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Best Desktop Vaporizers

If you’re looking for the highest-quality dry herb vaping experience, the unfortunate truth is that something really affordable and portable probably isn’t the best way to go. Finding the best desktop vaporizer is the best approach if you value performance and reliability over all else, and if you’re willing to spend a little more to get something that works really well.

Portable vaporizers have tons of advantages, but if you’re mainly going to be vaping weed in the house, a desktop vaporizer could well be the best choice for you. The good news is that there are tons of great options when it comes to desktop vape devices. Although some of the best home vaporizers are more expensive than portable ones, others manage to be both high-performance and affordable.

Top 11 Best Desktop Vaporizers

Here are some of the best dry herb desktop vaporizers to consider.

11 – Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer dry herb

The Silver Surfer is available for $250.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a desktop unit that strikes a great balance between performance and affordability. The vaporizer has a pretty standard look, with a cylindrical body for the main vaporizer and a whip attachment, but it’s designed to stand at an angle, almost like it’s falling backwards. This might seem unusual, but it ensures that the wand retains all of your herb when it’s connected, with no risk of it falling in towards the heating element. It rests on a base, with both the base and body coming in a selection of colors so it’s easy to customize your device. The only control on the Silver Surfer is a hand-blown glass temperature knob, which gives a completely unique stylistic touch to each individual unit. 

The heating element is ceramic, and the Silver Surfer uses pure convection-based heating for clean flavor and efficient vaporization. Although it does have a full adjustable temperature system, the specific settings aren’t labeled and so you’ll need to use a bit of trial and error to get it set up how you like the first time around.

The basic form of the vaporizer is made for dry herb and concentrates, but you can add a dab dish with your purchase to allow you to dab concentrates or even diffuse essential oils into your room with the Silver Surfer. You can also connect a balloon or a water filter if that’s how you want to vape. It might be a little rough around the edges in some ways, but it performs excellently, and the price of $250 makes it a great deal for one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market.

10 – FlowerPot

FlowerPot desktop weed vaporizer

The Flowerpot vaporizer comes in different “bundles,” with the cheapest and most basic being the WeedEater Essentials ($396), but the most popular being the Vrod ($501) which allows you to vape dry herb and dab concentrates at the same time. The price and learning curve are steep, but the performance more than makes up for it. 

The Flowerpot is a pretty unique desktop vaporizer, with more customizability and flexibility than most of the options on the market. The focus is more on vaporized bong rips than the traditional weed vaping experience, which makes the device a great option to bridge the gap between smoking and vaporizing, especially if you’ve tried vaping before but never quite taken to it. The Flowerpot is admittedly a little more complicated than many of the options on this best desktop vaporizer list, but it’s easier to set up than you might imagine, and basically every component can easily be replaced with something more suited to your preferences.

The Flowerpot is built from a controller (either from NewVape or Auber RDK), which you use for setting your temperature (with complete freedom over the selection), the head (containing the heating coil and dish) and the bowl (for your weed or concentrate), with glass rigs available (separately) to complete the electronic bong experience. It will take more time to get set up than many of the options on this list, but once you’re done the performance is hard to fault.

9 – Top Vapor VP-100

Top Vapor VP-100 marijuana desktop vaporizer

You can pick up the Top Vapor VP-100 for $74.99 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The Top Vapor VP-100 might not be the most visually-appealing option on this best desktop vaporizer list, but it’s affordable and performs really well. The vaporizer lets you set the temperature anywhere from 356 to 392 °F (180 to 200 °C), which you control with two buttons beside the LED display screen. The design is very simple, with a boxy shape that sits comfortably on a tabletop and has a space in the top half for the pipe and ceramic heating element. You can pick it up in wood grain or glossy black. 

The vaporizer uses a food grade plastic whip, with a silicone and borosilicate glass mouthpiece. To use the VP-100, you just load up your herb into the heating element, attach the whip, set your temperature, wait a few minutes for it to start producing vapor and then start enjoying your herb. The simplicity of the device makes it an excellent choice for anyone new to dry herb vaporizers, and the price makes this even better – it doesn’t take a big investment to get started. 

8 – Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty desktop vaporizer for dry-herbs
Photo by Planet of the Vapes

You can get the Plenty vaporizer for $249 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The Plenty Vaporizer makes this list of the top vaporizer devices, but in reality it falls somewhere between a table vaporizer and a handheld vaporizer. It runs on mains power – and comes with a power supply – but the device features a handle so you pick it up to use it rather than letting it sit on a table. The device is made by Storz and Bickel, the same company behind the immensely-popular Volcano vaporizer, so quality is pretty much a guarantee.

The Plenty home vaporizer has a temperature range from 266 to 395 °F (130 to 202°C), and it’s ready-to-vape within three minutes of being activated. The device is direct-draw, with both long and short tubing sections included with the kit as standard. The desktop vaporizer uses all medical-grade components, so nothing interferes with the taste of the vapor. You’ll get excellent performance every time, with the consistency you’d expect from a desktop device but a footprint more comparable to portable devices.

The Plenty desktop vaporizer costs $249, and comes with the device, the two tubes, a mouthpiece, three screens, a pad for liquid concentrates, a cleaning brush and a grinder.

7 – Arizer V-Tower

Arizer desktop marijuana vaporizer

You can pick up the V-Tower for $169.99 (get 20% off with code: ECR20), a fantastic price for one of the best desktop vaporizer device on the market.

The V-Tower from Arizer is one of the more affordable units to make it onto this best desktop vaporizer list, but don’t let the low price fool you: it’s a great performer. It basically looks like most desktop units, with the “tower” rising up from the base and with a clearly-presented display screen and a few controls on the front. It’s a whip-style vaporizer, coming with a long whip pre-attached and a glass mouthpiece which you attach to the top to vape. There’s also a glass elbow section to attach the whip to that has a screen to stop bits of material from coming up the tube.

You can set the temperature on the V-Tower anywhere from 122 to 500 °F (50 to 260 °C), and it also has a user-definable shut-off so you can have your sessions last as long as you want them to. It has a ceramic heating element and a glass bowl, so nothing in the vapor path will interfere with the flavor of your herb. The combination means that you can enjoy pure flavor and adjust for the right amount of clouds to suit your preferences, as well as tweaking the mix of cannabinoids that make their way into the vapor. 

6 – Da Buddha

Da Buddha - Best Desktop Vaporizer

You can pick up Da Buddha vaporizer for $199.

Da Buddha is another affordable entry onto this list of the best-quality desktop vaporizer units, made specifically as a less expensive alternative to the Silver Surfer, both of which are made by 7th Floor. The desktop vaporizer is a herb-only device (unless you pick up the optional aromatherapy dish), but does a great job when it comes to vaping thanks to its convective heating method (using a ceramic element) and glass components. Da Buddha is one of the best whip vaporizer units on the market, but it doesn’t offer the option to use balloons too.

The tabletop vape unit has an unlabelled dial for temperature settings. This makes it difficult to be sure exactly what temperature you’re vaping it, but the maximum temperature is supposedly around 500 °F (260 °C). The best approach is to choose a setting (most vapers prefer anything from 12 to 3 o’ clock on the dial) and adjust base on the performance you get. It heats up in about 90 seconds, and the convection heating ensures your herb won’t combust. It comes with a three foot vinyl tubing whip and a glass wand for inhaling, so it’s really comfortable to use as a desktop vape device.

Da Buddha has a fantastic price for a table vaporizer, available for $199. For this, you get the vinyl tubing, 10 replacement screens, the glass wand, the vaporizer, a power supply and a padded storage bag.

5 – PuffCo Peak

Puffco Peak vaporizer for concentrates

You can pick up the Peak for $239.99 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The PuffCo Peak vaporizer is a little different from most of the direct draw desktop vaporizer units covered so far, being more of a desktop/portable electronic dab rig, intended for use with concentrates instead of dry herb.

Don’t let this put you off, though, provided you’re happy using concentrates it’s an awesome device with an impressive range of features. Unlike many electronic dab rigs, the Peak gives you four options for temperature, split in 50 °F increments between 450 and 600 °F (232 to 315 °C), with the lower settings being ideal for flavor and the higher ones for clouds.

The Peak uses a ceramic bowl for heat resistance (and retention) and to maximize flavor at lower settings. There’s a band of LED lights to display the temperature, and it takes about 20 seconds to heat up to dabbing temperature. It has a borosilicate water filter to purify and cool the vapor before you inhale, and overall has the look of a fancy bong. It’s powered by an internal battery, which gives you around 30 hits on a full charge. Unlike most desktop vaporizers, this means it’s completely wireless, and also means it works as a portable device. 

Peak vaporizer comes with two bowls, a waterpipe attachment, carb cap and some extras like a loading tool and carry case.

4 – Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer for dry herbs

The Arizer Extreme Q is available at $164.99 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The Arizer Extreme Q makes this list for its balance between affordability and excellent performance. The device has both whip and balloon attachments, so it’s also in the running for the title of best whip vape, and it gives you plenty of choice as to how you enjoy it. The device is intended for dry herb vaping but can also be used for resins, and works through convection heating. The Extreme Q is powered by a mains adapter, which is included when you buy the vaporizer.

The Extreme Q allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 50 and 260 °C (122 to 500 °F) and has three fan speeds to choose from. You can control this using the buttons on the unit itself, but the device also has a remote control you can use too, which isn’t something you’ll find on most vaporizers. It takes between one and three minutes to reach your desired temperature, which isn’t as fast as some units on the market but is a pretty solid offering. It’s really easy to attach the bag and whip attachments, and there’s also an open bowl you can use for diffusing an aroma into a room. The biggest downside to the bags is that they don’t have a valve to stop vapor escaping between puffs, but all you have to do is cover the end with your thumb and you can vape as normal.

One of the biggest reasons the Extreme Q is a potential pick for the best desktop vaporizer is the price, which is an impressive $169.99.

3 – Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer for dry-herbs
Photo by Vaporizer Wizard

You can pick up the Volcano Classic version for $479 (get 20% off with code: ECR20). The Gold edition is on sale for $479 (normally $599).

The Classic version of the Volcano was originally released in 2003, and it’s still a top five desktop vaporizer in 2020. This is a testament to how well Storz and Bickel did with the design of the legendary device, with a dome-like, volcano shape and a balloon bag for collecting your vapor, as well as a simple, dial-operated temperature control system. The temperature range on the classic version runs from 266 to 446 °F (130 to 230 °C), which you select by rotating the dial to one of nine preset temperature spots. 

The Volcano uses convection heating rather than conduction, which is a much more efficient mechanism for vaporizing your herb. This might increase the cost of the vaporizer in comparison to some other devices on the market, but it makes the vapor pure and it manages to release 95 percent of the compounds in your bud. After you load your dry herb into the vaporizer, you attach one of the five included bags, which also have “easy valve” mouthpieces attached, so all you have to do when it’s full is remove the bag and inhale. It comes with plenty of extras, too, even including a grinder.

2 – Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer for dry-herbs

The Volcano Hybrid is available at $559.20 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The Volcano is nothing short of legendary. The table vaporizer is easily the best-known device in the category, and there’s a good reason for its reputation. The performance from the Volcano Hybrid is exceptional, whether you’re vaping dry herb or concentrates. Although it’s more expensive than some of the options on this list, it’s well worth it if you’re looking for the perfect desktop vaporizer.

The Volcano Hybrid is designed for use with balloons, and you get five of them when you pick up the unit. The best thing about these balloons is that they include valves so you don’t have to constantly cover the end when you’re not vaping. The Volcano has a temperature range of 104 and 446 °F (40 to 230 °C), and it can be adjusted in 9 °F increments throughout this range. This gives you plenty of control over your vaping experience, and it’s easy to adjust using the large buttons either side of the display. When you’ve selected your temperature setting and waited for it to heat up, all you have to do is press the air button and the balloon will start to fill with milky white vapor.

The Volcano Hybrid comes with the unit, five balloons, the filling chamber, three clips for the chamber, a ring for the chamber, a set of screens, a pad for liquids, an air filter, a grinder, a cleaning brush and a set of instructions.

The price may be a bit of a sticking point – at $699 for the desktop vaporizer and accessories – but the consistently impressive performance is why you’ll always find the Volcano on lists of top desktop vaporizers. In a nutshell, it costs more but it’s worth every penny if you want something top-quality.

1 – Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch desktop vaporizer

The Switch vaporizer is available at $399.99 (get 20% off with code: ECR20).

The Switch from Dr. Dabber is our pick for the top desktop vaporizer on the market today. It’s much more versatile than most of the options on this list, working with both concentrates and dry herb and coming with 25 temperature settings. This means that no matter what you want to vape and whatever sort of performance you prefer, you can make the Switch work for you. The dual functionality of the switch works through two different ceramic cups, one for oils and thinner concentrates (white) and one for dry herb vaping (black). 

The Switch uses induction heating, ensuring even vaporization of your material and preserving flavor better than conduction-based heating. It also has a self-cleaning mode, so you can clear any remaining material in the ceramic cups without having to pick away at the leftover bits manually. Unlike most of the table vaporizers on this list, the Switch runs on an internal battery, which supports up to 150 cycles per charge and goes from empty to fully-charged in just 60 minutes. It also works in “pass through” mode, so you can even vape while it’s recharging. 

The Switch comes in a kit with both cups, a filter for dry herb, a dab tool, glass percolator attachment, USB charging cable and adapter, a silicone container for wax and a pair of reverse action tweezers, for $299.99.


While desktop weed vaporizer devices will usually cost you a little more than their portable cousins, the performance you get in return makes the extra investment worthwhile if you’re serious about dry herb vaping. Not only does the more heavy-duty nature of the home vaporizer devices give you more consistency and remove any concerns about battery life, the units are often more feature-packed than smaller portable options.

Our picks for the best desktop vaporizer units include plenty of more affordable options as well as the higher-end ones, but it goes without saying that lists like this only scratch the surface. Check out desktop vaporizer reviews and consider all of the options carefully before you make your purchase and you’ll have a much better chance of finding something that meets your needs.

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