Zig-Zag E-Cigs Review

By John Madden Posted July 31, 2013

The name “Zig-Zag” has long been synonymous with tobacco. And while not part of Big Tobacco, the brand is following in the footsteps of its goliath competitors and testing out the electronic cigarette market. In a partnership with V2 cigs, Zig-Zag is now positioned to take popular online e-cig retailer into c-stores and tobacco shops.

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  • Creative artwork and design
  • Long battery life
  • Good vapor quality
  • Smooth throat hit
  • Small form factor
  • Cheaper than biggest competitors
  • Available online or in stores


  • Only two flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from
  • No deluxe kits currently available
  • Draw is a little tight

Bottom Line

Zig-Zag disposable electronic cigarettes combine the high quality of V2 Cigs with the brand name recognition of Zig-Zag to produce a low cost alternative to tobacco. At only six bucks a pop, their disposables provide much more value than many c-store e-cigs.
Price: $05.99

Zig-Zag Disposable E-Cigs Review

The full line of Zig-Zag electronic cigarettes includes disposables in 200 and 400 puff sizes with two nicotine (1.8% and 2.4%) strengths available in tobacco and menthol flavors. Zig-Zag also offers an Express Kit for $24.95 and refill cartridges compatible with your V2 Cigs batteries in seven flavors.


Packaging and Design


Express kits and disposables are sold in slim clear plastic cases. Unlike other e-cig brands with similar packaging, these weren't too difficult for me to open. Inside is a plastic tray holding the assembled e-cig or disposable and USB charger for the kit. And the tray is entombed in a glossy paper that contains branding on the front and product information, instructions, and warnings on the reverse. The device itself is sealed with rubber caps at each for sanitary purposes.


Zig Zag Disposable E-Cigs


The Zig Zag disposable e-cig is actually pretty nifty looking. Its squishy filter/cartridge is black with subtle gray squiggly lines and is stamped with a gold Zig-Zag logo. The battery section is white with faint gray lines running lengthwise down the tube. A large “Captain Zig-Zag” is printed watermark-style around the battery and the base is labeled with the nicotine strength and a red or green ring signifying the flavor. Overall, the disposable is about the size of a standard cigarette with tips that glow red when in use.


Refill cartridges come in a glossy box about the size of a deck of cards and are enclosed by a flap that folds over and tucks into cutout of the packaging. On the front you will find the branding, nicotine content, flavor and age restriction labeling. The lower left corner is printed with “Powered by V2 Cigs”. And the back of the box contains the ingredients and warning labeling. V2 also does something most brands avoid and gives you a link to the EPA with information on proper battery disposal.


Flavors and Vapor


Just as with V2 Cigs' disposables, the Zig-Zag versions are manufactured in two flavor options: tobacco and menthol. Taste-wise, these are identical to the V2 disposable ecigs, a robust tobacco and a smooth mint flavor. Likewise, the refill cartridges for the express kit come in tobacco and menthol but are also available in a pack of 5 additional flavors including Columbian, Caribbean, Mango, Clove and Vanilla. However, flavor of the tobacco and menthol cartridges wasn't quite as pronounced as that of the disposable versions.


Zig Zag Disposable E-Cig Menthol and Traditional


Vapor production from both the disposable Zig-Zag and refill cartridges ranks among the best in the mini-ecig business. I felt a smoke-like throat hit that was comparable to that of tobacco cigarettes but not too overpowering. Without priming, I was able to produce a significant amount of vapor as well. As someone who normally vapes on rebuildable atomizers at high wattage levels, I was pleasantly satisfied by the Zig-Zag's vapor production. The only downside I could come up with was that the draw was slightly tighter than I prefer with my ecigs. However that probably is why the vapor production of the disposable is so prevalent.




For its small size, the battery life might just be the most impressive detail of Zig-Zag's disposable e-cig. Just one of the 200 puff sized versions lasted me well over a full day of medium vaping. I kept expecting it to clock out and even tried some chain vaping but it just wouldn't quit! Then again, I've tried V2's 400 puff disposable and that gave me a good two days of heavy vaping. There must be some new technology in their heating system that prevents or cuts down on overheating and keeps the battery from draining too quickly during chain vaping. And while I didn't have one to test, the express kit comes with a 79mm battery, about 2cm longer than the disposable's.


Zig Zag E-Cig Battery




Editor Rating

Packaging & Design4/5





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V2 Cigs has produced yet another hit in their partnership with National Tobacco and Zig-Zag. With a name like V2 backing them, I had high expectations for the Zig-Zag disposable and was most definitely not let down one bit. They have pretty phenomenal vapor production, taste great and have an impressive battery life. Even each flavor in the sampler pack of cartridges was pretty delicious. And at just six dollars per disposable or $2 per cartridge, the price is just right. I would easily rank the Zig-Zags in my personal top five for mini-ecigs and even pack one or two in my jacket for a day of snowboarding.

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    2.6 out of 5 stars
    1. Sherilani

      The battery is not very big

      the small battery means it doesn't last very long. I got about 100 puffs before it died. going back to cigavette
    2. Shelley

      I was getting a gift from V2 zig zag battery with my purchase,not the disposable one
      Do not like the disposable one
      Their battery is the best and hope V2 gets them back very soon!!!
      They last long and had no trouble with them Like them better than my shorty battery from v2
    3. Brook

      These are my favorites of any cigs, though many are dead on arrival. Once the battery issues are resolved, I’ll use them forever.
    4. MARK

      Can’t get any vapor
    5. Debbie Smeathers

      Amazing throat hit and as close to a real cigarette than any other e-cig I’ve tried.

      Taste is as close to a real cigarette. However, out of 10, 400 puff disposables, 2 were duds and I tall i-marked the amount of puffs; the highest puff count was 110. Such a great disappointment as these would have been my new, exclusive e-cig.
    6. Lilly

      I was sent these in error by V2. Out of the ten I bought 7 didn’t work longer than a few puffs. or didn’t work at all. The three that did work tasted good, and compared to V2, I bought the menthol. V2 customer service was very good, but they’re shipping takes a long time, 7-10 days unless you pay more money to have it shipped sooner.
    7. Dennis G

      I bought these expecting to be very disappointed… I use the 2.4 menthol. Smoked Marlboro for 30 years. I switched to these overnight.
      Sorry though, nothing gets 5 stars