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Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

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  • JAC Vapour 510 Manual Starter Kit Review

    August 29, 2015
    JACVapour 510 Starter Kit review
    For smokers looking for a simple, eGo-style device to help them make the switch to vaping, the 510 Manual from JAC Vapour looks like a promising option. Although it’s lacking in many of the features you’ll find in more advanced devices, the ease of use, portability and sleek design give it a definite appeal for just-switching smokers. The 510 Manual Starter Kit comes with two batteries, a charger, an Evod 2 clearomizer and a carry case, priced between £37.99 and £39.99 (around $58 to $61) depending on the size of battery (from 400 to 900 mAh). But the competition for your purchase is fierce, and with so many other eGo-style devices available, can UK-based JAC Vapour’s offering really do enough to justify its price tag? We’ve put the 400 mAh version to the test in our JAC Vapour 510 Manual Starter Kit review to find out.
  • JAC Vapour E-Liquid Review

    August 16, 2015
    JAC Vapour review
    JAC Vapour is a well-established UK company offering several eGo-style batteries and some more advanced option, as well as a burgeoning selection of e-liquid. You can pick up UK-made e-liquid, some more affordable “Standard” e-liquids and even vapor-less juices, for £5.19/$8 per 10 ml bottle. Their flavor selection is a little basic, with options like Raspberry, Bubblegum, Toffee, Smooth Cigar and Spearmint, but if they’re pulled off well the reasonable prices could make them a good option. So is JAC Vapour’s e-liquid selection worth taking a chance on? We’ve put 12 of their UK-made e-liquids to the test in our JAC Vapour e-liquid review to find out.
  • JAC Vapour Series-E Review

    August 8, 2015
    JAC Vapour Series-E VV
    JAC Vapour is a UK-based company offering a range of eGo-style and more advanced devices, with the Series-E battery offering variable voltage between 3.7 and 4.8 V, a capacity of 1000 mAh and coming in kits with either the ProTank or Aero Tank. On the face of it, the device seems like a great option for just-switching smokers wanting a reliable, dependable e-cig to help them kick their smoking habit. However, there’s a lot of competition in this size category, and while the price isn’t exactly high, the Series-E does cost a little more than some comparable devices. So how does it perform? Is it worth the investment, or should you look elsewhere? We’ve put the Series-E to the test to find out.
  • Hippie Holler Vapors E-Liquid Review

    July 26, 2015
    Hippie Holler Vapors e-juice review
      Hippie Holler Vapors is a juice company founded in 2014 and based out of Missouri, offering a selection of over 40 e-liquids, ranging from fruits and desserts through to tobaccos and menthols. Among their selection are the pecan and tobacco Sweet Home Alabama, the worryingly-named fruity mixture Monkey Farts and the strawberry and banana Pink Panther. With a sizable selection of flavors, reasonable prices, a promise of no diacetyl, artificial colors or preservatives and a hippie-style charm, the relatively new mixer looks like one to check out, but does the juice live up to expectations? We’ve vaped our way through eight juices from Hippie Holler to see if it’s worth placing an order, or whether they’re just another run-of-the-mill manufacturer destined to be swallowed up by the competition.
  • Halo Cigs E-Liquid Review

    July 7, 2015
    Halo Cigs juice review
    Halo has been around since 2009, earning a loyal following of vapers during their six years in business and putting out several well-loved flavors including legendary the RY4 option Tribeca. With international shipping, reasonable prices and a selection of 26 flavors, the mixer has a wide-ranging appeal, and they consistently receive glowing feedback from vapers. They offer some fruity and sweet flavors – Belgian Cocoa in particular is a luscious chocolate vape – but they really stand out for their tobacco and menthol options, making Halo particularly well-suited to just-switching smokers. But does the juice have what it takes to keep smokers off the stinkies and keep converted vapers coming back for more? We’ve tested six juices from the mixer to find out.
  • Beard Gains E-Juice Review

    July 3, 2015
    Beard Gains E-Liquid

    Beard Gains isn’t really an e-liquid company: they’re primarily in the business of giving guys luscious beards, but they’ve branched out into e-juice. Don’t discount them on that basis, though: the craft mixer has a collection of fruity and sweet juices on offer that are made-to-mix, encouraging vapers to make their own combinations from their selection. However, the (non-sale) price is a little high and you can only get 30 ml bottles, so they’ve got to do something special to make the juices worth the purchase. So, does Beard Gains’ e-liquid have enough to offer? Or should they stick to their facial hair-centric enterprise and leave the juice to the Mountain Oaks of the world?

  • Smok XPro M45 Review

    June 24, 2015
    XPro M45 mod review
    Packing 45 W of power and an in-built 2200 mAh battery into a portable, user-friendly device, the Smok XPro M45 has plenty to offer vapers, but with so many compact box mods on the market, making the decision isn’t easy. The M45 is ideal for sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers, firing coils down to a resistance of 0.2 ohms and having all the in-built protection we’ve come to expect from VV/VW devices, making it an appealing option for vapers looking for a more capable device. With a price of $60 or less, it’s definitely competitive in that department too, but does it perform well enough, or is it a case of getting what you pay for? Our Smok XPro M45 review puts the mod through its paces to find out.
  • Boardwalk Vapor E-Liquid Review

    May 6, 2015
    boardwalk vapor review
    Boardwalk Vapor offers a selection of four e-liquids with the aim of selling the “beach lifestyle” by the bottle, each juice taking its name from one of the stereotypical characters of the boardwalk. The flavors include the honey, oatmeal and cinnamon Captain Crusty, the watermelon and mint Freakshow, the peach cheesecake Bombshell and the pina colada and banana Juice Monkey. Every liquid is hand-crafted in the US, using USP-grade PG, VG and nicotine, with care taken over every single mix. At $12 for 15 ml, the price is around the average for well-made e-liquids, but does the flavor make it worthwhile? We’ve had a vape of the four juices to find out.
  • VaporFi Vox 50 Review

    March 23, 2015
    Vox 50 starter kit
    The VaporFi Vox 50 sells itself on its power. With the portable box pushing out up to 50 W, and being happy to work with atomizers down to 0.2 ohms, it’s a VW mod that’s perfectly suited to rebuilders. The only problem is that it asks for quite an investment in return, with a recommended price of around $200 for the device alone (no battery included), making it more expensive than comparable options like the Sigelei 50 W and iPV2, so the decision might not be as easy as it seems. There are many cool features on the Vox 50, including adjustable 510 connection, USB charging capability and a maximum amp limit of 22 A, but it isn’t without it’s issues either. We’ve put it to the test to see if it’s worth the investment.
  • The Vapor Chef E-Liquid Review

    March 14, 2015
    the vapor chef best flavors
    The Vapor Chef is a US-based e-liquid mixer with flavors crafted by an ex career chef. After turning a DIY mixing hobby into a bona-fide business in 2013, the Vapor Chef has enjoyed deserved success for the beautiful selection of flavors on offer. Every recipe is infused with inventiveness, the intended tastes are perfectly captured and the result is a collection of e-liquid so delicious it virtually makes you hungry. To make this even better, they only use high-quality ingredients, US-sourced nicotine and USP grade PG and VG, and everything is made fresh to order. Whether you’re looking for a unique tobacco or dessert and fruity combinations to satiate your sweet tooth, there’s undoubtedly something here for you.