White Cloud Cigarettes Cartridges Review


White Cloud Cigarettes is one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes, but the battery performance and vapor production of the e-cig aren't the only things you need to think about. When you vape, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the cartridge flavor selection. White Cloud eCig has a huge 16 flavor options, as well as two in their StealthDraw technology which reduces the vapor production considerably for situations when you want to vape a bit more inconspicuously. We've tested several of the White Cloud cartridges to give you an idea of what you get for your money.






The Regular tobacco cartridge is a little dull in name, but it captures a warm aroma you’d expect from pipe tobacco. It’s designed to emulate a 40s, fire-roasted taste, but it results in a bit of mustiness that might not suit all palates. Overall, it’s pretty subtle, and although it doesn't emulate tobacco perfectly (by any stretch of the imagination) it makes for a very enjoyable vape.




For menthol smokers, the aptly-named cartridge is underpinned by a basic tobacco taste and boasts a cooling minty edge. It’s actually a very good Menthol cartridge, because the icy mint is ever-present without being overpowering. This might be down to individual taste, because if you really like your socks being blown off by the menthol it might not be strong enough for you, but it makes the cartridge one for day-long use, not one or two puffs.




With the distinct roaring aroma of American tobacco, the Apache cartridge really knocks the Regular cartridge out of the water. The taste has the sweetness you often find with e-cig tobacco cartridges, and which makes them a lot more mouth-watering than the real thing. This is the best tobacco flavor of the bunch for me, rich, strangely accurate (like a flattering caricature) and extremely tasty.


Bora Bora


This is an exotic tobacco blend, boasting robust flavors of cured tobacco and faint notes of spice. To be frank, although there are hints of tobacco present in the flavor, it doesn't really taste like a tobacco you’re likely to have had. However, the spicy aroma of this cartridge makes it another which is much more delicious than an actual tobacco cigarette. The Apache is the obvious choice for most tobacco smokers, but Bora Bora gives you something much more interesting.




This opaquely-titled cartridge is actually a mint chocolate blend, produced from cacao beans and cool mint leaves. The effect is pretty remarkable, with the smooth chocolate overtones hitting you first, and then the refreshing hit of mint when you take it into your lungs. The cartridge alternates between the each of two flavors being dominant like it suffers from multiple personality disorder, but it works very, very well.




Vanilla is a great flavor and one of the standard choices when it comes to e-cig cartridges. The White Cloud version isn't the best you’ll find, but sitting alongside the excellent selection it’s still a very enjoyable cartridge. The main criticism is that the taste isn't as noticeable as you might like, but you still get a hit of vanilla with every puff.




The Espresso is the coffee option in the White Cloud range, and you’ll instantly recognize the taste. The distinction between coffee and espresso means that there isn't the hint of creaminess you get with many coffee cartridges. There’s nothing to complain about with the Espresso, though, it’s great for anyone who wants to vape coffee.




The “kick” they’re referring to is the hard-hitting flavor of cinnamon, which comes through strongly with this cartridge. It’s underpinned by honey, which takes the edge off the cinnamon and makes the cartridge one of the best they have on offer. This is also a cartridge that sees White Cloud trying new things, and the experimentation definitely paid off.


Peach Pit


If this peach cartridge is a pit, it’s one I’d be happy to bathe in. The Georgia peach flavor comes through strongly and consistently, producing a juicy, mouth-watering flavor with every puff. The sweetness doesn't overpower, so it’s one you can vape all day without it turning sickly-sweet.


Bad Apple


The Bad Apple cartridge sounds promising (the notion of a “bad” apple somehow seems like it would be tasty), but unfortunately the apple itself isn't easy to identify. This is the least impressive of the entire range for that reason – with a few puffs all you notice is the faintest touch of apple.


Moscow Mule


This cartridge looks to capture the flavor of the vodka, ginger and lime cocktail after which it takes its name. The ginger comes though with a warming spiciness, and the touch of mint finishes the entire thing off elegantly. Vodka isn't really much of a flavor, so the fact that it isn't identifiable doesn't affect the taste at all. Overall, an excellent cartridge.




The Strawberry is another excellent flavor from White Cloud, capturing the essence of the flavor so well it was identifiable even though my cartridge was unmarked. It’s subtle, but you still get enough of the flavor through with each puff to evoke the sensation of biting into the fresh fruit. Another to vape all day long.


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