atomizers on the market. It might be among the more expensive options on this list – available for $98.99 – but for the top-quality build and excellent performance, it’s well-worth spending the extra money.

Conclusion – Authentic Devices for Under $100, as Well as Clones

The most striking thing about the run-down of some of the best mechanical mods under $100 is that there is only one clone in the line-up, and even that is one that’s taken on its own identity. The very best-rated mechanical mods in our poll may have been more expensive than $100, but with plenty of clones of them available anyway, it’s refreshing to see such a selection of high-quality mech mods that won’t break the bank. If you know what to look for, you can definitely have a solid mechanical mod vaping experience without spending too much.

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