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Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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  • Zamplebox Review

    November 15, 2015
    Zamplebox Subscription Review
    Zamplebox is one of the original e-liquid subscription services, having gotten started in late 2013 and quickly gaining a following of vapers. The basic premise is that you tell them what type of juices you like, and their expert curators choose a bunch of e-liquid they think you’ll love – but you may never have heard of or tried – and ship them out to you, all for less than you’d pay to pick them up individually (priced at $24.99 for six bottles). With tons of brands covered – including Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust, G2 Vapor, Seduce Juice and more – the idea looks pretty good on paper, but is it worth signing up? Our Zamplebox review tries out an 11-juice box to find out.
  • Craft Vapery Review

    November 15, 2015
    Craft Vapery E-Juice Subscription Service Review
    California-based Craft Vapery is one of the original e-juice subscription services, offering six different subscription levels for between 30 and 120 ml of juice each month – priced at between $19.99 and $61.99. The basic idea is the same as other e-liquid subscription services: you let them know your preferences, choose how much e-liquid you want each month and they ship some juices out to you, hand-selected to suit your preferences. They carry some big-name juice brands – including Cuttwood, Beard Vape Co., Velvet Cloud, P.O.E.T., Halcyon Vapors, CRFT, Teardrip and many others – and have received wide-ranging praise from vapers for their service. So is it worth signing up? We’ve put Craft Vapery’s subscription to the test to find out.
  • Nicpik Review

    November 15, 2015
    E-Juie Subscription Service Review - Nicpik
    NicPik is a Florida-based e-juice subscription service that got its start in 2014, offering the same basic service as other similar companies: you tell them your flavor preferences and your desired nicotine level, and they send out a selection of carefully-chosen e-liquids to your door each month. NicPik offers two different subscription levels, one providing three bottles a month (for $22 per month) and another providing five bottles per month (for $29). They have some great e-juice brands in their selection too, including Cyber Liquids, Cosmic Fog, Hurricane Vapor, Boosted, Moon Mountain, Cuttwood and several others, and they’ve gained a solid following since they started business. But is the service worth signing up to, with so many options for e-juice subscription services available? We’ve vaped our way through a five-bottle NicPik box to find out.
  • Vapebox Review

    November 15, 2015
    Vapebox Enthusiast Box Review
    Vapebox is an e-juice subscription service with a difference. As well as offering juice-only boxes, the California-based company offers the option of including hardware in your weekly box, turning the standard e-juice subscription service into more of an all-purpose vaping gear subscription service. They offer three different subscriptions, two juice-only subscriptions providing 45 ml or 75 ml of e-liquid (for $20 or $32, respectively) and one including both 75 ml of juice and two pieces of hardware or accessories for $60. The juices and hardware come from brands including Beantown Vapor, Brother’s Reserve, Teleos, G2 Vapor, the Standard, Tobeco, EHPro, Youde, Aspire, Kangertech, Congrevape and many others. Their unique service has gotten them some positive attention from vapers, but is the service really worth subscribing to? We’ve put the juices and hardware box to the test to find out.
  • Breazy Review

    November 15, 2015
    Breazy Vape Juice Subscription Review
    Breazy is an online vape store that expanded into offering a subscription service in 2015, drawing from a wide range of e-juice brands – including Jimmy the Juice Man, Suicide Bunny, Five Pawns, Cyclops Vapor, One Hit Wonder, Velvet Cloud, Charlie Noble, POET and many more – for a service with a lot of potential. Breazy offers two subscription levels, either 60 ml of juice for $34.99 or 120 ml for $64.99, ships internationally (and for free to the US) and includes a free vape pen with you first order. The service looks to have a lot going for it, but does it live up to its potential? We’ve put a box from Breazy to the test to find out.
  • Zodist Review

    November 15, 2015
    Zodist Subscription Review
    Zodist is a Texas-based e-juice subscription service that got its start in 2014, but has quickly gained a lot of support from vapers who praise the accuracy of the flavor selection process. Zodist themselves don’t pull any punches, boldly claiming theirs to be the most accurate flavor curation system on the market. You have a choice of five different subscription levels, offering between 30 and 120 ml of e-juice for between $23.99 and $79.99 per month, with juices from brands including Teleos, Jimmy the Juice Man, Space Jam, Beard Vape Co., Beantown Vapor, Ripe Vapes, Cosmic Fog and many more. But is the service as good as it claims to be? We’ve tried out a four-bottle box for our Zodist review to find out.
  • EHPro SPD A8 Review (G3 Kit)

    November 2, 2015
    EhPro SPD A8 - 80 W TC Box Mod
    Temperature control box mods are all the rage at the moment, and the SPD A8 from EHPro is the manufacturers latest foray into the field, offering up to 80 W of power and temperature control from 200 to 600 °F. The mod has a huge 4000 mAh battery, has upgradable firmware, a soft-touch coating, a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms and all of the features you expect from any regulated device. When combined with the Billow Nano V2 in the G3 Kit, for just $83, it’s definitely a tempting option for vapers looking for top-end performance. But does the G3 Kit do enough to stand out from the competition? We’ve put the kit to the test in our EHPro SPD A8 review to find out.
  • VaporFi Edge Review

    October 3, 2015
    VaporFi Edge sub-ohm review
    The VaporFi Edge is a beginner-friendly device that’s made to power sub-ohm tanks and give vapers the high-end performance they’re looking for. With an in-built 1800 mAh battery and a maximum output of 100 W, the Edge packs a lot of power into a compact device, and combined with the goliath 7 ml sub-ohm tank, the starter kit has a lot going for it. The tank comes with 0.5 ohm and 0.2 ohm coils, and features adjustable airflow, juice-flow control, a wide-bore drip tip, a unique cooling system and compatibility with temperature control devices (if you buy nickel coils). But the kit doesn’t come cheap – at $129.99 for the battery, tank, two coils, USB charger and wall adapter – so is it worth the purchase? Our VaporFi Edge review puts it to the test to find out.
  • VaporFi Vox Mini Review

    October 2, 2015
    Vaporfi mod review
    The Vox Mini from VaporFi aims to cram all of the benefits of the Vox series of box mods into a smaller, more compact package. The Vox Mini offers up to 40 W of power and fires coils down to 0.3 ohms of resistance, making it well-suited to sub-ohm tanks. With an OLED screen, an automatic ohm-meter, a spring-loaded 510 connection, passthrough functionality and plenty of other features, the Vox Mini has a lot to offer. The device might not offer as much power as some other devices on the market, and there is no temperature control, but high-end features aren’t for everyone: many vapers just want something reliable without too many bells and whistles. The compact footprint and high-quality build of the Vox Mini makes it an appealing option for smokers, even with a $79.99 price tag. Our Vox Mini review gives you all of the details.
  • JAC Vapour 510 Manual Starter Kit Review

    August 29, 2015
    JACVapour 510 Starter Kit review
    For smokers looking for a simple, eGo-style device to help them make the switch to vaping, the 510 Manual from JAC Vapour looks like a promising option. Although it’s lacking in many of the features you’ll find in more advanced devices, the ease of use, portability and sleek design give it a definite appeal for just-switching smokers. The 510 Manual Starter Kit comes with two batteries, a charger, an Evod 2 clearomizer and a carry case, priced between £37.99 and £39.99 (around $58 to $61) depending on the size of battery (from 400 to 900 mAh). But the competition for your purchase is fierce, and with so many other eGo-style devices available, can UK-based JAC Vapour’s offering really do enough to justify its price tag? We’ve put the 400 mAh version to the test in our JAC Vapour 510 Manual Starter Kit review to find out.