Logic Electronic Cigarette Review

By John Madden Posted July 31, 2013

In the rapidly evolving world of electronic cigarettes, many disposables are being hung out to dry in favor of much larger and longer lasting rechargeable batteries. An e-cig that only lasts a few hours just isn’t going to cut it in a market that is not only based on selling a safer product, but also one that provides much more value than the alternative it is challenging. Today, we are bringing you a review of Logic Electronic Cigarettes’ Power Series rechargeable, two-piece and One Pack disposables. New Jersey based Logic has been in business for three years now and claims to be leader in disposable electronic cigarettes.

Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette
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  • Longer lasting disposables
  • Small size
  • Good throat hit


  • Only offer tobacco and menthol cartridges and disposables
  • Tobacco flavor has a bland, diet cola taste
  • No Vegetable Glycerin is used in e-cigs
  • Pricey individual disposables
  • No large kits offered

Bottom Line

Logic may be one of the most widely available electronic cigarette brands in the c-store market. However, quality seems to take a large hit in their quest for quantity. Your local gas station should have far better options to choose from.
Price: $10.95

Logic Electronic Cigarette Review

Packaging and Design


The disposable Logic electronic cigarettes are packaged in that impenetrable plastic bubble casing nestled inside a 2 by 5 cardboard backing whereas the Power Series is sold in a slightly larger version to hold an extra cartridge and USB charger. Luckily, the backing is perforated allowing for easy entry without scissors or paper cuts.


The Logic One is a one-piece disposable e-cig about the size of a traditional cigarette and is available in “Platinum” 24mg and “Black Label” 18mg nicotine concentrate in both tobacco and menthol flavors.


Logic ONE Disposable E-Cigarette



Both the Power Series and regular disposable are two-piece models with a battery and detachable cartridge and come in black for 24 and 18mg nicotine concentrates and white for 14 and .1mg. Yes, the “Logic Zero” does contain up to 0.1% nicotine in the juice. Together, the battery and cartridge for both the disposable and Power Series are about 5 inches long. The tips on three models, like most e-cigs, glow blue when the cartridge is puffed on as they are automatic powered.


Logic Power Series Starter Kit


Flavor and Vapor


According to Logic Ecig’s CEO, Eli Alelov, “fruit flavored e-cigarettes don’t appeal to smokers” and instead attract young people who don’t smoke. Therefore, unfortunate as it may be, Logic e-cigs are only offered in two flavors: tobacco and menthol. Ironically, the tobacco flavor doesn’t taste at all like a real cigarette. Upon inhalation, it has a somewhat bland, slightly sweet taste reminiscent of a flat diet cola drink. In what seems like a trend among brands who manufacture disposable e-cigs, the menthol is much better and offers a more realistic smoking feel. As for the vapor, you get a decent throat hit, especially with the menthol cartridge. According to the Logic website, they don’t use vegetable glycerin as an ingredient in their e-cigs. Therefore, you won’t be exhaling massive clouds like some juices allow for. You will, however, still get a good amount of vapor to satisfy your aesthetic desires.


Battery Life


If there is one advantage Logic has over its competitors, it is in the battery life of their disposables. Other brands we’ve reviewed like NJOY and Blu clocked out at around 100 puffs. Although not quite the advertised 400 puffs, Logic’s larger battery size will still last you about twice as long as its biggest competitors.


Logic Disposable E-Cig Battery



We got a solid day’s worth of vaping from just one of their Platinum disposable batteries. The smaller One Pack battery also holds quite the charge for it’s size and will last around 150-200 puffs. As for the rechargeable, Logic’s 300mAh Power Series battery will get you through the day without having to plug in. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to recharge the disposable battery with the provided USB charger of the Power Series, even though both batteries are nearly identical in appearance.


Logic Electronic Cigarette Review, 2.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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Locic makes a pretty decent rechargeable e-cig in their Power Series line. The battery lasts all day and can be recharged while you sleep. Their cartridges are a bit larger than most, outlasting a single battery charge while staying true to the 400 puff claim.  Logic claims to be the leader in disposable electronic cigarettes. In terms of battery life, they might be just that. However, their lack of flavor options and bland tobacco taste make their e-cigarettes no better than any other brand. Yet with most disposable e-cigs running around $10/unit, Logic just might have the best value.

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Packaging & Design

User Reviews

  1. no image

    Where the hell is the battery???? My ma just got me one I put it together then all of a sudden it’s saying something about a battery for a disposable??? Some one help me

  2. no image

    Pretty much the same as the customer service experience above. But I received 3 stale refill packs (5 cartridges per pack) of the black label menthol about a week apart from different stores.I complained and was basically told they couldent help me because their “deffective ratio is extremely low and it was impossible that I got 3 bad packs that close together” so I was basically told I was a liar and the rep was very rude. Switched to another brand.

  3. no image

    Nancy – I received the same cookie cutter reply after contacting them about Two of my Power Series unites. I could not believe the BS I have to go through to get them replaced. I have had 3 Rechargeable unites and buy 5 to 10 refills a week and average 4 to 5 hours per charge. I noticed the one of my unites was going through more refills over time. when I first bought the power series unites I would use one refile every 1 1/2 days and as they got older that window shrunk to .5 to 1 day per refill. I believe the O-ring in the product breaks down after time.

  4. no image

    did not last a day
    no 400 puffs its bullshit
    you will get a sore throat y smoking this


  5. no image

    The Logic Black Label disposable does indeed have a fairly long lasting battery, but like all other menthol e-cigs I’ve tried to date, the menthol flavor is a fail, tasting more like spearmint gum than a traditional menthol cigarette. I bought this to tide me over until I can get a MOD, which I’m sure will be a better investment. I would advise smokers to start off with a MOD, which while more expensive upfront will be cheaper in the long run. I’m waiting on my Tesla to come in, but until then it’s going to be disposables. However, I’ll stick with the Metro I’ve been using as opposed to buying other disposables. The Metro, while not great, is good enough for the time being, considering the Logic menthol taste is worse (the Metro is pretty weak, but stronger than the Logic).

  6. no image

    It's like smoking an exhaust pipe on a diesel truck

    First two dozen hits are fine. Then, as if someone pulled a switcharoo when I wasn’t looking, it tasted like it was hooked up to a Peterbuilt. As for one cartridge lasting as long as two packs of delicious, carcinogenic cigarettes – well, let’s just say that’s not true by a long shot. It’s more like MAYBE 10 cigarettes.

  7. no image
    Nancy Seufert

    Horrible Customer Service AVOID THIS COMPANY

    I purchased a Logic E-cigarette Hookah at t a local store. I have been buying them for a year and never had a problem with them. Unfortunately, I got a bad one. The local store has a policy not to return them so I was directed to the manufacture. I really was shocked at the level of unprofessionalism I encountered

    I have never had such a run around in my life. I was told that I needed to mail the product back at my own expense. Well I certainly had no issue returning the product, but I did ask if I would be reimbursed. The male CR stated that it was only a stamp. The rude way he spoke – like he felt I was lying – really got me mad. I mailed out the e-cigarette that day.

    A few days later I received email from the company. They extolled their virtues and the product testing, but I was flabbergasted when they stated “our engineer can test it and send out a replacement if (sp) found to be below our manufacturing standards”. I mean come on, they are going to test a product that cost under 50 cents to make? I have no guarantee that the report won;t come back saying that their product was just fine.

    Over the years, I have had a few problems with defective products. I have always contacted the manufacturer, they sent a mailing package, and I was either refunded the money or given a replacement. I only wanted my replacement.

    Well I was quite pissed so I wrote the company to basically tell them that I mailed the inferior product back and just to refund my money + shipping.

    I got a call from Douche Paul who kept telling me if I would send the product in they will send out two. I got fed up telling him I had already mailed out the product. Finally, I got so pissed, I told him I didn’t want a thing from their company and that in all honesty to just shove it where the moon don’t shine.

    Someone needs to teach this company about Customer Service and how to treat a customer. AVOID THESE PEOPLE. There are other Hookah’s cigarettes on the market. I will find one.

  8. no image

    I just tried logic menthol black label. I cannot get over how long this dispoable has lasted. This e cig has left others in the dust. The flavor is pretty good, and has not faded out as quickly as the other 2 disposables I tried. I had a njoy 5 pak, and 3 of the batteries did not last a full 12 hours, with favor and smoke fading long before. I tried blu about 4 times. Twice the battery and flavor did not last a full 12 hours. This logic is now still going strong after 30 hours.

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