• Mt. Baker Vapor Discontinues Almost 200 Flavors Due to Impending WA Regulations

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 23, 2015
    mt baker vapor flavors list

    With harsh e-cig regulations in the pipeline in Washington state, Mt. Baker Vapor has opted to cull a large number of e-liquid flavors, in case each flavor will need to be individually certified for sale. With 190 flavors on the chopping block, it’s a firm reminder of the impact irrational legislation can have on vapers and the companies that supply us.

  • Cadenza by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 20, 2015
    black note cadenza e-liquid

    Black Note’s range of naturally-extracted tobacco-flavored e-liquids aims to bring some class into the domain of tobacco juices, and Cadenza takes on the world-renowned aromatic flavor of basma tobacco. But is it worthwhile, or does it lack that special something to attract sweet-loving vapers?

  • Study Claims E-Cigarette Ads Increase Smokers’ and Ex-Smokers’ Urge to Smoke

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 16, 2015
    e-cig ads and smoking study

    A new study claims to have found that watching ads for e-cigarettes featuring the act of vaping increases the urge to smoke for daily smokers and weakens intentions to continue abstaining for ex-smokers. However, taking a look at the details makes it obvious that this study must be interpreted with caution.

  • Legato by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 14, 2015
    kentucky tobacco e-liquid

    Legato is Black Note’s attempt at Kentucky tobacco (despite the Italian name), promising a unique vaping experience based on a distinctly aromatic tobacco blend. But does the tobacco e-liquid have enough to offer to convert vapers from sweet and fruity e-liquids to something robust and complex?

  • Study: Users of Newer-Generation E-Cigarettes are More Likely to Have Quit Smoking

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 12, 2015
    mods help smokers quit

    A new study looking at the factors associated with switching from cigalike e-cigarettes to advanced devices has provided more evidence that newer-generation devices are more effective when it comes to quitting smoking, and confirms what most vapers know: advanced devices are just better all round.

  • Forte by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 10, 2015
    best tobacco e-liquids review

    Forte is the burley tobacco blend from Black Note, and while it’s among the more widely-used tobacco blends, I’d be willing to bet you’ve never tried it in e-liquid form before. But is it worth it, or is it just an empty gimmick?

  • A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad E-Cigarette Studies

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 7, 2015
    spotting bad science e-cigarettes

    The issue of reliability in e-cigarette research is being brought into the limelight recently. So, in the manner of “A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science,” is there anything we should be on the lookout for when considering the findings of e-cigarette-related studies? Whether by incompetence or by design, there are many common problems with vaping related research – and how its often reported – that any critical reader of the science should keep an eye out for.

  • Sonata by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 5, 2015
    black note sonata e-liquid review

    Sonata is Black Note’s attempt at a Cavendish tobacco, using the characteristic sweetness-boosting process on a dark Virginia tobacco, but does it translate to a pleasant vape?

  • Study – Minors Can Buy E-Cigs Online Easily, Authors Say Ban All Deliveries

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 5, 2015
    teen using e-cig

    According to a new study, minors can “easily” buy e-cigarettes online – provided they’re happy to lie about their age and are in possession of a credit card – so the authors argue that adult vapers shouldn’t be able to receive deliveries. The authors found that 94 percent of purchase attempts made by minors, that weren’t thwarted by apparent website errors rather than age verification issues, were successful.

  • Solo by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 1, 2015
    black note e-juice review

    The menthol option from Black Note, Solo, aims to fill a niche for ex-menthol smokers looking for a minty vape that doesn’t blow your head off or make you feel like you’re vaping liquefied chewing gum, but have they been successful?

  • Study: If You Lie About E-Cigarettes Often Enough, People Start to Believe You

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 28, 2015
    vaping public misunderstanding

    In a new study, the profound level of public misunderstanding about tobacco harm reduction products like chewing tobacco, snus and e-cigarettes has been revealed. Among other findings, the study suggests that around half of those who’ve heard about e-cigarettes believe them to be either as harmful as smoking or even more so.

  • UK Couple Banned from Adopting Because the Husband is a Vaper

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 26, 2015
    vaping ban adoption

    A UK couple has been banned from adopting a child because the husband was seen vaping, based on advice from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering that “users of e-cigarettes be considered smokers” until the completely ill-defined point at which the concerns about e-cigs have been settled.

  • Bravura by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 25, 2015
    black note bravura e-liquid review

    Bravura is one of the eight tobacco-only e-liquids on offer from Black Note, and it challenges the palate with the complexities of perique tobacco. Is it one that will make you reconsider vaping tobacco e-liquids, or a reminder of why fruity and sweet flavors are the staples of vaping?

  • North Dakota Passes Bill Classifying E-Cigarettes as Non-Tobacco Products

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 20, 2015
    north dakota e-cigarettes

    In a disarmingly rational decision, lawmakers in North Dakota have passed a bill that both bans the sale and use of e-cigarettes by minors and classifies them as non-tobacco products. Instead, they passed another bill classifying e-cigarettes as “nicotine devices.”

  • Adagio by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 20, 2015
    NET e-liquid review

    Made by naturally extracting flavor from tobacco leaves, Black Note’s e-liquids aim for a level of accuracy in flavor unrivalled in the industry, but does it translate to a true Cuban flavor in Adagio that vapers will keep coming back to?