• The Week in Vaping – Friday 4th of September

    By Lindsay Fox Posted September 4, 2015
    Vaping industry news

    Keeping up with all of the new studies, devices, blog posts and legislation in the world of vaping isn’t easy, so we’re happy to present the first of our weekly roundups of what’s been going on in the industry: the week in vaping.

  • New Vaping Product Releases Roundup – August 2015

    By Lindsay Fox Posted August 31, 2015
    New Sigelei box mod

    This is the first installment of our new monthly roundup of new vaping product releases, covering August, with a couple of devices from late July and some that are coming up in the near future

  • Vaping Caffeine: Limited Benefits, Unknown Risks

    By Lindsay Fox Posted August 12, 2015
    caffeine inhaler

    So, people are vaping caffeine now. It was only a matter of time before the occasional caffeine-spiked e-liquid turned into a full-blown purpose-built caffeine vaporizer, but the question remains as to whether there’s any point in using one. Sadly, vaping caffeine appears to offer no concrete benefits and poses unknown risks.

  • Five Pawns Releases New E-Liquid Test Results: AP Levels Conspicuously Lower

    By Lindsay Fox Posted July 23, 2015
    Five Pawns Absolute Pin AP level

    After a great deal of controversy over the last time Five Pawns’ juices were tested, the company has now released new test results. The findings – which in the previous test showed up to 2,500 ppm (or 2,500 μg/ml) of acetyl propionyl (AP) in Absolute Pin – now show vastly lower levels of the chemical. So what’s going on?

  • DA and AP in E-Liquid: Five Pawns, the Reliability of Results and the Worst Offenders to Date

    By Lindsay Fox Posted July 2, 2015
    Five Pawns E-Liquid Lab Test

    The recent revelation that Five Pawns’ extremely expensive e-liquid may be riddled with diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP) brings an important issue to the light once again: the flavorings we inhale might not be good for us. So, what’s the deal with DA and AP in e-liquid? Which are the worst offenders based on the tests available? And can we even trust the results?

  • Innokin Announces Disrupter Box Mod and InnoCell Battery Packs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted June 10, 2015
    Innokin innocell colors

    Six days after announcing their new temperature control technology, Innokin has revealed the new Disrupter box mod, along with some purpose-built “InnoCell” power cells. The new cells promise an improvement of around 30 percent on battery lifespan in comparison to standard 18650s, and the device and power cells are set for release around the end of July.

  • Why Wales’ Indoor Vaping Ban Makes No Sense Whatsoever

    By Lee Johnson Posted June 10, 2015
    welsh government indoor vaping

    The Welsh government has announced that it will ban vaping in enclosed public places under a new public health law, igniting much debate about the pros and cons of such a decision. It’s argued that vaping could pose a health risk to bystanders and may re-normalize smoking, but are these concerns justified?

  • Victor, NY Places 6-Month Ban on New Vape Stores – Cigarettes as Widely Available as Ever

    By Lindsay Fox Posted May 11, 2015
    Victor, NY vape store ban

    A recent decision by the Village of Victor, NY to ban the opening of vape stores for 180 days is a sign that steps to combat vaping are really getting extreme. The moratorium has also been placed on tattoo parlors and pawn shops – other “undesirable” presences in a community – and is a reminder that despite the legality of e-cigarettes, many communities see their presence as an unwelcome one.

  • Class Action Filed Against Blu eCigs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 30, 2015
    blu lawsuit california

    It was only a matter of time until this happened. A class action has been filed against Lorillard at the Orange County Superior Court for Blu eCigs’ “claims” that e-cigarettes are safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

  • Aspire Set to Release Atlantis 2 and Mega – Two New Sub-Ohm Tanks

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 4, 2015
    aspire atlantis 2 tank release

    The Aspire Atlantis has been a favorite sub-ohm tank with vapers for a while, but Aspire has now announced two new Atlantis tanks – the Atlantis 2 ($45) and the 5 ml capacity Atlantis Mega ($55) – due to be released on the 6th of April and at some point mid-month, respectively.

  • Mt. Baker Vapor Discontinues Almost 200 Flavors Due to Impending WA Regulations

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 23, 2015
    mt baker vapor flavors list

    With harsh e-cig regulations in the pipeline in Washington state, Mt. Baker Vapor has opted to cull a large number of e-liquid flavors, in case each flavor will need to be individually certified for sale. With 190 flavors on the chopping block, it’s a firm reminder of the impact irrational legislation can have on vapers and the companies that supply us.

  • UK Couple Banned from Adopting Because the Husband is a Vaper

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 26, 2015
    vaping ban adoption

    A UK couple has been banned from adopting a child because the husband was seen vaping, based on advice from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering that “users of e-cigarettes be considered smokers” until the completely ill-defined point at which the concerns about e-cigs have been settled.

  • North Dakota Passes Bill Classifying E-Cigarettes as Non-Tobacco Products

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 20, 2015
    north dakota e-cigarettes

    In a disarmingly rational decision, lawmakers in North Dakota have passed a bill that both bans the sale and use of e-cigarettes by minors and classifies them as non-tobacco products. Instead, they passed another bill classifying e-cigarettes as “nicotine devices.”

  • E-Cigarettes are Being Classed as Drug Paraphernalia by Some Schools

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 19, 2015
    E-cig drug paraphernalia

    Getting caught with an e-cigarette in some schools can get you suspended, tested for drugs and lead to “possession of drug paraphernalia” being marked on your school record. This means that for some students in states such as North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington and Connecticut, you’re better off being caught with cigarettes in school than e-cigarettes.

  • Innokin Releases iTaste MVP V3

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 5, 2015
    itaste mvp3 30w

    The MVP family of mods has a new member – Innokin has released the iTaste MVP V3. The MVP V2 and the 20 W version have been among vapers’ favorite VV/VW devices, and the new edition promises to blow them both out of the water, packing a massive 3800 mAh capacity battery and up to 30 W of power.