• VaporFi Vox 60 TC Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 23, 2016
    VaporFi Vox 60 W TC Review

    Our VaporFi Vox 60 TC review takes a look at the latest in the line of Vox box mods from VaporFi, boasting a 2600 mAh in-built battery, up to 60 W of power and TC with nickel and titanium coils. Sounds awesome, but does it live up the hype?

  • Kanger Subtank Mini Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 22, 2016
    Kanger Subtank Mini - Sub Ohm Tank

    Our Kanger Subtank Mini review puts the legendary sub ohm tank through it’s paces: is it still one of the best options on the market, or have newer designs eclipsed what it has to offer?

  • NJOY Convenience Vaping System Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 21, 2016
    Njoy Convenience Vaping System

    Our NJOY Convenience Vaping System review looks at NJOY’s ultimate offering for new vapers – is it the best way to quit smoking?

  • Binary E-Liquid Review

    By Lee Johnson Posted June 16, 2016
    Binary Review - VG E-Juice Review

      Premium e-liquid is everywhere these days. Where once most mixers focused on single-note flavors and keeping the price low, the rise of the premium mixer has seen more complex flavors take center-stage in the vaping industry, with prices steadily climbing up alongside the complexity. Binary is one such mixer, putting out high-VG, low-nicotine e-liquids with multi-tonal flavors, and at a fairly hefty price of £8.49 ($12) per 15 ml […]

  • The One-Puff “Gateway Effect:” Three Studies, One Fatal Error

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 15, 2016
    E-Cigs Gateway Effect

    A new study has led to some predictable, tiresome claims that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking, but it commits a laughable error also found in two other recent gateway studies: focusing on students who’ve taken a single puff of an e-cigarette rather than anything approaching regular use.