E-Cigarette Reviews

  • RDTA Vape Tank

    Types of Rebuildable Tanks

    With a mess of acronyms like RDA, RTA, RBA and RDTA to contend with, even grasping the basics about the types of rebuildable tanks can seem difficult. So here’s a guide to the types of rebuildable tanks to help you get to grips with the options and ....

  • Pro Series 3X Kit Review

    V2 Pro Series 3X Review

    Our V2 Pro Series 3X review takes a look at the new and improved three-in-one vape pen from V2 Cigs. If you're in the market for a vape pen that can do it all, this could be the device for you. ....


  • Pre Made Clapton Coils

    The Clapton Coil: Everything You Need to Know

      There are many types of coil widely-used by vapers. From basic kanthal options with evenly-spaced wraps through to contact coils, twisted coils, parallel coils and more, there are many more varieties of coils for vape than you might realize. F ....

  • Color-Changing-RDA-Limitless

    Limitless RDA Review (Color Changing)

    This little beauty has dazzled and amazed me, as I’m sure it’s going to dazzle you. Is it worth all the hype, I hear you ask? Well, while there are a few kinks that need ironing out, this is one of the best RDA’s I’ve had the pleasure of revi ....