• Limitless RDA Review (Color Changing)

    By Ivan Srsen Posted June 14, 2017

    This little beauty has dazzled and amazed me, as I’m sure it’s going to dazzle you. Is it worth all the hype, I hear you ask? Well, while there are a few kinks that need ironing out, this is one of the best RDA’s I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. If you want to learn more, dive with me into the Color Changing Limitless RDA review.

  • KangerTech SubVod Review

    By Ivan Srsen Posted June 13, 2017
    KangerTech Subvod Vape Mod Kit

    Remember when you started vaping? The Ego style batteries and constant hassle of getting the vape you deserve and need? Well, Kanger decided to put a stop to that. Since most beginner vapers don’t opt for high-tech mods and tanks right off the bat, Kanger decided to manufacture a SubVod battery and a tank with sub-ohm capabilities. Absolutely nothing to fiddle with, simply plug and play! Is it worth the money? Check out in this KangerTech SubVod Kit review!

  • Tokugawa RDA Review

    By Lee Johnson Posted May 5, 2017

    Tendou Vapor took a risk with the post-less design of the Tokugawa RDA, but has it paid off? Our Tokugawa RDA review puts the unique device to the test.

  • Best Sub Ohm Tanks and Vape Tanks

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 1, 2017
    Best Sub Ohm Tanks Guide

    The competition for the best sub ohm tank is pretty fierce, and choosing the right one for your vaping needs isn’t always easy. To help you find the best vape tank, we surveyed ordinary vapers on their favorite tanks, and we’ve used the results to put together a definitive top 10.

  • CDC Study Suggests That More Smokers Quit by Vaping than NRT and Meds Combined

    By Lee Johnson Posted April 21, 2017
    Most Popular Quit Smoking Methods

    A new study from CDC researchers has revealed that vaping is the most popular quitting smoking aid in the US. It might not sound exciting, but when you take a look at the numbers, the study strongly suggests that vaping is helping more smokers quit than FDA-approved treatments.