Green Smoke Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted August 21, 2012

Green Smoke has produced one of the best e-cigs on the market today, with excellent vapor production, a varied and enjoyable flavor selection, substantial battery life and a wide selection of nicotine levels.

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  • Rich falvors
  • Loads of vapor
  • Triple-sealed cartridges
  • New longer lasting cartridges
  • Intuitive, sturdy design
  • First to introduce a two-piece cartomizer
  • Ample battery life
  • Plenty of options for nicotine levels
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Could benefit from more flavor options

Bottom Line

Green Smoke is without a doubt one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers on the market today. The e-cig has sturdy construction, a well-executed flavor profile, ample vapor production, plenty of nicotine levels and a cigarette-like design. If you choose Green Smoke, you’ll have pretty much nothing to complain about.

Green Smoke Review - Rechargeable Starter Kits

E-cigarettes can only serve as a replacement to tobacco cigarettes if they accurately emulate the smoking experience. Without a substantial amount of vapor from each puff and the aesthetic similarity, you’ll feel like you’re smoking a toy – a nicotine-dispensing novelty that could never convince you to ditch the tar-filled alternative. Green Smoke is one of the most respected e-cigarette producers around the world, and they’ve amassed countless positive reviews for their two-piece, cigarette-like designs and thick, robust flavors. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be, or just empty hype?


Founded in late 2008 in Miami, FL, Green Smoke is one of America’s oldest brands of e-cig. Sam Capuano noticed the huge gulf between the still-lucrative cigarette industry and the widespread “No Smoking” signs and legislation relegating smokers to standing outside in an effort to get their nicotine. Spurred on by the early e-cigarette designs, he became determined to help cigarettes “go electric” through innovation and a tireless dedication to customer service. Working with scientists and tech-wizards, he turned his dream into a reality. Now, Green Smoke has been enjoyed by 3.5 million vapers and shows no signs of slowing down.


The Pro Kit ($99.97) offers a long and short battery, ten cartomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter, in-car charger, deluxe carrying case and a USB-powered e-cig. If you’re looking for something cheaper – the Express Kit ($59.97) is a more stripped-down version, without the in-car charger and short battery you get in the Pro Kit and coming with just five cartomizers to keep the price low.


Packaging & Design


The box for the Pro Kit is stylish, sleek and proudly green, with a magnetic closing clasp and a two tier interior. It’s sturdy, so there’s no worry of any of your vital pieces of equipment being damaged in transit or storage. The top tier cradles the long and short batteries, and stores the (frankly, rarely – if ever – needed) instruction manual. In the box’s underbelly, you’ll find the USB charger, which is easy to use (just screw the battery in and plug it in) and fits comfortably into the plug and car adapters. The USB cigarette has a wire extending from the tip, which is unusual at first glance but it’s soon forgotten when your main batteries are charging and it comes to using it.


Green Smoke Pro Kit


The e-cigarette itself is expertly designed, with simple screw-on cartridges which leave just a thin golden band separating it from the battery. Design-wise, they’ve opted for the faux-paper rings and a generally cigarette-like look, with the tobacco cartridges in particular looking like cigarette butts. However, they’ve added a line of designer batteries with some more unique and colorful designs if you’re looking for something to vape which will make you stand out. Aside from the design, all of the batteries from Green Smoke are automatics, which work just like a regular cigarette.


It’s pretty lightweight, and although you might notice the difference in weight and size when you first switch from analogues, the entire experience is very authentic indeed. The tip is green, but glows a pleasing red-amber on inhalation, fading in and out gradually just like a tobacco cig would. One of the most impressive aspects of the design is that the air-flow holes are actually at the top of the battery – not between the battery and cartridge – which gives a flush and stylish appearance without impacting on the functioning of the e-cig.


Nicotine Levels


Green Smoke cartridges are available in five different strengths. The most nicotine-heavy option has a concentration of 24 mg (Strong), going down to 18 mg (Full), 12 mg (Light), 6 mg (Ultra-Light) and Zero, which is self-explanatory. After using the Full cartridges for the length of time I’d have smoked an ordinary cigarette, I had my first nicotine rush since my very first cigarette. The Light cartridges will be plenty for many smokers, and there are ample options for cutting down or for the heaviest nicotine consumers. No complaints at all in this department – every vaper’s needs are well catered for.


Flavors & Vapor 


This is the area which really separates Green Smoke from the pack. Whereas the cheaper brands of e-cig will give you a reasonably satisfying hit of vapor, the dense clouds you get from a Green Smoke e-cig genuinely invite comparison with the tar-filled, combustible alternative. Since all of the batteries are automatic, you might expect a reduced vapor volume if you don’t take a couple of introductory puffs first (to prime the atomizer), but for Green Smoke this really wasn’t necessary – it was consistently satisfying. In comparison to V2 Cigs, there is probably slightly less vapor per puff here, but the difference is so miniscule it’s genuinely difficult to call. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed.


Green Smoke Cartridge Flavor

The flavors are also well-crafted and arguably amongst the best in the industry. The latest innovation from Green Smoke is the FlavorMax cartomizer, designed (as the name suggests) to maximize the flavor and additionally aiming to offer up to 360 puffs per cartridge. There are three varieties of tobacco flavor, Absolute Tobacco, Tobacco Gold and Red Label Tobacco (which is modeled after Marlboro Red), as well as the creatively named Mocha Mist, Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams, Mountain Clove and Smooth Chocolate. Green Smoke undoubtedly offers plenty of options for cartomizer, although there is no e-liquid available.


Generally speaking, the flavors you get through Green Smoke are excellently executed; robust and accurate across the board. When it comes to tobacco emulations, the Red Label packs more of a punch, the Gold has a tint of sweetness and the Absolute is much smoother. Choosing between these is a matter of preference, but for me the butterscotch element to the Gold gives it the edge – for the overall experience, however, not the accuracy to the tobacco taste (which is extremely difficult to replicate without burning something). The Menthol Ice is pretty hard-hitting, even a little too much so at first, but you soon become accustomed to vaping it. From the sweet flavors, the Smooth Chocolate is the crowning achievement, being mellow on the whole but brought to life with subtle hints of cocoa. The only real complaint about the flavors is that we’d love to see more of them, because the options currently on offer are excellent overall!




Green Smoke BatteriesThe battery life on the Green Smoke cigarettes is great, and the long one will last moderate to heavy users around a day without requiring re-charging.


According to the marketing, the shorter battery lasts for around 200 puffs, and the longer one stretches this to around 275, but these figures are always quoted under ideal conditions. The main thing is whether or not a single charge can take you through a day of work, and Green Smoke passes this test unless you’re a chain vaper. Even then, with the Pro Kit you’ll have a spare battery, a handy case to keep it in and a plug-in USB option in case both of your main batteries are charging. Thanks to these extras, you’ll never be without the nicotine you’re looking for! There may be other brands with pen-sized batteries that last a little longer (White Cloud’s Cirrus 3X comes to mind), but Green Smoke’s offering is unlikely to disappoint.


Manufacturing and Warranty


As if the gilded threading didn’t give this away, the Green Smoke e-cig is exceptionally well manufactured. All of their manufacturing facilities are certified to an internationally-recognized standard and everything that goes out to customers has already passed through a veritable gauntlet of tests. Their batteries are put through airflow and safety tests before being shipped out, and everything Green Smoke produce comes from American engineers and developers. Throughout our extensive testing, we encountered no issues with the batteries or cartomizers whatsoever, and the build quality is unquestionable. One even survived being accidentally dropped into a glass of wine; after drying out, the battery functioned perfectly again.


The e-liquid you’ll find in your cartomizers has also been through a wide range of tests. Using internationally-recognized third party labs, the Green Smoke team put every batch of their e-liquid through rigorous chemical assessment to guarantee a consistent level of nicotine and ensure that there are no impurities. Everything they send out to you has passed this test comfortably, and they’re so confident that they offer batch reports on the specific pack of cartomizers you receive. Simply find the batch number from the bottom of your box, enter it into the form on their site and your full report will be sent to your chosen email address.


There is plenty of cover in the event that you’re dissatisfied or if you’re unlucky enough to receive a defective electrical component. First off, Green Smoke offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, simply return your kit within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund. In addition, a lifetime warranty is available, which offers hassle-free replacements within the first year of purchase. After a year, you’re still covered for up to three more replacements, but on the additional condition that you’ve made a purchase of cartridges within the past three months (as you surely will have done if you’re still using Green Smoke). Of course, the warranty doesn’t cover you if you’ve modified or otherwise misused your e-cig in any way. The limitation on the numbers of replacements might not be ideal, but it ensures the system isn’t abused and you’re extremely unlikely to reach the limit. Since everything is tested before being shipped, the chances you’ll receive even one defective battery are very slim indeed.


Green Smoke Review, 4.7 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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Green Smoke has produced an astounding e-cigarette, one that genuinely reproduces the smoking experience minus the concoction of chemicals and the off-putting smell. There isn't really any cause for complaint – perhaps a few more flavors would be appreciated, but that’s mainly because the ones they've produced are excellent on the whole and it’d be great to see what else they could do.

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  1. no image

    I have been using Greensmoke for over 10 months, I was reasonably happy with the product although a little expensive and some of the cartridges do not last as long as others, however, I have just been informed that they will no longer be shipping to Australia, no reason except that it was a company decision, this company is not trustworthy, purchased the kit, batteries etc and now useless to me as I can no longer get the cartridges at a reasonable price, very disappointing company

  2. no image

    I am a newbie at this, by that I mean I got one Apollo disposable, and GreenSmoke is the second one I’ve tried. I don’t have a whole lot to compare it to, but I will say that I really like the draw on it. With the Apollo, I felt like I was just sucking on air, and didn’t get that satisfying feeling. With GreenSmoke, it feels more like what you’d experience with a traditional cigarette, and it produces a nice amount of vapor as well. I only gave it 4 stars because they don’t have many flavor choices.
    I’m mainly writing this review because of the offer I found. I stumbled across GreenSmoke while searching online for a “free sample” ecig. If you are a brand new customer, have never ordered from them before, you can get a trial kit from them for free, you only pay a dollar for shipping. I figured they’d send me a battery with a cartomizer or two to try. WRONG. They sent me a kit that included a battery, a USB charger, 2 red label cartomizers, 3 absolute tobacco cartomizers, 3 menthol ice cartomizers, and an additional pack of 3 red label cartomizers. I checked with their customer service before I ordered, there is no obligation whatsoever, no subscriptions, no misc charges to your credit card, and you get to keep all of it for free. I just thought I’d share, in case someone else can benefit from this amazing deal! (The kit is the same as their $29.99 express kit, plus 9 extra cartomizers.)

  3. no image

    Used E-cigs to quit smoking. Was using another brand that I loved but they didn’t offer a 0 nicotine option so I had to switch. After a few failed attempts with other brands I found Green Smoke. I am impressed. Great flavor and options. Customer Service is top notch. In a nut shell, these are awesome and there is no other reason to waste your money on any other brand.

  4. no image
    Cynthis Horringan

    My first kit of Green Smoke came in a very attractive box. Their vapor production is very strong and full of flavor. I think they did a very good job with ‘red label’ flavor and I have been recommending it to my friends since I first laid my hands on them. Their starter kit is just perfect for someone like me who is looking for a real cig alike. So far I’ve been getting lots of vapor and a realistic throat hit (enough to cut down my cravings for a cig).

    I love their flavor quality – I only wish they had more flavors. Their cartomizers are better than most of the others I’ve tried and last longer too.

  5. no image



  6. no image

    The best one!!!!!!!!!

    Great price and best product to kick the habit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. no image
    Red Green

    Nobody Likes a Quitter

    Green Smoke very plainly states it is not a smoking ceasation device, so I didn’t expect much. But after trying them for a month, I found out I preferred ‘EVERYTHING” about them over cigarettes and threw my last empty cigarette pack away and said FK IT, I’M NOT BUYING THEM ANYMORE! So, I have kicked a 50 year cancer stick habit even though Green Smoke said that’s not what they sell them for! ! !

  8. no image
    Ward M Bissell

    Very good job Green Smoke!

    Green Smoke is my favorite e-cig so far! They offer a wide range of flavors and their customer service is outstanding! They were very quick to replace my faulty charger the very next day without any hassle. On the whole, their smooth throat hit with just the right amount of vapor and a very decent price has won me as a loyal customer. Keep up the good work!

  9. no image
    Tanya Marshal

    I recently switched to ecig and the first brand I tried was Greensmoke. Before that, I researched a lot about greensmoke and read some online reviews. I’m pleased with my experience so far! My first order was a beginner’s kit. I liked its flavor a lot and was impressed with the good volume of vapor, long battery life and throat hit.

    Shipping was also pretty fast. Getting ready to place my second order. Thanks!

  10. no image
    Richard Lowell

    I am a big fan of Green Smoke. GS battery last a whole day without any recharge. I tasted the Red label flavor and it taste similar to Camel Filters and Marlboros!! I just loved it.

    Overall a great product, fast shipping and reasonably priced!! And yes, I saved a lot of money since I switched, thanks to GS.

  11. no image
    Dylan Brown

    My first kit of Green Smoke came in a very attractive box. Their vapor production is very strong and full of flavor. I think they did a very good job with ‘red label’ flavor and I have been recommending it to my friends since I first laid my hands on them. Their kit is just perfect for anyone looking for a real cig alike; it gives you lots of vapor.

    I love their flavor quality – they spare me the horrible headaches which I experience when I try DIY liquids. Their cartomizers are better than most of the others I tried… even though it’s a little bit on the expensive side, I would suggest them to anyone looking to get rid of tobacco cigarettes.

  12. no image

    A friend of mine introduced me to Green Smoke. I was not so interested as I was addicted to tobacco. Anyways, I tried green smoke for the first time (almost 1 year back) and I was absolutely blown away! Battery last long, vapor production is wonderful and the taste is similar to the real one. Absolute tobacco flavor is my favorite and I will be happy to try my hands on other flavors as well.

    Do I miss tobacco cigarettes?? NO. I have Green Smoke.

  13. no image
    Derek Brain

    I researched the product before purchasing because I heard some mixed reviews about the product. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with the product. For me, what makes it click is its great vapor production, attractive packaging and good flavors. On the flip side, I think it is not pocket-friendly with a very small number of flavor selection. However, the best part about it is its super fast shipping and the vapor quality. Good going Green Smoke!

  14. no image
    Angela Ricci

    One thing I always look for in ecigs is a good vapor production and Green Smoke delivers exactly that. I get a thick vapor volume every time I puff. I also like their flavor quality. You will get the exact taste of natural tobacco with tobacco flavored cartridges. Did anyone try the ice-cream flavors? I heard they are intense and last longer than others. Anyways, I enjoyed using Green Smoke. My only concern is V2 ecigs are a bit costly but again, as they say “all good things come with a price”.

  15. no image

    Very nice product but a bit on the expensive side. I like the flavor but I think it could be a little stronger. I tried the Pro Kit one and was impressed with the bunch of goodies inside the kit – ten cartomizers, a USB charger, in-car charger and many more. More flavor options for the vapers will be welcome. Lastly I will say it gives you value for your money.

  16. no image

    So from everything I’ve read, for those of you, like myself, who are new to e-cigs and wondering how long the GreenSmoke products last… the cartomizers seem to be good for approximately 125 puffs, and the short battery is good for approximately 200 puffs on a single charge. Sounds good to me. Like I said, I’m a newbee to the e-cigarette. So far, I’m pleased with my purchase.

  17. no image

    Have tried them all, this is the best.

    I’ve tried Prosmoke, Logic, Halo, Blu, South Beach, Eversmoke and NJoy. Greensmoke, is, hands down the best. My only complaint (and this goes for all Ecigs) is that if you don’t like their flavors, barring making the cartridges yourself with the Ejuices you like (and that’s not as powerful as using theirs), you’re sort of stuck. Battery life-amazing; Vapor-amazing; draw-amazing. There is no comparison in the Ecig world that I’ve tried thus far. The complaints I have with all these companies is the draw – I don’t want to feel like I’m sucking through a straw so that my entire face has to be affected causing wrinkles and I don’t want to hear myself with every draw-the noise is disconcerting and so unrealistic. You don’t get that with these. I’m also going to give White Cloud a try but if they’re no better, this will be the brand I stay with. The Menthol Ice is very minty (even sweet); the Red Label, to me, tasted like soap; the Clove is strong and probably the best I’ve tried so far. Halo makes an Ejuice called “Longhorn” and that is the best flavor I’ve ever tried. Wish Greensmoke made an Ejuice like that. I can wholeheartedly, highly recommend Greensmoke. You will not be disappointed.

  18. no image

    The best I have tried

    Most of these things are real garbage, but the greensmoke ecig is phenomenal. It tastes good, has tons of vapor, and they always answer the phone with a smile. (Priceless). I dropped my battery in the washer while it was filling up with water, and it came out… working! I called their CS just to see what they would say about it, and they were happy to replace it anyway. FOR FREE. Just in case it was compromised. My next move is to get my mother using them. Wish me luck.

  19. no image

    Haven’t smoked a real cigarette since jan 8, 2013

  20. no image

    By far the best electronic cigarette that I have used.

    Greensmoke is by far the best electronic cigarette that I have ever used. I refuse to buy any other e cig product outside of Greensmoke. It is the best product of its kind on the market. Keep it up Greensmoke!

  21. no image


    Very pleased with product, but don’t have a clear understanding about my points that I have from previous orders and how to apply them to my next order.

  22. no image



  23. no image

    great company, great product, excellent service too.

  24. no image

    Occasional "dud" cartridge

    The quality assurance for the Green Smoke batteries may want to be increased, because I have five batteries now, and only two are functional. One long battery stopped functioning within two weeks of purchase. Upon internal inspection of the casing, the solder joints were broken for no apparent reason.

    Aside from the occasional “dud” cartridge I have been very happy with Green Smoke, and their customer service has always been very good. Nothing bad to say about this company.

  25. no image

    Finally quit after 30 years

    I had been smoking for over 30 years and tried several methods of giving up cigarettes but to no avail. I decided to try Green Smoke but was not very hopeful. I have never looked back from the moment I took the first e cigarette. I never missed or longed for a cigarette. I decided to try Green Smoke 18 months ago but did not hold out much hope but to my dismay from the moment I had my first one I never longed or craved for a cigarette. I have recommended Green Smoke to my sister and several friends.

  26. no image

    Slow shipping

    Takes way too long. Order to delivery sucks

  27. no image

    Great but expensive

    I’ve been vaping for four days now with Green Smoke. It’s easy to use and it really gives a great flavor. Looks very nice too.

    With a fresh cartomizer you get a real throat hit. It resembles my brand of analog cigarettes here in Europe (Amsterdam). I noticed I tend to smoke less analog cigarettes. Green Smoke fills in my need. Really.

    Shipment took five days. The starter kit is an eye catcher. Good work.

    So, first impression of Green Smoke (starter kit – Europe – NL): great stuff. Well done you guys. A strong suggestion would be to make the cartomizers a lot cheaper and/or more long lasting. After a day or so, you need to screw on a new cartomizer. This strong suggestion forms a minus for Green Smoke. It’s pretty expensive; I need a cartomizer each day (Red Tobacco – 2.4) to get ± 125 good puffs. That’s probably the one only drawback.

  28. no image

    This is by far my favorite brand! I haven’t smoked a single cancer stick ever since I picked up one of these greens. I got a kit for my wife and she loves it even more than I do. If you’re serious about quitting Green Smoke is the way to go!

  29. no image

    I would love to win this cause i want to live longer for my kids. I’ve tried to give up smoking so many times over the years that I’ve gained weight & worked over the years to try & loose it. Now I’ve put on weight cause I’m not smoking as much & they are getting too expensive. If I win this Green Smoker it would make my day, since I haven’t won really anything this big in a long time. Thank you for listening.

  30. no image
    E-Cig Man

    I really like the Green Smoke battery life and feel it’s the best puff for the purchase.

  31. no image
    Jay P

    Had this about a year. best e-cig hands down!!

  32. no image

    Green Smoke e cigs are really good quality. It looks like they spent a lot of time making the design really appealing to smokers who are looking for a “greener” alternative. Prices on the cartomizers are a bit high, but the flavors are really rich.

  33. no image

    Today marks the 4th month of my smoke-free journey. I want to thank the folks at Green Smoke for coming up with a fantastic alternative to help smokers like me quit.

  34. no image

    I’d recommend GS to anyone who’s trying to cut down on smoking or quit. I was really skeptical about ecigs but after trying greensmoke i started to really enjoy them. Once in a while, I light up a cigarette but that’s way better than the 10 cigarettes/day routine I was addicted to.

  35. no image

    Awesome products, friendly customer service, fast shipping. Love my Green Smoke.

  36. no image

    The battery is extremely powerful for its size and very responsive. With very little effort, I get loads of smoke. I also like how the tip of the batter lights green, it has a positive psychological impact on me which keeps me away from my cigarettes… Anyone else feel this way?

  37. no image

    AMAZING flavors! Menthol is my favorite. It beats any other menthol flavor I’ve tried so far. Really impressive.

  38. no image
    Daniel K.

    Incredibly rich flavors and very strong throat hit. Battery is powerful and it lasted me for about 250-300 puffs (with the long battery).

  39. no image

    Just received my kit, customer service was excellent and shipping was reasonable considering the holidays. Can’t wait to start a smoke-free year!

  40. no image

    Vapor production: 5/5 – strong, smooth
    Cost/Value: 5/5 – slightly higher priced than some other brands, but well worth it
    Flavor: 5/5 – this is the best part about Green Smoke. Rich and tasty flavors.
    Customer service: 5/5 – never had an issue. Always helpful.
    Overall: 5/5

  41. no image

    As someone who has been smoking for the last 15 years, I’m proud to say that Green Smoke is the best substitute I’ve found thus far. I tried nicotine gums, patches, therapy, meditation, stress management,….etc. None of them worked. E-cigarettes are the real key to my success.

    Happy puffing!

  42. no image
    Jessi Brossa

    My favorite thing about GS is their cartridges, specifically the Menthol Ice flavor. It’s so refreshing and flavorful that I can’t resist puffing on it. I charged my batter 4 times over the past 24 hours, that’s how much I have been using my GS. Get your hands on one of these and you’ll love them.

  43. no image

    I bought a kit two months ago and I cannot express how happy I am with these products. I have stopped cigarettes completely and I’m walking towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Customer service is also very nice. They helped me through a technical difficulty I was experiencing with my account. Very fast and responsive. I’m very pleased I found Green Smoke.

  44. no image
    Tim Green

    Many people are still skeptical about electronic cigarettes. Well let me tell you that electronic cigarettes are by far the least painful way of quitting smoking. I have been a smoker since 2003 and I quit in 2010. When I heard of Green Smoke, I decided to take a leap of faith and try their products. It turns out, they’re not all that bad. I’m now 3 years smoke-free and live a healthier lifestyle than I ever did.

  45. no image
    Jeff L.

    Best flavors anywhere. The cartridges smell fresh and come packed with e-liquid which makes them last until the very last puff. I love everything about them from the battery, cartridges, to accessories and design of the kit. Very good product.

  46. no image
    William G.

    I just finished puffing on Green Smoke for the first time and I’m so thrilled with the quality of their e-cigs that I wanted to share my experience right away. I ordered the PRO KIT. At first I thought it was a little expensive but once it arrived I realized how much time they have invested in designing, packaging the kits. Inside the kit, there’s almost everything I could ask for. I even got a membership card for public vaping. Really satisfied with these guys and am looking forward to placing my next order.

  47. no image

    YES, YES, YES to Green Smoke! Let’s vote for them to become the best rated e-cigarette of 2012…

  48. no image

    Green Smoke is truly an outstanding company. Last week, when I received my monthly cartridge delivery, I was surprised to find a NEW BATTERY in the package!!! Things like this makes me believe that Green Smoke really cares about its customers. And that’s why they’re my favorite.

  49. no image
    Gena H.

    Green Smoke I love you – it’s only been 3 days since my last cigarette and I haven’t missed them a bit. Thank you thank you thank you…you’ve already saved me $28.55 – roll on the good times : ) – oh & my colleagues at work love<3 you too. All the best to the people at green smoke.

  50. no image
    Joseph (CA)




  51. no image

    I’m using green smoke for almost nine months now and I can’t stop loving them. Last week I made a video on how much I love my green smoke. I really hope that people can understand why. I’ve been trying to promote their products to my friends ever since I became a customer. Hope to see them around for many years!

  52. no image
    e-cig reviewer

    A++++ can’t live without it.

  53. no image
    Jay the Boss

    My kit didn’t produce as much as vapor as I wanted so I had to return the product. But once I got my replacement I’m totally happy with the smoke volume. All I care about is smoke volume and flavor richness. Green Smoke has both of them and that’s why i love them.

  54. no image


    great company
    super rich flavors
    nice smoke volume
    long battery life
    A+ customer service




  55. no image

    I love Green Smoke! I switched over 5 brands before I tried Green Smoke and I’m so happy with them that I’m never trying another brand. It’s not just about their amazing products, it’s about their customer experience. I can’t say that i’ve never had a problem with my order but I can definitely say that every time there was an issue they stood by me until issue was resolved. To me customer service is extremely important.

    Thank you to all the folks at Green Smoke!

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