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By Dave S. Posted January 1, 2013

Admittedly, the price of the SmokeTip e-cig might make you tempted to give it a try. What you get is what you pay for, and whilst it might not be the worst e-cig in the world, other options are much better.

SmokeTip E Cigarette Starter Kit
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  • Affordable starter kit
  • 19 flavor options


  • Not the best battery life
  • Could use more of a throat-hit
  • Would benefit from stronger options for heavy smokers
  • Packaging & design could be further improved

Bottom Line

SmokeTip has produced an affordable e-cigarette. If you keep that in mind, what they've produced is OK, but objectively, the battery life is disappointing, the highest nicotine level isn't enough for heavier vapers and the throat-hit isn't quite robust enough. Still, there are 19 flavor options and it’s pretty cheap.

SmokeTip: Our Expert Review

One of the most off-putting factors for anybody considering switching to vaping is the initial investment required to get set up. SmokeTip is an affordable brand of electronic cigarette, and they offer plenty of flavor options for a variety of vaping experiences. There is a tendency to associate reasonable prices with shoddy workmanship, but in the best cases you find both affordability and quality. The Electronic Cigarette Kit comes with two standard-size batteries, USB charger, wall adapter and five flavor cartridges, but is it better to consider a more expensive option?


Packaging and Design


The SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kit comes in a plain, black cardboard box, marked confidently with their logo, a red “S” and “T” joined by an e-cig with the remainder of the letters outlined in bold white. It’s no-frills, functional box with a plastic mould lined with felt for the interior. This is much more minimalistic than most companies opt for, but it is a logical place to seek out some savings in production costs. The box swings open like a chest, and everything you need is laid out in front of you.


The e-cigarette itself adheres to the standard pen-like thickness and uses a two-piece cartomizer design similar to popular brands such as Green Smoke and White Cloud Cigarettes. The LED tip lights up a pale orange, and behaves like the ember of a cigarette. The parts screw together securely, leaving two silver bands – one of which has a collection of thin spaces for air-flow. The occasional liquid leakage you find with the majority of e-cigarettes seems a little more common with the SmokeTip e-cig, but with a wipe prior to use this isn’t an issue.


Nicotine Levels


SmokeTip offer four nicotine levels to address the needs of vapers. They range from No Nicotine, to Ultra Light (6mg), Light (12mg) and Full Flavor (16mg), providing a range of options for those trying to cut down their nicotine intake. This is more than adequate, but a stronger option would have been better for the heaviest smokers. As things stand, the Full Flavor cartridges will be required by most smokers who haven’t already started cutting down.


Flavors and Vapor


The vapor production from the SmokeTip e-cigarette is plenty to replicate the experience of smoking. There are other products on the market which produce more vapor, however, so if this is an issue for you it’s worth considering your options. There isn’t much of a throat hit, so it might not be ideal for heavier smokers on that front too, but you can get one with a fresh Full Flavor cartridge. There is still a decent amount of vapor, though, so you won’t be left feeling like you’re vaping with a toy.


There are 19 e-juice flavors to choose from with SmokeTip, so you won’t be short of options. These include Regular tobacco, Cowboy (Marlboro-esque) tobacco, vanilla, menthol (with a mild option too), cinnamon, clove, grape and even candy cane. The tobacco flavor is quite subtle, which makes for a smooth vape that doesn’t overwhelm you with taste. Their extensive flavor options is a good thing, but you’re left wondering whether they see the number of flavors as being more important than the quality of those flavors. However, the majority do a good job of matching their intended tastes, and there are variety packs so you can try them all.




The battery life on the SmokeTip e-cig is more than suitable for most users, but keeping the spare with you is always useful. There are other brands which have a better battery life, but charging is pretty quick so it isn’t a major issue. SmokeTip offer a free battery with every order of three or more ten-packs of cartomizers, so you don’t have to worry about replacements. Charging is simple, just screw it in to the USB charger and connect to a computer. The LED changes to green when it’s finished, and the flashing LED at the tip of the e-cig tells you when the battery needs topping up.


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The SmokeTip electronic cigarette isn't the market-leader in terms of quality, but its price (combined with the great battery offer) makes it worthy of consideration if you’re on a budget. You get a realistic experience for a fair price, and the flavor selection is fairly extensive. It isn't just a “bargain” option; it’s a solid product for a good price. If you want something a little more expensive as you get used to vaping you can change brands, but SmokeTip is a great way to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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