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Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and vaping enthusiast from the UK. A cigarette smoker since 2006, he kicked the habit in 2012 after receiving his first e-cig. He’s a strong believer in harm reduction, vehemently supporting vapers’ freedom to enjoy them both in public and in private. After landing his first writing job in 2005, he’s been published on numerous websites and print magazines, and is also currently studying for a degree in physics. He joined the EcigaretteReviewed team in 2013.

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Jam Monster E-Juice Review

Posted July 23, 2017
Jam Monster Ejuice Review

Our Jam Monster e-liquid review takes a look at the mixer’s three, high-VG, jam-and-toast inspired flavors. With Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple jam flavors backed by the flavor of warm, buttery toast, Jam Monster is an appealing line of e-juices, but do the flavors deliver?

Types of Rebuildable Tanks

Posted June 26, 2017
RDTA Vape Tank

With a mess of acronyms like RDA, RTA, RBA and RDTA to contend with, even grasping the basics about the types of rebuildable tanks can seem difficult. So here’s a guide to the types of rebuildable tanks to help you get to grips with the options and find your perfect device, with definitions, explanations and pros and cons for each type.

V2 Pro Series 3X Review

Posted June 26, 2017
V2 Cigs Pro Series 3X Review

Our V2 Pro Series 3X review takes a look at the new and improved three-in-one vape pen from V2 Cigs. If you’re in the market for a vape pen that can do it all, this could be the device for you.

Nicotine Withdrawal Timeline, Symptoms, and Side Effects

Posted June 24, 2017

Nicotine withdrawal is the main barrier you’ll face when trying to quit smoking. Finding out more about it and getting the answers to common questions – such as, “is nicotine bad for you?” and “does nicotine cause cancer?” – is essential for anybody considering switching to vaping to quit smoking.

The Clapton Coil: Everything You Need to Know

Posted June 23, 2017
Pre Made Clapton Coils

  There are many types of coil widely-used by vapers. From basic kanthal options with evenly-spaced wraps through to contact coils, twisted coils, parallel coils and more, there are many more varieties of coils for vape than you might realize. For vapers who build their own coils in particular, the huge variety in different types of coil is something it’s well worth exploring, but some have become so popular that […]

Tokugawa RDA Review

Posted May 5, 2017

Tendou Vapor took a risk with the post-less design of the Tokugawa RDA, but has it paid off? Our Tokugawa RDA review puts the unique device to the test.

CDC Study Suggests That More Smokers Quit by Vaping than NRT and Meds Combined

Posted April 21, 2017
Most Popular Quit Smoking Methods

A new study from CDC researchers has revealed that vaping is the most popular quitting smoking aid in the US. It might not sound exciting, but when you take a look at the numbers, the study strongly suggests that vaping is helping more smokers quit than FDA-approved treatments.

Vista Vapors Review

Posted April 6, 2017
Happy Tongue Review - Vista Vapors E-Juice Review

Our Vista Vapors review takes a look at the mixers’ Happy Tongue premium line of juices and some of the more affordable blends on offer: are the e-liquids as good as they sound? Are the premium lines worth the extra money? We’ve had a vape to find out.

Study: People Are Dangerously Misinformed About the Risks of Vaping

Posted March 30, 2017
E-Cigarette Risk Perceptions

Vaping is over 95% safer than smoking, but most people don’t know it. If we give smokers accurate information, they’re more likely to choose harm reduction. So why aren’t more people telling the truth about vaping?

7 Ways to Make Vaping As Safe As Possible (Without Quitting)

Posted March 4, 2017

Switching to vaping is a sign that you want to minimize the risks of your nicotine use as much as possible. But are some ways to vape safer than others? Although we can’t be 100 % certain, there are a few steps you can take that will probably make vaping even safer.