Best Internal Battery Vape Mods

Best E-Cig Batteries, Internal Battery Vape Mods


Batteries are the powerhouses that keep us vaping. Although choosing a separate battery is important – and we’ve covered the best 18650 batteries elsewhere – many vape mods come with in-built batteries so you don’t have to pick anything up separately. There are plenty of options for e-cigs and mods which include batteries on the market, and that means there’s a lot of competition for your money. So what’s the best internal battery mod and eGo-style e-cig you can find?


Best Internal Battery Box Mods, VV/VW Mods, and eGo-Style E-Cigs


We polled thousands of vapers about their favorite VV/VW e-cigs and their favorite electronic cigarette starter kits, and we’ve used the results of those polls to put together this top 10 list of the best internal battery vape mods on the market.


10 – Wismec Active 80 W


Active 80W By Wismec - Best Vaping Battery



The 10th placed mod in our best internal battery mods list goes to Wismec’s Active 80 W. The device has an in-built 2,100 mAh battery, and as the name indicates, puts out up to 80 W of power in VW mode. It also has a TC mode, supporting nickel, stainless steel and titanium coils, as well as offering a bypass (mech mod like) mode and the ability to adjust the TCR for TC modes. It has a fairly basic OLED display screen, but it’s clear and gets all of the key information across efficiently. The most unique offering from the device is the in-built Bluetooth speaker, which obviously does drain battery but is a nice feature for music lovers in particular.


The mod costs $54.95.


9 – Wismec Presa 40W TC


Presa 40 W - Best Vaping Battery 2020



The Presa from Wismec is a compact, ergonomically-designed mod with a 2,300 mAh internal battery. This is less than some of the other options on this list, but if you’re looking for something portable it strikes a good balance and should last you through a day of work at minimum. The Presa puts out up to 40 W of power, and it also offers TC vaping with nickel or titanium coils. The firing bar on the device is part of the curved front edge of the mod, which makes it really comfortable to use, and there’s a lock switch above it to prevent accidental activation. Overall it’s a simple, portable device that’s comfortable to use, making it a pretty solid deal for the $47 price-tag.


8 – Wotofo Serpent


Serpent Mod - Best Vape Mod Battery


The Serpent from Wotofo is another entrant onto this best internal battery box mod list that strikes a great balance between battery life and portability. It comes with a 2,000 mAh internal battery, which is a solid offering, especially when combined with the 54.5 mm by 43.5 mm size. The mod puts out up to 50 W in variable wattage mode, and also features temperature control vaping. The design is pretty simple, with a boxy shape, two adjustment buttons and a fire button on the front edge, and a top-mounted display screen. If you’re not looking for something with as big a battery as possible and you’ll be vaping out of the house a lot, it’s a fantastic device, and you can pick it up for $51.40.


7 – GeekVape Aegis Mini



Aegis Mini Vape Mod - Best E-Cig Battery


The Aegis Mini from GeekVape is an affordable and capable internal battery mod, offering up to 80 W of power in VW mode and supporting TC vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. It’s a bit smaller than the average box mod, and has a textured grip section at the back. It features an in-built 2,200 mAh battery, which will get most users through a day of vaping between charges. The mod is also dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, so it’s a great option if you’re going to be vaping outside your house a lot. It also comes in a kit with the Cerberus tank, which has a 5.5 ml juice capacity and comes with two mesh coils.


The kit costs $50.95.


6 – Halo Triton II


Triton 2 - Best Built In Vape Battery


Although it doesn’t technically meet the definition of best built-in battery mods, the Triton II is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something with a vape pen-like operation and form factor that can still put out tons of vapor. It has a 700 mAh battery, and works simply with a single button to fire and operate the device. The Triton II has an adjustable airflow system and a wide-bore drip tip to maximize vapor production too. It comes with a 2 ml glass Triton II tank as standard, and this is compatible with 0.75 ohm atomizer heads, giving you a sub ohm vaping experience without the complexity of many devices on the market. You can pick it up for $29.99.


5 – Smok Stick Prince


Smok Stick Prince Kit - Best Built In Vape Battery



The Smok Stick Prince takes the spot of fifth best e-cig battery on the market thanks to the huge battery life and user-friendly design. The Prince has the basic design as the other devices in the series, kind of looking like a fat version of a vape pen, with a single button for operation, a tube shape and a tank included as standard. It has a massive 3,000 mAh battery – easily enough for a day of vaping – and can put out up to 45 W depending on the remaining battery life. It doesn’t have many additional features like some of the devices on this list, but if you’re looking for something that hits hard with excellent battery life, it’s a great option. The included TFV12 Prince tank has a massive 8 ml juice capacity, a hinge-and-lock top-filling design and comes with two 0.17 ohm coils. You can pick up the device and the tank for $42.95.


4 – Joyetech CuBox


CuBox Mod - Best Vaping Battery


The CuBox from Joyetech is a box mod designed with beginners in mind, stripping down the features to the basics and simplifying the design so you feel at home right away. It has a standard box mod shape, with curved edges to make it more comfortable to hold, and has an impressive 3,000 mAh internal battery. There is a single button for operation – hit it to fire and press five times quickly to switch on or off – and the top-mounted display screen solely shows your remaining battery life. The mod supports 2A charging, so you’ll go from an empty battery to fully-charged quicker than most devices on the market. It puts out up to 50 W of power, with no option to adjust it but more than enough capability for most vapers.


You need to pick up a tank to go with it – although the Cubis 2 is packaged with the device sometimes – but you can get the mod for the great price of $25 without it.


3 – Vaporesso Luxe Nano


Luxe Nano Mod - Best Vaping Battery for 2020



The Luxe Nano from Vaporesso is probably the most high-tech option in this best built-in battery e-cig list, boasting a 1.3 inch, full-color TFT touch-screen display. The mod has a 2,500 mAh in-built battery, which isn’t huge but is enough to keep most vapers going throughout the day. It runs on the OMNI board 4.0 chipset, which offers super-fast response, firing within 0.002 seconds of you pressing the side-mounted fire button. The touchscreen itself is really responsive too, with haptic (vibration) feedback like a mobile phone, and of course it features a lock to prevent accidental activation. It features temperature control vaping, “bypass mode” (so it works a little like a mechanical mod) and variable wattage up to 80 W. On top of this, it manages to be pretty portable and comfortable to hold and use.


You can pick up the device for $70.90.


2 – Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum


Drag Mini - Best E-Cig Battery


The Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum takes its spot as the second best e-cig battery on the market thanks to the sizable 4,400 mAh internal battery and excellent feature-set. The Drag Mini runs on the chipset, supporting temperature control vaping (with nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils), variable wattage up to 117 W and also “Fit” mode which allows you to dial in the ideal settings for clouds, battery life or flavor with basically no effort at all. The mod looks great thanks to the resin plating on one side, with a well-presented display screen on one edge, an indented circular fire button and two adjustment buttons. It’s a fantastic performer (check out our review if you want to learn more), and you can pick it up along with the Uforcew T2 tank and two coils for $79.99.


1 – Innokin MVP5


MVP 5 Box Mod - Best Vaping Battery


The MVP series of mods is genuinely legendary, with the original pretty much single-handedly kickstarting the box mod trend and every single incarnation has brought improvements to the basic formula. With that in mind, it’s not surprising the MVP5 makes this list as the top internal battery vape mod on the market, especially considering the massive 5,200 mAh battery that will last most vapers two days on a full charge. It features variable wattage vaping at up to 120 W, temperature control functionality and the ability to set a custom power curve, as well as “Easy Select” to make getting the right settings simpler for Ajax and Z series coils.


As well as the (now expected) ability to be used as a power bank, it also comes with a flashlight, compass, thermometer, barometer and altimeter, pretty much making it the ideal device to take camping or hiking.


For all of these features, the $79.99 price-tag is excellent.



Best Internal Battery Vape Mods (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


Of course, there are tons of competitors for the title of best internal battery and rechargeable vape mods and vape pens, and many great options not covered by the list above. So, to give you more options for when you’re looking for a top-quality built-in battery mod, we’ve put together some additional suggestions based on the recommendations of our staff here at ECR. Here’s our staff’s personal picks for the top 10 best vape mods with built-in batteries:


10 – Joyetech Exceed X


Exceed X - Best Vaping Battery

The Exceed X from Joyetech is a great device if you’re looking for something a little better than a standard vape pen but with a similar design. The device is roughly tube-shaped and very portable, with a large single button for operation. The battery isn’t huge, at 1,000 mAh, but for a compact mod there is always a trade-off, and thanks to the 2A charging it only takes 30 minutes to get it back up to power. It has three options for power setting (shown through an LED indicator), offering more control than many comparable devices, although of course not as much as mods with dedicated variable wattage modes. You can pick it up for $19.74.


9 – Vaporesso Drizzle Fit


Drizzle Fit - Best E-Cig Battery for 2020

The Drizzle Fit from Vaporesso is a very compact and straightforward device with a 1,400 mAh battery built-in. It has automatic detection of whether you’re likely to be looking for a direct to lung or mouth to lung vape, with three power modes if you’re vaping mouth to lung and a maximum output of 40 W. It has just one button for operation, making it a great choice if you’re brand new to vaping, with an LED indicator built-in so you can see your current power setting at a glance. It recharges from empty in just over an hour. You can pick up the device for $27.90.


8 – Limitless Marquee 80 W AIO


Marquee AIO - Best E-Cig Battery

The Marquee is a well-designed, beginner-friendly device that incorporates a tank into its body alongside a 2,400 mAh internal battery. It has a 2 ml tank capacity, and comes with two 0.6 ohm coils to get you started. The device has a pretty basic look, but with little extras like the firing bar mechanism (so you just squeeze to vape) and the threaded top-filling design make it a pleasure to use. It features variable wattage vaping at up to 80 W, temperature control with all TC coil materials, bypass mode and dual-slotted adjustable airflow. You can pick it up for $40.


7 – Smok Mag Baby 50 W Mag Baby 50W - Best E-Cig Battery


The Mag Baby is a compact version of the Mag Grip, and it offers an impressive range of features for such a compact and affordable device. The internal battery has a capacity of 1,600 mAh, and while this is lower than many other devices on this list, the additional features more than make up for this downside. It offers variable wattage vaping at up to 50 W, and temperature control vaping with all common TC coil materials. It also comes with the TFV12 Baby Prince tank, making it a great option for anybody new to vaping. You can get it for $59.99.


6 – Aspire Tigon


Tigon Vape Mod - Best Vape Battery

The Aspire Tigon is one of those devices that blurs the boundaries between mods and vape pens, with a tube shape and a single button for operation, but supporting sub ohm coils and being much chunkier than a standard vape pen. The device has a 2,600 mAh internal battery, and the power output depends on the coil you have attached and the remaining battery life, with the maximum working out to 28 W. The Tigon comes with a 3.5 ml capacity tank, with two coils – one 0.4 ohm option that’s perfect for direct to lung vaping, and a 1.2 ohm option for mouth-to-lung vaping, with mouthpieces included for each style. You can pick up the Tigon for $39.99.


5 – Vaporesso Target Mini II


Target Mini II Mod - Best Vaping Battery

The Target Mini II is a portable box mod with a 2,000 mAh internal battery that offers variable wattage vaping at up to 50 W. Although the battery isn’t as big as some of the options on this list, the mod has a great selection of features, offering temperature control vaping with all common TC coil materials and the ability to adjust your TCR too. Like the original Target, the mod features a trigger-style firing button, which makes it a really comfortable device to use. It also features three additional buttons for controlling the features, and comes in a kit with a 2 ml capacity tank and two coils as standard. It costs $49.95.


4 – Kangertech VOLA


VOLA Mod - Best Vaping Battery

The Vola from Kangertech is a compact box mod with an impressive feature-set, a 1.3 inch TFT display and a 2,000 mAh built-in battery. The mod offers an impressive power output of up to 100 W, as well as temperature control vaping with Ni, Ti or SS coils, adjustable TCR and three memory modes (for custom power or temperature curves). You operate it with the fire button and two adjustment buttons on the side, but the screen is on the large face of the mod so there is plenty of space for the display. It’s a great performer and it packs a lot of capability into a small and visually-appealing package. It costs $42.70.


3 – Eleaf iStick T80


iStick T80 Vape Mod - Best E-Cig Battery for 2020

The iStick series was all the rage when it first hit the market, and while they don’t dominate like they used to, the T80 is a great choice if you’re looking for something affordable with a big internal battery. It has a 3,000 mAh capacity battery built-in, and it puts out up to 80 W of power. This is more than enough for most vapers, and even without a TC mode it makes it pretty competitive. The design follows on from the more well-known members of the iStick family, roughly looking like a box mod but with rounded edges and a nice big fire button on the leading edge. The device costs $31.65 new.


2 – Innokin Coolfire IV


Coolfire 4 Mod - Best Vape Battery

The Coolfire IV has been around for a while, but if you’re in the market for an internal battery vape mod, it’s still one of the best options on the market today. It has a 3,300 mAh battery, which is more than enough for a full day of vaping, and this is combined with a full set of features. It offers variable wattage vaping up to 100 W, as well as temperature control vaping with Ni, Ti and SS coils. It has 2 A charging, and the AETHON chipset offers very precise coil resistance readings and a 0.2 second response time. Combined with the compact, ergonomic design, the Coolfire is a great deal at $63.


1 – Innokin Proton Mini


Proton Mini Vape Mod

Innokin dominates the top of this list thanks to the Proton Mini, offering the biggest internal battery outside the main list at 3,400 mAh. It works a lot like the full-size Proton, with a full-color TFT display, with a joystick-like rocker button for setting adjustments and a firing bar on the side. It puts out up to 120 W of power, with temperature control, bypass mode and three memory slots to give you more control over your vaping. It also recharges at 2A, making it a great option if you’re looking for your first high-end mod. You can pick up the Proton Mini for $69.99.




Although our readers and our staff have their own personal picks for the best internal battery vape mods and e-cigs, it’s worth stressing that the choice is ultimately dependent on your personal preferences. You might be more interested in maximizing battery life, or you might prioritize a high power over all else. These options can point you in the right direction, but don’t just shoot for the number one ranked battery without considering the other options. We’ll be adding a buying guide in the coming weeks to help you make your choice, so check back soon!