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Lindsay Fox is a former smoker, dedicated vaper, and blogger. She joined the EcigaretteReviewed team in 2012.

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V2 Vertx Plus Review

Posted August 16, 2016
V2 Vertx Plus Kit Review

The Vertx and Vertx Plus see V2 re-imagining the cigalike, and it packs better flavor, more vapor and better battery life than any beginner device you’ll have used before. But is it worth the money? Our V2 Vertx Plus review vapes the device to find out.

How to Extend the Life of Your Atomizer Heads

Posted August 5, 2016
Increase Coil Head Lifespan

If your brand new atomizer head is only lasting you a few days – rather than the 1 to 2 weeks you can ordinarily get out of one – you’ll end up spending loads of money on vaping. So what’s the problem? Can it be fixed? Here’s a brief guide to getting the most out of your atomizer heads.

9 Ways to Improve Vapor Production from Your E-Cig

Posted July 15, 2016
Cloud Chasing 101

There are tons of ways to improve your vapor production, and although there are certain types of e-cig and atomizer that are better-suited to it, there are many things you can do to improve the vapor production with whatever device you have now. Here are 9 of them.

What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Posted June 30, 2016
Guide to TC Vaping

These days you’ll barely ever see a mod released which doesn’t offer temperature control. But what is TC vaping? How does it work? Why would you want to use it? What coils can you use with it? Here’s everything you need to know.

VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review

Posted June 23, 2016
VaporFi Vox 60 W TC Review

Our VaporFi Vox 60 TC review takes a look at the latest in the line of Vox box mods from VaporFi, boasting a 2600 mAh in-built battery, up to 60 W of power and TC with nickel and titanium coils. Sounds awesome, but does it live up the hype?

Kanger Subtank Mini Review

Posted June 22, 2016
Kanger Subtank Mini - Sub Ohm Tank

Our Kanger Subtank Mini review puts the legendary sub ohm tank through it’s paces: is it still one of the best options on the market, or have newer designs eclipsed what it has to offer?

NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review

Posted June 21, 2016
Njoy Convenience Vaping System

Our NJOY Convenience Vaping System review looks at NJOY’s ultimate offering for new vapers – is it the best way to quit smoking?

The One-Puff “Gateway Effect:” Three Studies, One Fatal Error

Posted June 15, 2016
E-Cigs Gateway Effect

A new study has led to some predictable, tiresome claims that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking, but it commits a laughable error also found in two other recent gateway studies: focusing on students who’ve taken a single puff of an e-cigarette rather than anything approaching regular use.

Best Sub Ohm Tanks and Vape Tanks

Posted June 8, 2016
Best Sub Ohm Tanks Guide

The competition for the best sub ohm tank is pretty fierce, and choosing the right one for your vaping needs isn’t always easy. To help you find the best vape tank, we surveyed ordinary vapers on their favorite tanks, and we’ve used the results to put together a definitive top 10.

The Basics of Vaping: An Introduction to VV/VW Mods

Posted June 4, 2016
E-Cigarette Mods Explained

  Although eGo-style or cigalike devices are generally preferred by those first getting started with vaping, it usually doesn’t take too long for newer vapers to make the move towards more advanced mods. Most mods these days are variable voltage / variable wattage (VV/VW) devices, which allow you to choose your own power setting and support a much wider range of atomizers. These represent a big step up when it […]