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Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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  • Juice by Numbers Review

    January 24, 2015
    Juice by Numbers #1
    Juice by Numbers is a fairly new entrant into the world of e-liquid, but they’re earning a favorable reputation among vapers for their well-captured, fruity and dessert-based flavors. The company eschews fanciful e-liquid names in favor of numbers, their range currently spanning #1 through #7, deciding to let the quality of the juices do the talking. The line-up includes options like piña colada, peaches and cream and banana waffle, and although there’s nothing for tobacco lovers it makes for a pretty tantalizing selection. They’re on sale through VapeRev, and we’ve put the original five to the test to see if Juice by Numbers is just another in a long list of mid-range e-liquid brands or one that can really make a name for itself with vapers.
  • Vamo V5 Review

    January 15, 2015
    Vamo V5 VV/VW
    The Vamo V5 is the latest incarnation of the classic tube mod, offering variable voltage and variable wattage functionality (from 3 to 6 V or 3 to 15 W), usable in three different battery configurations (18650 and solo or dual 18350s) and featuring a new OLED screen. If you’re new to VV/VW mods, the simplicity of the Vamo is very appealing, and it’s earned a favorable reputation with vapers thanks to its dependability, performance and low price. There are a few problems with the device, though, and with competition from other mods at the lower end of the price range – like the iTaste MVP – it’s worth finding out more before you pull the trigger on your purchase. We’ve put the Vamo V5 to the test to see if it’s worth the cash, as well as seeing how it compares to older incarnations of the Vamo.
  • The Standard Vape Review

    January 12, 2015
    The Standard vape e-liquids
    The Standard Vape aims to set a new standard for e-liquid, and the brand has attracted quite a lot of attention from vapers with their unique range of fruity and sweet e-liquids. They have ten e-liquids on offer, including the marshmallow and kiwi Frankenvape, the banana-packing Curious Jorge and the crème brulee and citrus Cell Block Four, each with a characteristic (and cool) label design. The price isn’t to everybody’s taste, though, and you can only pick up 30 ml bottles, which may put off a lot of vapers just looking to try out the flavors. We’ve vaped our way through three of the e-liquids (Curious Jorge, Dead Man’s Party and Irie Nights) to see if the Standard Vape’s juices are worth raving about or simply over-priced and over-hyped.
  • P.O.E.T. E-Liquid Review

    January 12, 2015
    P.O.E.T. review
    P.O.E.T. (standing for “pursuit of excellent taste”) is an e-liquid line from Randy Freer, a vaper who wanted to recreate the flavors from his favorite Italian bakery. He subsequently got awesome at it and five of his e-liquids went on sale at VapeRev, with romantically Italian-sounding names like Torte De Pastaccio and Americano Ciambella, and the implicit promise of gourmet quality. There are now eight, and P.O.E.T. is making quite a name for itself in the community as an excellent mixer, serving up primarily dessert-style e-liquids with a couple of drinks thrown in for good measure. We’ve put the original bunch to the test to see if the hype, borderline-food-porn descriptions and slightly inflated price tags are justified by the quality of the e-liquid. How far down the road to excellent taste can the P.O.E.T. go?
  • VaporFi Rebel II Review

    October 30, 2014
    Vaporfi Rebel E-Cig Mod Review
    For the more advanced and experienced vapers, VaporFi’s Rebel Starter Kit features a telescopic regulated mod that can accommodate multiple battery sizes. Furthermore, its power output is fully adjustable from either 3.0 to 15 watts or 3 to 6 volts. Heck, even a newer user with intermediate tech skills can quickly learn how to use this high quality e-cig mod in hardly any time at all!
  • VaporFi E-Liquid Review

    July 21, 2014
    vapor zone e-liquid

    VaporFi is a subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. and manufacturer of both e-cigarettes and e-liquid. We’ve already reviewed their line of rechargeable e-cigs (read our review here) so now it’s time to check out some of their e-liquid blends.   Unlike many juice companies, VaporFi gives customers the option of choosing their own e-liquid blends with up to three flavors. And that e-liquid is all made in an FDA-registered […]

  • VaporFi Review

    May 23, 2014
    VaporZone Electronic Cigarette Review and Comparison

    From the International Vapor Group, makers of South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke e-cigarettes, comes Vapor Zone, a brand that caters to a wide variety of vapers. Vapor Zone offers six different starter kits, from a cigalike all the way up to a variable voltage mod. Their specialty would have to be in e-liquid, however, as they are one of few brands that allow custom flavor blending. All VaporZone e-liquid is made in the USA using specially made-to-inhale flavor ingredients in an FDA registered lab. With over 50 individual flavors and up to three options for custom blends, combinations are endless. This Miami-based company pulls no frills when it comes to safety. Their e-liquid has some pretty high manufacturing standards and, as a result, sets the bar when it comes to e-cig startups.

  • Halcyon Vapors E-Liquid Review

    May 13, 2014

    A Halcyon is a type of kingfisher bird known in Greek mythology to calm the seas for two weeks every winter while it nested. If you've been looking for the perfect fruit flavor in your e-cig, Halcyon Vapors can calm and quench your thirst. As there were seven seas in Medieval European literature, Halcyon offers seven flavors that appeal to various taste buds. You may have heard of an e-liquid flavor by the name of Cran Ch'i, arguably their most popular. Others like Dragon Ch'i and Apach'i have followed to make Halcyon Vapors one of the market's best kept secrets. 

  • Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid Review

    April 25, 2014
    Five Pawns E-liquid review
    Five Pawns does something few mixologists in the industry can do. They near-perfectly blend a wide variety of flavors, some that seemingly wouldn't work well in a mix, in some of the most unique concoctions imaginable. Not only that, but they seem to have the ability to take flavors you wouldn't normally enjoy and mix them into a mouth-watering and savory vape.
  • NicQuid E-Liquid Review

    April 7, 2014
    NicQuid claims to be the number one USA e-liquid manufacturer, so saying they’re setting expectations high would be something of an understatement. Founded in 2012, they’re dedicated to producing quality e-liquid, mixing everything at their private lab in Ohio, which they hold up to (or above) food preparation standards. To them, mixing flavors is an art form, and product quality is paramount.